My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Little Pig spoiled by cabbage

“Although she is a rich woman, we still need the card of Spirit Sect.”

“The bride price must be in place. “Xu Fan touched the chin.

That expression is like a hard-working old father raising his little pig, and when he wants to make cabbage, he must put on a good outfit, indicating to others that our little pig is qualified to provide the best cabbage.

As for Su Rantian’s matter about her master, he has automatically ignored it.

No matter how bad-tempered you are, it’s a fact that your cabbage ruined our piglets. If you want to kill my discipline.

at worst we’ll dodge for a while and wait until we can beat you.

At this time, a sword light was drawn in the distance.

Ning Dao’s silhouette appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“Isn’t Big Brother Ning on standby in the Elder Council?” Xu Fan asked.

“No, it’s your blessing, now I just need to deal with the daily affairs in the Elder Council.”

“Great Elder, your family has four disciplines, wouldn’t it be right? Fellow Daoist Su, what are you doing?” Ning Dao looked at Xu Fan and asked.

“The angle of your question is very strange, why wouldn’t it be Elder Su doing what to my discipline.”

“After all, my family’s discipline is Nascent Soul Realm, he can answer a Integration Realm has bad intentions.” Xu Fan said.

“My innocence of the discipline is gone,” Xu Fan said later.

“Ah, this. How can a woman force a man.” Ning Dao couldn’t react for a while.


β€œYou don’t know the stories of those cultivation, some kind of Dual Cultivation evil cultivation technique female cultivator.” Xu Fan raised his eyebrows and said.

Xu Fan has to admit to you, this world is more powerful than the last one in this little X-film.

I actually used the Illusion Technique to give the world’s male cultivators an unprecedented experience.

And that sitcom, Xu Fan called him a good guy.

“Are you talking about Bai Ling’s story?” Ning Dao said casually.

“Connoisseurs, it is the most classic movie as soon as it is exported, and it is a role model for my generation.” Xu Fan hehe said.

“But I still like Xiaorou, who was forced to Dual Cultivation, this photo stone.”

“cough cough, Great Elder forgot our conversation above and said serious things. .” Ning Dao said sternly.

“The Void Spirit Venerable has been in this world for almost 10,000 years. If I get good information, there will be at most 200 years before the Void Spirit Venerable will fly to the fairyland.”

“Or let’s wait.” Ning Dao said.

“It’s not good. It doesn’t mean that the most precious thing in Void Spirit Venerable is Elder Su. It’s a pity that I didn’t see my baby get married before I ascended.” Although Xu Fan said so, but The moving look in his eyes is very obvious.

“Then the Great Elder should leave a suicide note before he leaves.” Ning Dao said.

“Is it certain to die, there is no way to ease it.” Xu Fan frowned said.

“No, people who proposed marriage in the past were shot to death by Void Spirit Venerable.” Ning Dao shook his head and said.

“So decisive, are you not afraid that his daughter will not be able to marry in the future?”

At this time, Xu Fan received another message from Li Xingci in the magic weapon of communication.

“Master, wait for Tian’er to tell her master before you go!!”

“Is it so reckless as a teacher.” Xu Fan frowned said.

However, Xu Fan’s heart slowly calmed down. Although the marriage proposal has been resolved, there is still the dowry issue, which also makes Xu Fan a little troubled.

“Hey, that’s the trouble of marrying Gao,” Xu Fan said.

At this time, Xu Fan looked towards the underground space, where the Monster Race starship was stored.

“Otherwise, think of a way in advance to get this Monster Race starship ready. It’s not ashamed to be a dowry.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

“Ning Dao big brother, you said that using this star boat as a betrothal gift is not good enough.” Xu Fan asked.

“Go on, that’s too good.”

“This dowry is enough to marry the Great Ascension Venerable, Great Elder, do we have a starship in the Spirit Sect?” Ning Dao said in surprise.

β€œHehe, guess what.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

After the two chatted for a while, Ning Dao said goodbye to Xu Fan and returned to Linsen Immortal City.

Xu Fan returned to his small courtyard. Before he could enter the cultivation, a strange wave spread throughout the hidden Spirit Sect.

“I succeeded!!”

The sand sculpture’s excited shout resounded throughout the hidden Spirit Sect.

Xu Fan’s silhouette is also featured on Refining Peak.

“Meet the Great Elder.” Several Disciples headed by Thunder Blade saluted.

“Well, what exciting new achievements does Sand Elder have.” Xu Fan asked, he did not rashly break into the sand sculpture refining room, which is the most basic respect for an Artifact Refinement Master .

“Great Elder, come in,” said a voice from the sand sculpture refining room.


