My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 248

Chapter 248 Earth Crystal Spider

“Master, is it possible that the wind has escaped again.” Xu Yuexian thought for a while and said.

“That’s something in the future, and Zheng Feng won’t be able to escape for a while.”

“Besides, your cause and effect are over.” Xu Fan said, and then let it go as if he thought of something. Xu Yuexian can do whatever he needs to do, as long as there is no catastrophe in the hexagram.

After Xu Yuexian left, Xu Fan couldn’t wait to look towards the pile of space rings on the table.

“The feeling of lottery has come up.” Xu Fan said excitedly, rubbing his hands together, he liked to open such blind boxes since he was a child.

A slightly pink space ring floats in front of Xu Fan.

Xu Fan broke the mark on the space ring with no difficulty.

“This should be a female cultivator’s space ring.” Xu Fan said while looking at the pink space ring.

At this time, a subtle force of cause and effect appeared, winding towards Xu Fan.

“This power of karma still won’t trouble me.” Xu Fan waved his hand, and a trace of karmic fire ignited on his body, which then offset the power of karma.

“It seems that this female cultivator also has a fortune protection body.” Xu Fan said and began to explore the things in the space ring.

Xu Fan’s small courtyard has a lot of aura treasures.

Most of them are magic weapons such as jewelry and skirts, as well as some skin care and moisturizing whitening Spirit Pill.

“Sure enough, women like this thing.”

At this time, Xu Fan saw a pink apron.

He slowly stretched out his slightly trembling hand and picked up the apron.

β€œThis cultivation world is also progressing, why is this thing still used.”

Xu Fan showed an inexplicable smile, resisting the urge to take a sniff to his nose .

Xu Fan still couldn’t do such a wretched thing.

“But this material is really comfortable to the touch.”

At this time, with the appearance of a light in the distance, Xu Fan put down the bellyband in his hand and picked it up. An array of magic weapons began to study.

“Master, I have thought about whether I will enter the legendary traveler Secret Realm. That is, I can use Spirit Stone to exchange everything I need.” Xu Yuexian who went back and forth said.

At this time, there were already tool puppets in the yard that began to sort and store the things in the space ring, and the pink apron was immediately collected by the tool puppet.

Fortunately, the response was fast, and it was almost impossible to guarantee the late festival.

“The hexagram shows bankruptcy, you are immortal fate, not this.” Xu Fan said solemnly.

“Okay,” Xu Yuexian said.

“Master, I put three Dao Items in the treasure house, you can see if it helps our sect.” Xu Yuexian said.

“Grape has already reported it just now. When the time comes, I will strengthen the Ten Thousand Scales Shield and Thousand Soul Orb for you.”

“It’s ok when you Void Refinement Realm. Use it, as for the remaining dementor gun, I will equip you with a Void Refinement Realm puppet equipment.” Xu Fan said casually.

Now with Xu Fan’s net worth, it is not as happy as before to spend a few Dao Items for free.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Go out if you have nothing to do, don’t bother opening the blind box for Master.” Xu Fan said with a wave of his hand.

“Okay.” Xu Yuexian’s silhouette disappeared .

After seeing Xu Yuexian disappear, Xu Fan rolled away the space ring on the table with a wave and came to the underground space.

β€œNow you can open the blind box with peace of mind,” Xu Fan said.

As the space rings were cracked one by one, the expression on Xu Fan’s face became more and more dull.

Xu Fan is surrounded by some common Treasure Items and rare treasures, and the rest are items and medicine pills.

“There’s nothing new.”

“That’s right, too, what are you doing by stealing these Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, is there a lot of oil and water?”


“Even those female cultivators you steal are not enough, that’s enough.” Xu Fan said and opened another space ring.

After seeing the contents of this space ring, Xu Fan’s eyes suddenly burst out with amazing rays of light. I saw that all the space ring is full of photo stones, most of which are shallow illusions. Shadow Stone.

Only a few of the shadow stones have mysterious and clear Formation stripes on the surface, which are unusually mysterious.

“It turned out to be the Soul Illusionary Photo Stone. These are not for sale in Acacia Holy Land. Didn’t expect to meet them here.” Xu Fan said excitedly.

It’s like a serious man picking up a USB flash drive full of seeds. Those who say he’s not curious must be false.

Xu Fan took those not-for-sale items and picked up one of them to see what was inside.

At this moment, the warning sound of grapes suddenly sounded.

“Master, master, the base of Demon Spirit World has been attacked by crystal spiders!” Grape spoke several times faster than usual.

“Earth Crystal Spider, is there a Monster Race above the Integration Realm level?” Xu Fan asked hurriedly.

“No, the highest level is Divine Transformation Realm, but the battle strength of the crystal spider is extremely strong, and half of the Battle Puppet has been damaged.”

“If no measures are taken, Up to four hours.” Grape said quickly.

A light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan, and above it was the scene of the goblin spider attacking the base.

Countless pure white crystal spiders rushed towards the Battle Puppet at the base, and countless spider silks slid across the base, cutting the base puppets.

“Not to mention, these bright white spiders are really cute.” Xu Fan said looking at the crystal spider.

“Grape, authorize you to mobilize half of Yinling Island’s high-level puppets, and I will support you with a Wuling Ming monkey.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, in Yinling Island, hundreds of Divine Transformation Realm heavy-armor puppets, a Void Refinement Realm puppet, and a Wuling Ming monkey quickly passed the Transmission Formation and entered the underground base of Demon Spirit World. middle.

“Grape, you control the puppet to defend the treasure house of the underground base, and I will kill the leader of the crystal spider.”

Xu Fan said using the Divine Ability to enter the soil layer, Like a fish in the sea, it fled to the place where the battle was fiercest in the distance.

“Earth crystal spiders, a race that is not well-known in Demon Spirit World, should not be so powerful in battle strength.” Xu Fan watched a Nascent Soul Realm’s crystal spiders directly use their webs to pass through the Monster The Race secret technique strangles a dozen Nascent Soul Realm-level golems to pieces.

At this time, the Nascent Soul Realm puppet has been controlled by grapes, and the basic battle strength is not weak at all, but the secret technique of the crystal spider is too unsolved.

“Grapes, let the magic puppet stand at the forefront, and use the flaming blade spin heavenly divine ability together.” Xu Fan instructed the grapes as he shuttled through the soil.


As the grapes are manipulated, the battle situation is slowly reversed.

And Xu Fan also found the leader of the crystal spider.

“A Divine Transformation Realm crystal spider, interesting, grab it back and study it.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, Xu Fan was controlling the Wuling Ming Monkey and rushed towards the crystal spider.

The Wuling Ming Monkey lit up with earth-colored auras all over the body, and a line of earth turned into a rock was attached to the Wuling Ming monkey and transformed into a 20-meter-high rock giant, appearing at the Divine Transformation Realm Behind the crystal spider.

Sorry, everyone, I’ve been out for a few days, I will try to make up for the past few days I owe~~~

(End of this chapter)

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