My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Little Spirit

Xu Fan habitually let the grapes open the entire Hidden Spirit Island hologram.

“Hey, where is the demon star?” Xu Fan asked strangely.

“Borrowed by the master’s second disciple.”

Grape told Xu Fan about the entire process of development.

“It’s amazing, it maximized the value of this positive attitude.”

“I sold it in the end. It seems that my discipline is not a murderer.” Xu Fan touched the chin said.

Over the years, Xu Yuexian has rarely shot to kill the immortal cultivator, even if he has a grudge against himself, at most he takes away all his belongings.

According to her rules, as long as she doesn’t kill her, she won’t kill each other.

“She sold Zhengfeng to Tianluo Temple.”

There is a light curtain in front of Xu Fan, above it is the information of Tianluo Temple, and the relationship with Zhengfeng. enemy information.

“My dear, do you think that you don’t live long enough, why do you like to provoke the devil.” Xu Fan said while looking at the information of his enemies.

There are 6 demon cultivators Great Ascension Venerable who are offended by the scenery. It is said that they stole all the wealth of those demon cultivators.

“Sell Zhengfeng to Tianluo Temple, it’s better to kill him, maybe he will be given a Soul Lamp by that devil.” Xu Fan said, suddenly feeling a trace of destiny.

I figured it out, and the cause and effect between my discipline and that person has not been broken, so it’s hard to explore the specifics.

Going deeper will consume lifespan, but because of the system, Xu Fan dare not try it easily.

“Forget it, the Disciple has its own blessing.”

At this time, Xiong Li returned to Yinling Island and released the Demon Suppression Star.

Xu Fan’s silhouette appeared on Guardian Star Island, and he hasn’t dealt with the three Five Elements monkeys.

“Master.” Pangolin knelt in front of Xu Fan with three Wuling Ming Monkeys.

“Get up.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

“Thank You Master.”

With this set, Xu Fan suddenly felt like an emperor.

Looking at the three Five Spirited Monkeys, Xu Fan threw three jade slips.

“There is a Monster Race cultivation technique that is suitable for you. You can major in this cultivation technique in the future.”

“The biggest use of this cultivation technique is that it allows me to control it. Your body exerts the strength of the ninth layer.” Xu Fan directly stated his purpose.

Looking at the worried eyes of the three Wuling Ming Monkeys, Xu Fan continued: “Don’t worry, it won’t affect you too much.”

“Fine. cultivation, when I ascend, I will give you back your freedom.” Xu Fan’s skill in painting cakes is getting more and more proficient.

In an instant, the three Wuling Ming Monkeys got excited, and they were already ready to be enslaved by this Human Race for a lifetime. Didn’t expect there was a chance at last.

Xu Fan waved his hand, and the sect formation of Yinling Island separated a corner, covering the entire Guardian Star Island.

There is a green drizzle up and down the Guardian Star Island, which is the effect of combining Soul Lamp and Spiritual Qi, which is very beneficial to cultivation.

“In the future, the department will be here for cultivation. When you are bored, you can play in the huge lake of hundreds of thousands of li.”

“But you must remember, don’t go out of hundreds of thousands of li. li Huge lake, or else.”

‘Peng Peng Peng~~~’

Three times, the three Wulingming monkeys all grew small red flowers on their heads.

“Otherwise you will be eaten by the little red flower on your head.” Xu Fan said suddenly grimly.

The three Wuling Ming monkeys were startled, and three little red flowers swayed easily on their heads.

“zhi zhi ~~zhi zhi zhi ~~”

The five-spirit monkey was so frightened that it came out with its native language.

“Okay, it’s time for me to go, you guys have a good cultivation.”

Xu Fan wanted to leave after finishing speaking.

At this moment, Pangolin suddenly knelt down and said to Xu Fan: “Master, I also want master to control me to fight.”

“Please grant me cultivation technique.”

Pangolin saw that he had no cultivation technique, and his sense of crisis rose sharply for a while.

“You are a pure Earth Attribute, and you can’t exert much advantage.” Xu Fan looked at Pangolin and shook his head.

“Just supervise their cultivation.” Xu Fan added.

β€œAs ordered, promise to complete the task.” Pangolin said happily.

Xu Fan looked at Pangolin with a smile in his eyes, I can’t see through your thoughts.

After Xiong Li returned to the sect, he released the demon star and returned to his small courtyard.

“Grape, the headmaster said that she would suggest to the Great Elder to refine another grape.” Xiong Li said, took out the space ring containing 300,000 high grade Spirit Stone and handed it to the tool puppet.

In the underground space, the rays of light of the grapes flashed and then dimmed.

“Got it.”

The tool puppet replied lightly to Xiong Li.

“I hope the Great Elder can make a grape that speaks with emotion. Your tone is very boring.” Xiong Li picked up a bunch of grapes on the vine and ate it.

β€œβ€¦..” grapes.

The Endless Sea, a remote giant island in the sea.

Feng Changning returned to this giant island after suffering untold hardships.

Looking at the giant island below, Feng Changning waved and released 100 castrated versions of space-based satellites.

“Take over the space-based satellite, probe the entire giant island, and find the best location to establish the sect.” Feng Changning instructed.

β€œAs you bid.”

A little girl with wings behind her flew out of Feng Changning’s bracelet, circled around Feng Changning a few times, and then landed on Feng Changning. Chang Ning’s shoulders.

A flood of data flashed in the eyes of the little girl with wings, receiving information from the whole island.

“Changning, this island is very barren. According to the information given to me by Grape’s big brother, you can only develop to Level 3 sect at most.”

Sitting on Feng Changning’s shoulder said the little girl.

“Little Ling, is this giant island enough for us to develop for more than 100 years? When the time comes, when the resources are not enough, we will expand outwards.” Feng Changning smiled and rubbed his fingers against the little girl’s cheek .

Along the way, with this Artifact Spirit as the company, Feng Changning has a lot of fun on the way.

“Well, Xiaoling will help Changning elder sister.” Xiaoling said with a smile.

At this point, two hours have passed since the launch of the satellite.

A panorama of the giant island appeared in front of Feng Changning, and all the Human Race towns, mountain ranges, rivers, and rivers above were clearly marked.

If you look closely, this picture is still a real-time dynamic picture.

“This is the whole picture of this giant island.” Feng Changning exclaimed, if there was such a thing in her home world, she would be able to unify the world a hundred years earlier.

“Yes.” Xiaoling said, marking a giant mountain range.

“Master, this is the most suitable place to build a sect.”

“But there are a group of flaming Monster Wolf beasts that need to be cleaned up.” Xiaoling said.

“Okay.” Feng Changning said and flew towards the marked direction with Xiaoling.

In a canyon, thousands of flaming wolves were swept away accurately and harmlessly by the puppets controlled by Xiaoling.

Feng Changning looked at the corpses of the flaming wolf all over the ground, and praised Xiaoling: “Amazing, using the Golden Core Realm puppet to surround and suppress the monster beast of Nascent Soul Realm, it did not damage a puppet.”

“What’s this, if the big brother Grape is here, he probably won’t even splatter blood.” Xiaoling said.

Then, under Feng Changning’s shocked gaze, more than 10,000 puppets began to decompose the corpses of the monster beast in an orderly manner.

Fur, bones, meat, internal organs, .

I wanted to find a word to describe the current scene, but this made Feng Changning, who was familiar with hundreds of books, feel at a loss for the first time


(End of this chapter)

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