Xu Fan walked into the refining room. The sand sculpture in the refining room, which had not been out for several years, looked very sloppy, and the whole body exuded a greasy smell. Those clear, firm eyes.

In front of the sand sculpture is a one-meter-square bronze metal block.

“Senior Brother Sha has researched the Dao Item grade alloy formula.” Xu Fan said, looking at the metal block with different fluctuations in front of him.

“Yes, many thanks to the Great Elder’s guidance, otherwise I’m afraid I won’t be able to advance to the Refiner Sect division for the rest of my life.” After the sand sculpture was excited, his eyes were full of tiredness.

“I have already given the recipe to the grapes. You should study this Dao Item-level alloy first. I can’t stand it anymore. I need to go to sleep to recover my mind.” The sand sculpture said with a tired face.

“Senior Brother Sha, let me study this Dao Item grade alloy first.” Xu Fan said impatiently.

The sand sculpture turned into a light and shadow, and flew towards him, leaving Xu Fan alone in the refining room.

β€œGrape, let me see the recipe.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, a light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“Earth Spirit Sand, Heavy Hill Red Copper, Heavenly Fragmented Crystal, Thousand Refined Spirit Iron, Clouds”

After Xu Fan looked at the formula and simulated it in his mind, a strange expression appeared on his face. Looking at the alloy in front of him, he said: “It seems that other than replacing and upgrading the puppet material and serving as the ship’s armor, there is no use for anything else.”

“Use this thing to refine Dao Item, the power will still be It’s not as good as a boutique Treasure Item.”

Xu Fan used the Five Elements spirit fire to get a small piece of alloy and began to refining and burning.

“Grape, test the data of this alloy.” Xu Fan said.


A tool puppet took the alloy that Xu Fan got.

A larger piece of alloy was taken down by Xu Fan and taken to the underground space.

Ten days later, Xu Fan was a little dazed when he saw the data in his hand.

“The plan to make the battleship of the star boat has not yet started, and the materials are in place in advance.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

After the past few days of testing, Xu Fan found that this alloy is the most suitable as the main material for the hulls of sea boats and star boats.

As for other aspects, it is very general, and its only use is to act as the main material of the puppet, so that it can barely refine the puppet of the Void Refinement level.

At this time, after the sand sculpture woke up, it went directly to the underground space.

“Great Elder, how about this alloy, can you make Dao Item?”

“I had a nightmare when I was sleeping, I dreamed that I used this alloy The Dao Item refined from the block alloy is not as good as the Treasure Item.” Sand Sculpture said.

Xu Fan was taken aback, when did your dream come true.

β€œOne good news and one bad news, which one would Senior Brother Sha want to hear.” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“Bad news,” the sand sculpture said without the slightest hesitation.

“Senior Brother Sha’s dream is very heavy. The Dao Item made from this alloy is really not as good as the Treasure Item.” Xu Fan said.

“I” Sand Sculpture’s expression instantly became unhappy.

“It seems that my formula still needs to be modified.” The sand sculpture said in a low voice.

The sand sculpture walked out, preparing to return to the refining room to continue fighting.

β€œHey, Senior Brother Sha is not listening to the good news,” Xu Fan said.

“Needless to say, it must be the Great Elder who comforted me. I can still hold on to this blow.”

“Don’t go, sit down and listen to what I tell you. .” Xu Fan said.

β€œDoes Senior Brother Sha still remember our levitating boat in Heavenly Tower Sect?” Xu Fan asked.

“Remember, what’s wrong.” Sand Sculpture asked.

“I have also researched the Dao Item grade alloy above, what’s wrong.”

“The alloy researched by Senior Brother Sha is better than the main material of the levitating boat. .”

“By optimizing it, it can be used as the main material of the star boat.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Really!” said the sand sculpture joyfully.

A jade slip appeared on Xu Fan’s hand.

“This is a secret plan for the manufacture of a sea boat. If the alloy of Senior Brother Sha is used as the main body, it is at least one generation stronger than the overall data of the levitating boat.” Xu Fan said.

The design drawing of this sea boat was designed by Xu Fan using the idle computing power.

The sand sculpture looked at the jade slip in Xu Fan’s hands with glowing eyes, and then got a signal from Xu Fan, took it directly, and began to study.

This study is one day.

When the sand sculpture woke up, Xu Fan was eating next to him.

“It turns out that the core psionic power source of the sea boat is designed like this.” Sand Sculpture exclaimed, and the main problem that had been plaguing him was solved.

“Was this boat designed by the Great Elder?” asked the sand sculpture.

“That’s right.” Xu Fan said, he made the grapes himself, and the grapes deduced the design of the sea boat, leaving out the middle link, then the design of the sea boat was designed by himself.

