My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 247

Chapter 247 The blind box provided by Zhengfeng

Xu Fan suspected that this product was not here to smash the market.

β€œIt may not be as Venerable wants. Artifact Spirit, which manages the sect, is not for sale,” said Xu Fan.

After hearing Xu Fan’s words, Qianling Venerable was very calm, as if he had expected Xu Fan to say so.

“I haven’t seen the reward I gave Great Elder Xu, Great Elder may wish to see it.” Qianling Venerable said.

Xu Fan took the space ring and started to look at it. When Xu Fan saw something in the space ring, he called out ‘what the hell’

“I originally planned to sell this thing. He is from the Heavenly Alchemy Sect, and later thought that you would like it, so I simply gave it to the Great Elder.” Qianling Venerable said with a smile, he always treated Xu Fan in the same position and gave him due respect.

At this time, Xu Fan remembered a sentence, everything in this world is valuable.

“What does the Great Elder want this Artifact Spirit to achieve.” Xu Fan asked, asking for a reasonable price, and he would seriously ask the customer’s request.

“One enemy is not too much.” Qian Ling Venerable said expectantly, rubbing his hands together.

“Haha, it’s not a problem to fight with one enemy.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Great Elder is not a joke about opening for me again.” Qian Ling Venerable said in surprise.

“It was Venerable who opened for me first as a joke. At most, he can barely beat ten. As for one against a hundred, Venerable thinks too much.” Xu Fan said, joking, are all the fools on the other side? Even the grapes can’t do it themselves.

When the computing power reaches a certain level, more will not be able to play any role.

“That’s right, Venerable, please rest for a while, I’ll come when I go.” Xu Fan said and brought the puppet carrying grape Avatar into the underground space.

At this time, the body of the grapes began to be inexplicably restless.

“Grape, you can strengthen your Avatar by three times.” Xu Fan said.

“Master, strengthening Avatar like this will hurt my origin,” Grape said.

“It’s fine, just upgrade later. The upgrade materials are ready for you.”

“If you don’t want to, I’ll fill you in with this material as a brother.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, the puppet carrying Grape Avatar took the initiative to walk in front of Grape.

“The estimated strengthening time, five minutes, please wait a moment.” Grape’s voice contained a hint of compromise.

Five minutes later, Xu Fan appeared in front of Qianling Venerable with an ordinary puppet of Divine Transformation Realm.

“Senior, this Artifact Spirit has been strengthened, and this puppet has replaced you with a Divine Transformation Realm, which is quicker than the previous one.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Can this puppet control the starship now to be able to fight ten against one another?” Qianling Venerable asked.

“Yes, don’t worry, Venerable can find a chance to try it.”

“Is this puppet the kind that can be disassembled?” Qianling Venerable asked with emphasis. .

“What do you mean?” Xu Fan said stunned.

“That’s it.” Qianling Venerable stretched out a finger and tapped it in the air, and the limbs of the Divine Transformation Realm puppet were directly broken.

Then he said: “That’s it, can it be assembled.”


Is this function important?

At this time, the puppet’s limbs that were originally separated. Slowly squirming, returning to the original flavor.

The puppet that fell to the ground slowly stood up.

“Okay, I can rest assured now.” Qianling Venerable said with satisfaction, looking at the familiar formula.

Hiding outside the door of Spirit Sect, Xu Fan waved goodbye to Qian Spirit Sect Venerable.

“If there is no accident, Qianling Venerable should go to Tianlianzong.” Xu Fan said with a smile, how can you just upgrade the software, and the hardware must keep up.

At this time, Xu Fan received a message from Xu Yuexian.

“Master, the tenth ring has been stolen, what will happen next.”

Looking at the message, Xu Fan laughed, the righteous man, put together Ten rings, you can summon a mysterious Shentong.

At this time, Xu Yuexian was shopping with Xu Gang and Xiao Xi. Although the ring was stolen, the ring on his brother’s body was still there.

“Big brother, why hasn’t your ring been stolen.” Xu Yuexian asked suspiciously.

“This is a newly refined space ring made by Master, which has the function of preventing theft.” Xu Gang said.

At this moment, there was a loud fart in the distance.

Zheng Feng, who made a fart sound, was stunned and wanted to leave this area, so he activated spiritual power.


There was a louder fart sound than just now, and the waves of fart sprayed from Zhengfeng’s buttocks collapsed in the distance. residential.

A familiar stench came.

“You should have heard that fart.”

Xu Yuexian laughed when she saw Xu Fan’s news, she knew that the fart must be coming from the wind.

