My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 264

Chapter 264 The Ambition of the No. 1 Thick Armored Honey Badger

A phantom statue with a thousand hands stands in the air, Xu Gang hides in the dark and watches all around vigilantly, he knows that he The cultivators gathered by the master will not be defeated so easily.

Just when Xu Gang was looking for the faceless cultivator silhouette, an ice crystal dragon slowly condensed with the cold air released by Xu Gang Divine Ability.


The ice crystal dragon spit out an ice bullet towards Xu Gang Feng’s hiding place.

Five ice shields superimposed in front of Xu Gang.


The ice bomb directly penetrated the three-layer ice shield, and Xu Gang was also pushed out by the power of the ice bomb.

At this time, in the distance of the battlefield, a hidden Spirit Sect Disciple has already discovered it, and immediately a sect disciple of ten, ten, and a hundred sect disciples flew over to watch.

“It’s the Great Elder who is taking the Peak Master Divine Ability test at school.”

“Stay away, I didn’t listen to Grape’s warning, I believe I was hit by the aftermath.”

As soon as the Disciple finished speaking, a huge piece of ice shot towards him.

‘Sword and Shield’

‘Water Spirit Shield’

‘astral qi Bodyguard’

‘Thousand Ice Shield’

In an instant, countless defensive Divine Ability was blessed on that Disciple.



The Disciple flew towards the hidden Spirit Sect with a shield on his body.

Disciple continued to look safely towards the distant battlefield, with a look of adoration and desire in his eyes, especially the Divine Ability lineage.

Xu Gang’s figure is divided into three, surrounding the ice crystal dragon.

Cast Divine Ability together to attack the ice crystal dragon.

For a while, the Water Spiritual Qi in this area began to riot.

Countless ice spears and ice bullets were shot towards the ice crystal dragon, interrupting the display of the ice crystal dragon’s Divine Ability, and at the same time, ice threads began to cover the entire battlefield.

The faceless cultivator hiding in the depths of the ice crystal dragon began to seal, and a wave that could freeze thinking slowly spread to the audience.

For a time, Xu Gang felt that his consciousness was extremely cold, and even the speed of mobilizing the spiritual power in his body slowed down.

As the wave spreads, the ice bullets in the ice crystal dragon’s mouth also begin to slowly condense.

Xu Fan smiled and watched the battle between the two sides.

“Only actual combat is the best way to test the discipline.” Xu Fan said with a smile, the faceless cultivator he condensed was the level in his mind that he could just beat Xu Gang.

If Xu Gang loses, it proves that his progress has not met Xu Fan’s expectations.

At this time, Xu Gang, who was fighting, glanced at Xu Fan, and he also knew what his master meant.

“Master, you are underestimating me after all.” Xu Gang thought.

At this time, Xu Gang cast ‘Frozen Void’ again.

The formidable power at this time is several times stronger than at the beginning.

‘ka ka ka ~~~’

between Heaven and Earth Everything was frozen, and the ice crystal dragon’s movements began to stiffen.

A hundred zhang ice giant appeared with the help of ice, and punched the ice crystal dragon directly with a punch.

There is also a firelight hidden in the fist of the ice giant.


The ice giant smashed the ice crystal dragon with a punch, and at the same time, a mass of Ice Flame quickly covered the fragments of the ice crystal dragon, preventing the rebirth.

A Golden Crow illusory shadow appeared behind Xu Gang without warning, raising his head and screaming in unison.

The Golden-Crow Spirit Fire covers the entire battlefield, burning everything to pieces.

In Xu Fan’s slightly surprised eyes, Xu Gang returned to Xu Fan’s side.

“Yes, progress is faster than I thought.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“It’s all well taught by Master.” Xu Gang said with a smile.

“Okay, this time you pass the test.”

Xu Fan felt like a child growing up.

In the underground space, Xu Fan, who had just tested the discipline, was pulled to the ground by grapes.

