My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 267

Chapter 267 The mediocre means are not worthy of the pig’s feet

“Less than 10%.” Wang Xiangchi said worriedly.

At this time, Jian Wuji, who had regained a little body consciousness, slowly stretched out his hand, indicating that 10% is fine.

“Master, you didn’t say that Wuji is a man of destiny, 10% should be able to succeed.” Wang Xiangchi said in sound transmission.

“Yes, your precious recipe is a man of destiny. Although it is only 10%, it will succeed under the guidance of Heavenly Dao Will.” Xu Fan said calmly with a smile.

The spiritual medicine in the sky is still being transformed into pure medicinal power by the Five Spirit Monkeys and injected into the Sword Limitless Body to replace the source absorbed by the curse.

“Wuji’s cultivation base has been preserved.” Wang Xiangchi said with a smile, thinking that after Jian Wuji’s recovery, he took him to seek revenge for the Divine Transformation Realm Monster Race.

“You underestimate the Man of Destiny, you have a 10% chance of succeeding.”

“As a Man of Destiny, of course you can’t use such a mediocre If you want to play it, you need to play a little exciting.” Xu Fan said, this kind of pig’s foot Luck Emperor physique, if you don’t play a little exciting, you can’t bear the word pig’s feet.

At this time, a few rays of light flashed in the distance.

A Wuling Monkey and Pangolin plus a Void Refinement Realm puppet.

“Pangolin, let go of your mind and accept my control.” Xu Fan’s voice reached Pangolin’s ears.

β€œAs you bid.”

The Wuling Ming Monkey who was treating Jian Wuji then turned all the spiritual medicine in the sky into spiritual mist and finally condensed into a green ball, emitting a Thick Life Source.

Slowly floating in the sky above Jian Wuji, a silk thread was pulled from it and pierced towards Jian Wuji’s eyebrows.

Then the Wuling Ming monkey flew into the sky.

“Play something exciting, what does Master mean?” Wang Xiangchi asked suspiciously.

“Hehe, it’s not interesting to just absorb the origin of a Monster Race Divine Transformation Realm.”

“If you want to play, play a bigger one, and absorb their poison doll in reverse. The origin of the whole family.” Xu Fan said with an inexplicable look in his eyes.

“I know that the poison baby clan is a rateless race in Demon Spirit World. Although it is difficult to deal with, the highest cultivation base in the clan is Integration Realm.”

“Reversal Curse, use the power of cause and effect to link the whole family of poisonous dolls, and let Jian Wuji absorb the origin of all the poisonous dolls of their family.”

“The success probability is less than 1%, as long as it can be achieved, the poisonous doll family will be The source library of Jian Wuji can be extracted at any time.” Xu Fan explained.

“Master, wouldn’t it be a bit too risky.” Wang Xiangchi said.

β€œBelieve in being a teacher.”

At this time in the sky, two Wuling Ming Monkeys and a Void Refinement Realm puppet formed a triangle to surround the spirit boat where Jian Wuji was located. in the middle.

Integration Realm’s Pangolin sits in the center of town.

“Grape, I just passed it to you, do you remember the curse reversal Formation?”

“I control Pangolin, Wuling Ming Monkey and Void Refinement Realm puppet you control. “Xu Fan said.

β€œAs you bid.”

In an instant, the puppet-like eyes of the two Wuling Ming Monkeys and the Void Refinement Realm became emotionless, leaving only the purest reason.

Xu Fan took Wang Xiangchi out of the spirit boat several kilometers away, and then a huge dark red Formation appeared in the void.

A layer of red clouds slowly gathered in the direction of the great formation.

At this time, a Nine Heavens galaxy-like spiritual liquid fell in the sky as the energy to drive the great formation.

The dark red formation is slowly taking shape, and an indescribable illusory shadow representing the power of cause and effect floats on the formation.

“Master, your Formation is a little bit rude.” Wang Xiangchi said, looking at the bloody red cloud covering the formation.

“You guess the means of draining their family’s source of luck, it’s not serious.” Xu Fan looked at Wang Xiangchi said with a smile.

“It shouldn’t be serious.” Wang Xiangchi said uncertainly.

“It’s not serious to take away what should be.” Xu Fan rolled his eyes at his silly discipline and said.

Compared with the serious cultivation methods, Xu Fan still prefers the unorthodox demon cultivator methods. He feels that the demon cultivator methods are much more interesting.

At this time, a dark red formation was completely formed, and a dark red aura with the thickness of a telephone pole poured into Jian Wuji’s body, as if there was a bottomless abyss.

Pangolin’s eyes were blood red at this time, and the scarlet aura that appeared all over his body looked extremely evil.

One after another The power of karma deduces and changes in the sky above Jian Wuji, and from time to time there is the power of karma pouring into the Limitless Body of the sword through the beam of light of the scarlet.

Wang Xiangchi looked at this strange Formation with nodded skin, and this Formation gave him a very cruel feeling.

At this time, in an area covered by a poison mist in the wilderness of the central continent, a Monster Race poison baby flashed inexplicable rays of light, and a Dao Rune chain gushed out of the poison baby, trying to bind it. Poison doll’s body.

“Meet the expert who is cursed together.” The poisonous baby said, feeling the weak counter-force of the curse secret technique in her body.

The chains on the poison baby’s body were broken one by one, and new chains emerged from behind, which were stronger and tougher than last time.

“Master, is Wuji all right?” Wang Xiangchi said, looking at Jian Wuji’s trembling body.

“It’s alright, it just hurts a little bit, it’ll be fine if you hold on to it.” Xu Fan said with his eyes closed, at this time he wanted to control Pangolin with all his heart to maintain the formation.

At this time, Jian Wuji was like an execution ground with a sick body, and then chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, the pain was so painful that he couldn’t even make a sound.

I just feel like a big stick is smashing my bones, then being healed by another person, and then being smashed by the big stick.

If Jian Wuji knew what Xu Fan said, he would definitely complain and insist on you NNGT

At this time, a chain on the poison baby was broken, and Jian Wuji felt that he was being pumped. As if a bone was dropped, Jian Wuji hoped that he would die immediately if he hadn’t wanted to see his mother again.

At this time, as the chain on the poison baby became more and more tenacious, it had reached the point where he kept breaking free.

“If you want my origin, well, I’ll give it to you and see if you can withstand a little Foundation Establishment Realm.”

The drug boy gave up resistance at this time , let the chain bind his whole body, and then began to absorb his origin.

The scarlet formation above Jian Wuji began to slowly change formations, and then a source of power emerged from Jian Wuji’s body, and the injury recovered as naked eyes saw.

The originally pale and bloodless skin began to slowly turn rosy.

“Master, did you succeed?” Wang Xiangchi said joyfully.

β€œIt’s just the beginning.” Xu Fan said.

“Isn’t it a good thing that the source has begun to feed back.” Wang Xiangchi said suspiciously.

“It’s too much for anything. If you overdo it, it’s much more uncomfortable than a pain.” The skin began to become excessively rosy, like a well-ripened prawn.

“As long as you can survive this level, you can start absorbing the origin of the poison baby clan later.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“This one is the past, and the next one is the one percent.”

(end of this chapter)

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