“Can the Great Elder teach me?” said the sand sculpture, and was about to kneel down to apprentice.

Xu Fan quickly controlled the sand sculpture with spiritual power, preventing the sand sculpture from apprenticing.

In the cultivation world, both Artifact Refinement Master and Pill Refinement Master can have multiple masters at the same time.

“Senior Brother Sha, you are breaking me.” Xu Fan said hurriedly, thinking that he must never become a master of sand sculptures.

β€œWe communicate on an equal footing, and we can say anything if we don’t learn from a teacher,” Xu Fan said.

“Okay then,” Sand Sculpture said regressively, getting up.

“When I became the Artifact Refinement Master, I wanted to make a sea boat like a levitating boat.”

“At that time, my master said, I want to make a levitating boat. Boats, not only must have the skill of refining, but more importantly, the Artifact Refinement Master who designs levitating boats.”

“Great Elder, if I learn this skill, I can complete what I wrote when I was a child. Great wishes.” The sand sculpture said sincerely.

“Senior Brother Sha, what is our relationship? It’s a trivial matter.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Great Elder, with the current financial resources of our sect, can we gather the materials for the boat in this jade slip?” Sand Sculpture asked.

“That’s not a word.” Xu Fan said boldly. Since he completed several Dao Item orders, his small treasury has become rich, and he has collected more than enough materials for a set of sea boats.

“Can that allow me to refine this sea boat?” The sand sculpture saw that the time was ripe and planned to fulfill his childhood wish.

Xu Fan looked at the frantic eyes of the sand sculpture, and said nodded: “Yes, but with the cultivation base of Senior Brother Sha Golden Core Realm, isn’t it a little bit worse.”

” It’s okay, after the successful refining of Dao Item, the feedback has made up for my cultivation base, and within three months at most, I will be able to advance to Nascent Soul Realm.” Sand Sculpture said.

“Hey, that’s not right, why is the Great Elder still a Golden Core Realm? According to the feedback obtained from the Dao Item refined by the Great Elder, it is estimated that it is enough to advance to the Divine Transformation Realm.” The sand sculpture then wondered.

“.” Xu Fan felt uncomfortable for a moment, and felt a little unwilling to speak.

“Uh, don’t pay attention to these details, since Senior Brother Sha wants to make sea boats, then I will let Pang Fu purchase the raw materials.”

“In addition, Senior Brother Sha also Looking for a place to refine the sea boat.”

Xu Fan’s words quickly attracted the attention of the sand sculpture.

“Find it, it’s a thousand miles northwest of the main peak. That canyon is just right for making sea boats.” The sand sculpture became excited when he talked about making sea boats.

“Okay, I’ll let Grape help you transform it later.” Xu Fan said.

“That would be better.”

Then the sand sculpture asked the technical question of the sea boat refining in jade slip, and Xu Fan patiently answered one after another.

It was like this until three days later, when the sect came, the two stopped technical exchanges.

In the main peak reception room, Xu Fan looked at the spring-faced Venerable and the puppet carrying grape Avatar.

“This is the share and rent of Xingzhou harvested during this period of time.” Qianling Venerable said with a smile.

Xu Fan took the space ring and handed it over to the puppet next to it without checking it.

“Look at Venerable pleasantly smiled, did you meet something good?” Xu Fan said with a smile, in fact, he knew for a long time that Qianling Venerable destroyed two smuggled ships with the help of a star boat controlled by grapes. Monster Race battleship, and finally captured a Monster Race complete giant beast battleship.

Thousands of Venerable Venerables also fiercely earthfired a lot in their Venerable starship-controlled circle.

“Haha, I won’t say it, Great Elder Xu should know.”

“Not much to say, I will know when the Great Elder sees the dividend.” Qianling Venerable said with a smile .

Now, the puppet in his hands has attracted many Venerable prying eyes, but he does his work strictly in the secrecy country. In the eyes of other Venerables, they all think that he has obtained a Dao with Artifact Spirit. Item or fairy.

“Haha, thank Venerable for giving me the opportunity to make a fortune.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Thank you, it’s all right.”

“But this time, I hope that the Great Elder can help me strengthen the Artifact Spirit contained in this puppet. “

“I found that the puppet’s operation obviously couldn’t keep up after encountering more than two starships.”

“Destroyed three Monster Race stars When he was on the starship, he was almost hit.” Qianling Venerable said, since he had this puppet that could help him control the starship, he seemed to have taken a strange path.

β€œ.” Xu Fan was speechless.

You are very good at operating, but the requirements are quite high.

β€œHow does Venerable want to strengthen.” Xu Fan asked.

“Replace the Artifact Spirit in this puppet with the big Artifact Spirit in your sect.”

(End of this chapter)

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