My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Nine Dragons Swallowing the Sky Array

After dealing with the wolves, Xiaoling began to let Feng Changning choose the style of Sect.

“Changning, what’s the name of our Sect.”

“Otherwise, it’s called the little Spirit Sect, which is easy to remember.”

Little Ling happily surrounded the wind. Chang Ning turned around.

“The Sect is called Jiufeng Pavilion.” Feng Changning ignored Xiaoling’s suggestion.

“Sect style uses this.”

Feng Changning pointed to the deep blue architectural style and said.


At this time, all the 100,000 Golden Core Realm puppets were released by Feng Changning.

The puppets started their work according to Xiaoling’s orders.

A few months later, the inhabitants of the giant island knew that a new small sect had arrived on the island.

The hundred thousand li giant lake is hidden in the Spirit Sect. At this time, the entire island’s sect formation has been upgraded, and it is only a matter of time for the gathering of spirits composed of Dao Item-level Spirit Gathering Pearls on the top. The squadron hasn’t moved yet.

At this time, in the underground space of Yinling Island, a wave of Dao Item refining successfully swept across the underground space.

“Not bad. It went smoother than I thought.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Dao Item feedback appeared, Xu Fan hurriedly summoned Avatar No. 1.


With a comfortable sound from the No. 1 Avatar. The Spirit Bead in the center of the mixer room is fully formed.

Let Avatar accept Dao Item feedback is the only way for Xu Fan to get along during this time, and let Avatar accept Dao Item feedback for himself, so that Avatar is only temporarily strengthened, and then Avatar will slowly return to its original state.

“After the Spirit Bead is refined, the puppet of the sect will no longer need to consume Spirit Stone. If you need to dispatch it on a large scale, just bring the Spirit Bead with you.”

In the past, puppets could also consume spiritual liquid as their own power, but the conversion efficiency was low, and the power output was a bit insufficient. Ordinary puppets were fine for some chores. Once a battle occurred, the power would pull their hips.

Xu Fan then summon out the No. 2 Avatar that has been resting for 3 consecutive days.

“Ontology, what are you doing?” No. 2 Avatar looked at Xu Fan with a bad expression and said.

If it wasn’t for the anime’s good looks, I’d have already explained myself,

“Don’t put on a bad face, this is Dao Item swallowing Spirit Bead.”


“Go get me one, the Nine Spirits Swallowing the Heavens Great Array.” Xu Fan said, now that Avatar No. 2 is in a dangerous state, Xu Fan doesn’t dare to press him continuously.

After hearing Xu Fan’s mission, Avatar’s expression improved a little, and he took over the Spirit Bead and disappeared in front of Xu Fan.

Xu Fan’s silhouette appears next to the spiritual liquid waterfall.

“Don’t cultivate, the Spirit Gathering Array of the sect is upgraded, and this place is temporarily closed.” Looking at the Disciple of assiduous cultivation, Xu Fan said softly.

“And that turtle, you come out too, to save a while the spiritual power is too pure to smoke you.” Xu Fan said.

“Yes, Great Elder.”

The Disciple surrounding the spiritual liquid waterfall, after bowing to Xu Fan, all retreated, waiting for the upgrade of the sect Spirit Gathering Array outside. .

The Tianji turtle lying on the bottom of the spiritual liquid lake also slowly climbed up from the bottom of the lake.

At this time, the turtle shell of Tianji Turtle was already ten meters in size.

After Tianji Turtle climbed out from the bottom of the lake, it crawled out very peacefully and calmly. When passing by Xu Fan, he also nodded lightly to Xu Fan.

That expression is like the affirmation of the old cadres to youngster.

Xu Fan had a momentary feeling that he was doing a good job.

“A strange feeling.” Xu Fan shook his head and threw this feeling away from his head. After confirming that there was no one around, he sent a signal to the second Avatar at the top of the sect formation.

With the Xu Fan signal in place, the spiritual liquid waterfall stopped, and the spiritual liquid Divine Beast in the sky also dissipated between Heaven and Earth after no spiritual liquid replenishment.

An aura lights up from the top of the sect array, and an illusory shadow of the Nine Dragons Cloud Map appears on the top of the sect array.

The original 360 Spirit Gathering Pearls of the fifth-order Treasure Item have been transformed into nine long dragons, roaming in a spiritual cloud.

With all the preparations completed, the second Avatar slowly installed the final core components.


Like the sound of Heaven and Earth opening, the entire sector was caught in a strange wave.

Then nine long dragons appeared at the top of the sect array, with different colors.

red red dragon, yellow earth dragon, blue water dragon, green wood dragon, golden golden dragon, azure wind dragon, silver thunder dragon, black shadow dragon, white light dragon .

After the appearance of the nine color dragons, several brightly colored Flood Dragons were born, representing the rest of the attributes.

Then a galactic river came from the void and crossed over the sect.

For a time, the spiritual power density of the entire sect has changed.

The density of spiritual power is only a little more than before, but the quality is several times higher than before.

These spiritual powers seem to have life, wandering around the Disciples of the hidden Spirit Sect.

As if he was swimming while saying, you come to suck me.

It turns out that the spiritual liquid has gradually changed from the concentration of water to a more viscous direction.

The original spiritual liquid waterfall has been disappeared, and replaced by a strip of spiritual liquid composed of Flood Dragon thrown into the spiritual liquid lake.