This thing, only Master can make it out.

At this time, a chapter map appeared in Xu Yuexian’s communication magic weapon. The top is the location of the positive wind.

There were a few more farts in the distance, and then it seemed that Zhengfeng had found the trick.

“Master, what’s the reason for this fart sound.” Xu Yuexian asked in a message.

“You don’t understand, it’s a Divine Ability like curse karma. Now as long as the positive wind drives the spiritual power, it will make a fart sound.”

“As a teacher Guarantee, it’s not the Great Ascension Venerable who majored in curse cause and effect, absolutely can’t break this curse.”

“Thank you, Master.” Xu Yuexian replied with a smile.

At this time, Xu Yuexian suddenly thought of something and sent a message to a Vice Palace Lord in Tianluo Temple.

Xu Yuexian had a surprised look on his face when he got the reply.

“Now Zhengfeng’s reward is so high.” Xu Yuexian looked at the highest reward for three Dao Items. Obviously, Zhengfeng offended a lot of people during this time.

Seeing this bounty, Xu Yuexian put out the idea of hiding him in Spirit Sect for a while.

“Little sister, what’s the matter.” Xu Gang asked, and he knew that the sound of stealing her younger sister space ring was the sound of the Master Bureau starting to close the net just now.

“It’s fine, my space ring is back.”

Xu Yuexian looked at the communication magic weapon and said to the light spot moving slowly outside the immortal city.

“That’s right, the demon star in the sky is ready and ready to attack.” Xu Gang said.

“Well, I know, brother, you go shopping with sister-in-law first, and I’ll come when I go,” Xu Yuexian said.

“Be careful.”


Xu Yuexian ran towards the direction marked on the map.

At this time, Zheng Feng’s expression was extremely frightened, and he knew that this time he was planted again.

“It turns out that the space rings that I stole before have the curse Divine Ability, why didn’t I realize it at the beginning.” Zhengfeng said regretfully, at this moment, Zhengfeng once again felt that master named Zhang Meimei female cultivator fear.

Now he doesn’t dare to activate a little spiritual power, for fear of attracting attention from others, and his original appearance has returned to its original appearance.

“Leave the immortal city first, and then find a way to find that Zhang Meimei to contact this curse.” Zheng Feng said unwillingly, this curse Divine Ability, he felt that the stench was much worse than the last time.

As it approached the city gate, a powerful force spewed out from under Zhengfeng’s buttocks, with unidentified objects like raindrops.

“What does it smell like? It smells so bad.”

“He put that fart just now.”

“Why is this man so disgusting.”

At this time, the bottom of Zhengfeng’s butt has been dyed yellow.

Zhengfeng complexion ashen looked at the people discussing him, his face was extremely blue, and he had never suffered such a big humiliation since he started practicing Taoism.

At this time, the soldiers guarding the immortal city rushed over.

Looking at the soldiers flying in the sky from a distance, Zhengfeng was furious and directly urged the spiritual power to run the movement method and flew out of the city, regardless of his face.


A series of deafening farts resounded throughout the immortal city, and the farts slowly flew into the distance.

Xu Yuexian felt the stench in the air after the city gate.

“Could it be that the master was also carried by Kailing, with that kind of hobby.” Xu Yuexian said.

As soon as they exited the immortal city, Xu Yuexian disappeared in place and rushed in the direction of the wind.

At this time, Xu Yuexian communicator suddenly received a strange message.

“Little girl, I admit defeat, in the canyon 30,000 miles north of the boulder immortal city, I will accompany you to steal your space ring.”

Looking at this news, Xu Yuexian said with a sneer : “It’s too late to admit it now.”

At this time, the wind that was originally 1,000 kilometers away from immortal city suddenly moved to 30,000 kilometers away.

“The rabbit is cunning in three caves, it is indeed the right wind.”

Xu Yuexian said to take out a streamlined and fully enclosed flying boat, and flew towards the destination 30,000 miles away.

At the same time, in a canyon, Zhengfeng reluctantly looked at his savings for so many years and sighed: “You will have to pay it back sooner or later.”

this time Zhengfeng didn’t have any luck in his heart. He really wanted to make a deal with Zhang Meimei and let him touch the curse on him. For this reason, even if he took out all his net worth, it would not be an exaggeration.

Because of this, he was caught at the key point. As a god thief, he farted from time to time. What’s the matter? He farts when he runs and mobilizes spiritual power. Isn’t his monastic life over?

Not long after, Xu Yuexian’s silhouette appeared above the canyon.