β€œThe No. 1 Thick Armored Honey Badger wants me to help their family solve the problem of losing their minds during a battle.” Xu Fan asked.

“Yes, that’s a question that was just raised over there, and a thick-armored honey badger from Nascent Soul Realm was sent over there,” Grape said.

“This question is a bit difficult.” Xu Fan said, looking at the No. 30 thick-armored honey badger clan.

He had researched this issue at first, only to give up after finding out that the combat repercussions couldn’t get to its root cause.

“The No. 1 Thick Armored Honey Badger said that as long as this problem is solved, he is confident to lead their clan back to the glory of the ancient Peak race.”

“This will allow for more Serve the master well.”

Grape told Xu Fan the words of the No. 1 Thick Armored Honey Badger.

Xu Fan fell into contemplation. He thought of the battle and gave them an Illusion Technique by himself.

“Grape, what kind of cultivation base is that No. 1 thick-armored honey badger now?” Xu Fan asked.

“I have been promoted to Divine Transformation Realm some time ago.”

“No wonder, this is the release of control.” Xu Fan said that the Illusion Technique he used at the beginning was more inclined to the spiritual aspect.

“Grape, you sent a message to the No. 1 thick-armored honey badger and wanted me to solve this problem and let him come and see me in person.” Xu Fan decided to see the ambitious No. 1 Thick Armored Honey Badger.

To put it bluntly, Xu Fan just wants to deepen the control.

It didn’t take long for a half-human with a hard shell on its back, No. 1 Thick Armored Honey Badger to appear in front of Xu Fan.

“You freed me from my control.” asked Xu Fan, who was transformed by the Wuling Ming Monkey.

Xu Fan definitely won’t come out on his own for such a risky thing.

“You will always be my master.” No. 1 Thick Armored Honey Badger saluted, and the respect in his eyes made people know at a glance that it was from the heart.

Xu Fan knows that although the Illusion Technique has been eliminated by him, the effect of mental induction is still there, but as time goes on, this effect will become weaker and weaker on people with firm minds. , Monster Race is no exception.

“Okay, let me ask you a question. Would you like to bring your race to join the Human Race.” Xu Fan, who was transformed into a monkey of five spirits, stared at the thick-armored honey badger.

“Yes, in my opinion, Monster Race is just a general name, a name. If a race is strong enough, it will not let its own race be named this kind of general name.”


“For example, Dragon Clan and Human Race have the title of their own race because of their strength. In Ancient Times, Human Race was also collectively called Monster Race when it was enslaved by Monster Race.”

After hearing the explanation of No. 1 Thick Armored Honey Badger, Xu Fan began to seriously look at No. 1 Thick Armored Honey Badger in front of him.

“You mean, if your race becomes stronger, you will leave Monster Race.” Xu Fan asked.

“Yes,” said Nodded Nodded Honey Badger No. 1.

Xu Fan nodded with satisfaction, and then controlled the five spirit monkeys, pointing at the No. 1 thick-armored honey badger, and at the same time bursting out a huge killing intent, targeting the thick-armored honey badger.

The strength of this finger of the Five Spirit Monkeys is enough to kill the No. 1 thick-armored honey badger hundreds of times.

At this moment, the thick-armored honey badger felt this huge killing intent, its brain turned blank, and its whole body was stiff, suppressed by the killing intent, unable to move.

I don’t understand why I suddenly moved my hand when it was fine for a second.

The finger of Wulingming Monkey stopped on the eyebrow of No. 1 Thick Armored Honey Badger, and tapped a drop of blood essence between the eyebrows.

‘Well, it doesn’t look like a Monster Race pig’s foot. ‘ said Xu Fan, who was hiding in the dark.

He also met a lot of people with pig’s feet attribute, and he found a very interesting thing, as long as he had a killing intent on pig’s feet, he would have an inexplicable power to stop himself.

(End of this chapter)

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