“This spiritual power seems to be a little fierce.” Xu Fan said as he felt the Spiritual Qi around him.

“Okay, now Spiritual Qi and quality in the sect can compare with normal Holy Land.” Ning Dao said beside Xu Fan.

Looking at the nine long dragons of different colors in the sky, Ning Dao felt like he had seen this scene somewhere.

“Holy Land is this level.” Xu Fan asked in surprise. He also planned to refine nine Dao Item-level Spirit Gathering Pearls later, to complete the Nine Dragons Swallowing Heaven Array. .

“This is the case with the general Holy Land. It is very rare in the cultivation world Refiner Sect, and Dao Item is not just refined.” Ning Dao said, the general is where the Great Ascension Venerable is located. If you can have a Refiner Sect teacher, then you should not be an ancestor.

“Is it difficult to make Dao Items?” Xu Fan asked curiously, he was a little lacking in this knowledge.

“It’s not difficult, that is, the level of refining ten pieces and succeeding in four pieces.” Ning Dao said, looking at the evildoer in front of him.

“Ah, didn’t expect other Refiner Sect teachers to be about the same level as me.” Xu Fan said calmly, keeping a low profile to himself.

“Trust you.” Ning Dao rolled his eyes at Xu Fan and said.

With the upgrade of the sect Spirit Gathering Great Array, all Disciples are back to normal.

At this moment, a fantasy appeared in the sect in the sky, and a Giant Spirit God in heavy armor stood horizontally above the hidden Spirit Sect.

“A body cultivator is the highest level other Golden Core natural phenomenon!” Ning Dao cry out in surprise.

“Grape, is it Xiong Li?” Xu Fan asked.

“The owner guessed right, Xiong Li defeated the last puppet of the Foundation Establishment Realm some time ago and got the permission to advance to the Golden Core.” Grape said.

β€œso that’s how it is, probably because Spiritual Qi increased greatly, which accelerated Xiongli cultivation speed.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, Xu Fan looked at the sky natural phenomenon, frowned and said, “This natural phenomenon is a little unstable.”

“Grapes, go to the treasure house to get a drop of Essence of Metal. Come.” Xu Fan said.

Xu Fan tone barely fell, and the Golden Dragon hovering among the nine long dragons in the sky suddenly rushed into the natural phenomenon.

For a time, the natural phenomenon golden light popped up, and the natural phenomenon in the sky Giant Spirit God became more stable. A golden dragon phantom appeared on the heavy armor of Giant Spirit God.

The natural phenomenon slowly shrinks in the sky, and then falls on the mountain top of Xiong Li.

β€œGrapes, no need.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, Ning Dao clapped his hands and said, “I remembered, this Divine Beast, which is automatically condensed by Spiritual Qi, can finally extract the origin of various attributes.”

“Really. How long does this take to condense a drop.” Xu Fan asked happily, didn’t expect such good things.

“The minimum is a hundred years.” At this time, Su Rantian came over and said, looking at Xu Fan with a tone of amazement.

“Are you selling this Spirit Gathering Array? I want to put him in my palace.”

“.” Xu Fan is really inhuman.

“One drop in a hundred years is okay, better than nothing.” Xu Fan automatically ignored Su Rantian’s second sentence.

“Great Elder, the Spiritual Qi of the sect has enough quality and density to support the Great Ascension Realm cultivated, and there is more to spare. Are you recruiting a little Disciple, or it will be wasted.” Ning Dao suggested said.

“These Disciples are enough, there are too many Spiritual Qi, then give a little to the outer sect island and the guardian Star Island.” Xu Fan said.

“As you bid.” The sound of grapes sounded.

At the top of the sect array, two giant beams of light shot out, hitting the outer sect island and Wei Star Island directly.

Pangolin, who is supervising the cultivation of three Wuling Ming monkeys with a leather whip, looked up towards the sky.

At this time, the spiritual power density of Guardian Star Island changed greatly, and for a while, the three Wuling Ming monkeys were much faster.

Looking at the Five Spirits Monkeys who are still in cultivation, Pangolin directly hits three monkeys with one whip.

“I felt the gift of the master, but I didn’t immediately thank you. How did I teach you before.” kowtow in the direction of thanks.

“That’s right, continue cultivation.” Pangolin said, putting away his whip.

The outer sect members in the outer sect island should cherish their hidden Spirit Sect outer sect membership even more at this time.

A member of the first batch of beginners came to the exhibition and asked: “Elder, our outer sect has such a concentration of spiritual power, what kind of scene do you think it should be in the inner sect island.”

“Elder, have you been to the Inner Sect?” the outer sect member asked.

“Of course I’ve been there. The spiritual power concentration of Inner Sect is ten times higher than the current one.” Shi Zhan pretended to be strong, as if he had never been in Inner Sect.

Every time I see Xu Fan, it’s on the spirit boat.

“Wow, if only I could go into the Inner Sect and take a look,” said the outer sect member.

“Cultivation well, earn more points, maybe you will be summoned by the Great Elder.” Shizhan patted the outer sect member’s shoulder and said, thinking whether he should find a chance to enter the inner sect. what is the scene.

“Yes,” said the outer sect member.

On the main peak of Yinling, Xu Fan alone sits in a pavilion on the edge of a cliff.

“Every time I take a break after a major event, I feel extra comfortable.”, Xu Fan took a sip of tea and said.

(End of this chapter)

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