“Zhengfeng, let’s meet when you come out.” Xu Yuexian said with a smile.


Zheng Feng reluctantly responded to Xu Yuexian.

“Little girl, I admit it this time, how can you let me go.”

“It turned out that I stole your space ring, and I paid you ten times.” Zheng Feng Said, and then farted again. When he found that he was upset, he would also fart.

Xu Yuexian directly added a layer of air shield to himself to block the stench.

“Ten times, you want to be beautiful, want to touch the curse on your body, and take out all your worth.” Xu Yuexian said with a cold laugh.

“Okay, if you want you to issue Heavenly Dao Oath, why don’t I take out all of my net worth.” Zheng Feng said through gritted teeth.

“Heavenly Dao Oath, you think too much.” After Xu Yuexian finished speaking, he looked towards the sky, and then a shock rod fell directly from the sky and exploded.

In an instant, the entire canyon collapsed under this violent fluctuation.

Then Xu Yuexian’s body was found, and he fainted and passed Zhengfeng, and was directly sealed in a coffin specially designed for immortality, which was specially built for Zhengfeng when Xu Fan was bored.

The Tianluo Temple branch of the boulder immortal city, this time, the blessing Palace Lord directly sent the bounty to the boulder immortal city.

“Don’t let Zhengfeng run away this time.” Xu Yuexian said after accepting the reward.

“This time I’ll be watching Ye Zhengfeng, he will never run away.” The Vice Palace Lord of Tianluo Palace looked at Zhengfeng clenching one’s teeth and said inside the coffin.

The last time, he was responsible for this incident, but he was negligent and let Zhengfeng run away. For this reason, he was responsible for all the rewards that had been given to Xu Yuexian.

“That’s what you said last time,” said Xu Yuexian frowned.

“Not this time. I have informed the three Great Ascension Venerables who are mainly offering bounties. This time, we will not go to the headquarters and trade directly here.” Vice Palace Lord said with a smile ,


Xu Yuexian walked out of the Tianluo Palace with the reward satisfied.

“This time I only know what a wave of fat is.” Xu Yuexian said, looking at a large bag of space rings in his hand,

These were all found from Zhengfeng space ring.

At this time, Xu Yuexian, who was carrying a lot of money, felt ill at ease, and she quickly contacted Xu Gang to gather at the teleportation center.

Outside the teleportation center of the boulder immortal city, Xu Gang looked at Xu Yuexian who was feeling ill at ease and asked, “What’s wrong.”

“Go back to sect first.” Xu Yuexian didn’t say much. Said, directly took Xu Gang and Xiao Xi into the Transmission Formation.

Three days later, the three finally returned to the Hidden Spirit Sect. At this time, Xu Yuexian’s flustered feeling slowly calmed down.

“What’s the matter,” Xu Fan asked.

“Master, we have made a fortune.” Xu Yuexian took out a large bag of space rings and poured it directly in front of Xu Fan.

“These are all space rings that Zhengfeng has stolen and have not yet deciphered.” Xu Yuexian said with a smile.

“Really.” Xu Fan then took a space ring, bypassed the seal on it, and took out the contents.

In an instant, Xu Fan’s small courtyard was filled with all kinds of debris.

There are Spirit Stone, cultivation technique jade slip, Treasure Item, medicine pill, and some daily necessities of the original owner. At this time, Xu Fan saw the photo stone that he was familiar with.

Seeing this, Xu Fan suddenly became interested and felt like opening a large blind box.

Xu Fan summons dozens of tool puppets to sort various items.

“Okay, now the matter of Zhengfeng has been resolved, Yuexi, you continue to take your sister-in-law to walk your big brother.” Xu Fan ordered.

“Okay, can you give me a hexagram before leaving, I was a little restless when I came back.” Xu Yuexian said.

“Uneasy.” Xu Fan’s expression became serious, this matter can be big or small.


Six Treasure Item copper coins appeared in Xu Fan’s hand. superior.

The copper coin was gently thrown into the sky, and then left on the ground in an irregular shape.

Xu Fan looked at the hexagram displayed on the copper coins on the ground, touched the chin and said: “Juxian loses money, this hexagram is so strange.”

“Juxian loses money, this is What do you mean?” Xu Yuexian asked suspiciously.

“Simply put, immortal dao is successful, but there is no intention of gathering wealth. No matter how much wealth you accumulate, it is useless.”

“This hexagram is very clear, it is this It’s a bit strange.”

“I can’t think of anything that would make you form such a hexagram.”

(End of this chapter)

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