My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 239

Chapter 239 The Fourth Ring

Xiong Li, who came out of Yuxian Pavilion, looked at the early going out plan sent by sect and lamented that it was finally normal this time.

“In one year, kill 10,000 Monster Races of the same level.”

Looking at the plan sect gave him, Xiong Li said with a smile: “Yes, this time It’s finally back to normal.”

“Ten thousand Monster Races, I don’t know if I’m enough to kill.”

Then Xiong Li followed the reminder in sect’s precautions when going out, and headed towards Hehuan immortal city Go to a Wanshi Pavilion.

Waishige is the largest intelligence organization in the central continent, and their intelligence personnel opportunities are distributed in all immortal cities.

More tens of millions of members are distributed in the state areas outside the central continent, and the strength is very strong.

For general information you want to consult, you can spend Spirit Stone to hear it at the Master Tower.

Under the guidance of a young servant, Xiong Li walked into a room. Like this room, Xiong Li roughly swept away, there were at least 10,000 rooms like this.

After serving the tea and fruit snacks, the boy backed away. After a while, a cultivator in Tsing Yi walked in.

“Fellow Daoist wants to know what, I want to price.” Tsing Yi cultivator said with a smile, and guessed what the Disciple of the hidden sect was doing.

“I want to know which immortal city Monster Race is the most dangerous.” Xiong Li asked.

“Monster Race is more dangerous. There are 16 immortal cities in total.” Appeared on the table and a jade slip was delivered.

β€œThis is the information of 16 immortal cities and the information of the invasion of the local Monster Race.” Tsing Yi cultivator said.

β€œHow many Spirit Stones?” Xiong Li asked.

“2000 Spirit Stone, this is the lowest price for a piece of news.” Tsing Yi cultivator explained that originally this information was not worth so much Spirit Stone, but who let them have the lowest consumption.


Xiong Li took out two thousand Spirit Stones and handed them to the Tsing Yi cultivator, and began to look up these materials.

The cultivator in Tsing Yi sat there and waited, providing chat service by the way.

After reviewing these materials, Xiong Li suddenly thought of something and asked curiously, “Can you buy all the news here?”

“Yes, as long as Fellow Daoist pays the corresponding price, and all the news can be bought.” Tsing Yi cultivator said confidently.

“Do you have any information about me here?” Xiong Li asked. According to the sect’s regulations, they all wear masks of changing appearances and Soul Aura when they go out.

“Fellow Daoist sure you want to know.” Tsing Yi cultivator asked.

Xiong force nodded.


Tsing Yi Xiushi closed his eyes for a cup of tea before slowly opening them.

“Hidden Spirit Sect Heaven’s Chosen, Xiong Li.”

“The record, the first Heaven’s Chosen battle strength list, the first place in Foundation Establishment Realm.” Tsing Yi cultivator said in surprise, didn’t expect to have such a big backing when picking up a customer by myself.

“When I came out, I changed my name to concealed aura, how do you know.” Xiong Li was shocked, didn’t expect to ask, but he actually said it right.

“This is the secret of our Wanshige. The information of Fellow Daoist status is worth 1 million Spirit Stone, please pay.” Tsing Yi cultivator said with a smile.

This month’s sales crown is mine, Tsing Yi cultivator secretly said joyfully in his heart, and the expression on his face began to be kind.


Xiong Li suddenly felt that his mouth was a bit cheap at this moment, but it was not a loss to get this news.

The 100 high grade Spirit Stone just disappeared, Xiong Li was very distressed after he came out of Wanshi Pavilion.

At this moment, a strange feeling spread throughout Xiong Li’s body. When Xiong Li came back to his senses, he found that his space ring had been ripped off.

This moment. Xiong Li suddenly felt that spending this hundred high grade Spirit Stone was not a major event.

Xiong Li took out the communication magic weapon he carried with him and sent a message to Huihui.

It didn’t take long for a hidden spirit chamber of commerce in charge, coming over with a space ring.

Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan, who is comprehend Xianwen, heard the report of the grapes.

“Waishi Pavilion, the world’s affairs, as long as you are willing to produce Spirit Stone, you will know everything.”

“If this has nothing to do with the Elder Council, I.”

Xu Fan didn’t say the following words, what if they were detected by the three fairy weapons of the Elder Council.

β€œGolden Core Realm, it’s a little difficult to cover up the secrets, and it’s expensive to make a deal with Heavenly Dao Will with Shangdao.”

β€œWait a few hundred years until I get to Nascent Soul Realm, after completely remodeling the Hidden Spirit Island and hiding the causal opportunity of the Spirit Sect Disciple.”

β€œAt that time, the hidden Spirit Sect was the real hidden sect.” Xu Fan said.

“As for Xiong Litou’s ring, it should be five times less.”

“When the time comes, even if you are an Integration Realm, then Divine Immortal has nothing. Help.” Xu Fan said.

“Continue to comprehend Xianwen, continue the craftsman’s way.” Xu Fan closed his eyes and started comprehend Xianwen.

Heavenly Sword Academy, in a huge dojo, the Heavenly Sword Academy’s annual grand competition begins.

At this time, in the sky above the dojo, there are Sword cultivator Sects in Heavenly Sword immortal city and surrounding immortal cities, and some inexplicable Sect Elders are also among them.

Heavenly Sword Academy’s annual Sect Grand Competition, also known as the graduation competition.

At this time, students of all levels are required to participate in the battle for selection by those sword cultivator sects.

At this time, Wang Xiangchi was comforting his students.

“This year is the first year, and this year you are learning the basics, so don’t be discouraged even if you lose the game.”

“The teacher promises you that he will let you At the time of graduation, the most dazzling rays of light burst out.” Wang Xiangchi said.

After examining all the trainees for their innate talent, he quickly changed his teaching style.

Except Han Feiyu and Jian Wuji, the rest of the students only learn the most basic sword dao, so that they can burst into greater potential when they graduate, and can be selected by those sword cultivator sects.

Take the first thing, just leave it to Jian Wuji and Han Feiyu.

“Understood!” The fifty students looked at Wang Xiangchi gratefully. They knew that the greatest luck in this life might be to meet the teacher in front of them.

“Okay, you just understand.”

Wang Xiangchi waved his hand, and the jade token in the hand of the teaching assistant next to him was quickly distributed to each student.

The jade token will accept the information sent by Heavenly Sword Academy, and will tell each student exactly how many venues you should go to to compete.

“Okay, the game will start in one hour, and it’s a long way to go to your own venue.”

“Yes, teacher.”

At this time, Heavenly Sword Academy’s dojo has been divided into more than 1,000 competition venues, each of which is more than four miles across, so it will take a long time to go from one competition venue to another.


Wang Xiangchi waved his hand gently, and the illusory shadow of the Sword of the Wind appeared above the students, and then turned into aura and fell on the students.

Suddenly, all the students felt that their bodies were more than half lighter.

“Thank you, teacher.” The students said.

At this time, there was a feeling of staring in the sky.

Wang Xiangchi’s expression suddenly became serious, he slowly raised his head, a pair of sword eyes looked towards the sky, and a Dao Heart sword shot out from Wang Xiangchi’s eyes.

In the cultivation world, looking at other cultivators is a big no-no.

(End of this chapter)

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