My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 269

Chapter 269 The Escaped Xiong Li

Xiuyun immortal city 10,000 miles away, a place where Monster Race hides.

A young Golden Core Realm cultivator and a beautiful female cultivator are setting up the tower.

“Brother Zheng, are you arranging the Formation?” the beautiful woman beside him curiously asked.

“Yes, but not all.” Zheng Fei responded.

“You’ll know in a while.”

Zheng Fei turned his head and looked towards Dao Companion, his goal. Still pretty good.

Not as purposeful as I imagined.

Under the curious eyes of the female cultivator, Zheng Yun arranged the tower array.

“Okay, here’s the tower performance time.”

Zheng Yun waved his hand to start the Formation.

Suddenly, the tower formation surrounding the Monster Race hideout was activated.

More than fifty towers have been transformed into their original forms to surround the entire Monster Race hideout.


The defense tower shot a beam of light in the woman’s shocked eyes.

A bird-shaped puppet flies into the sky.


A roar made the entire Monster Race hidden place agitated.

Dozens of Nascent Soul Realm’s Golden Lion Monster Race burst out of hiding and are trapped in the tower formation.

“Brother Zheng, is this tower array okay?” the beautiful woman said.

“Just look at it.” Zheng Fei said with a smile.

Dozens of defensive towers lit up together, illuminating the entire formation.

With a red ray, a defensive tower shot out, as if a firecracker was lit.

Countless mysterious ice-colored rays began to sweep across the entire formation.

A cold air emanated from the great formation.

“It’s better to use ice attribute defense towers to freeze all those Monster Races, which is the most valuable.” Zheng Fei said to the woman beside him with a smile.

“Brother Zheng is amazing.” The beautiful woman looked at Zheng Fei with admiration.

β€œBrother Zheng is not only powerful in Divine Ability, but also not weak in this Slaughter Dao.” The woman praised.

“Haha, Brother Zheng has a lot of skills, I’ll tell you later.” Zheng Fei said, looking at the woman’s adoring eyes, he suddenly felt that having such a Dao Companion by his side was very good. good.

As the roar of the Golden Lion Monster Race in the tower became weaker and weaker, Zheng Fei increased the attack frequency of the defense tower.

One hour later, all the Golden Lions were frozen under the observation of the flying bird puppets.

As soon as Zheng Fei waved his hand, dozens of defensive towers rose from the ground, turning into Little Pagoda with a thick thumb and returning to Zheng Fei’s body.

“Brother Zheng’s Formation is amazing.” The woman looked at Zheng Fei with bright eyes, trying to get him to tell the origin of the Formation.

“It’s alright, compared to other senior and junior brothers in the sector, I’m still far behind.” Zheng Fei said modestly.

In the Hidden Spirit Sect tower defense lineage, his strength is only medium.

“Then Brother Zheng’s sect must be very difficult to deal with.” The beautiful woman asked.

“Hidden world small sect, not worth mentioning.” Zheng Fei waved his hand and said.

“I know what Brother Zheng’s sect is called.”

“There’s nothing to hide, and you don’t know.”

” Have you heard of Feng Lingyue Shadow Sect?” Zheng Fei said without hesitation.

It seems like a tacit understanding. Hidden Spirit Sect When traveling, all use false life and sect.

But this fake sect was unified, probably because of the abuse in the Trial Pagoda.

“Feng Lingyue Shadow Sect.” The woman silently memorized the name in her heart.

Acacia Holy Land, in the main hall of the general tomb.

A handsome man was staring at the information in front of him in a daze.

“Someone is plotting against our female disciple from the Tomb of Heroes.”

“Feng Lingyue Shadow Sect, what is your origin, when I have no one in Holy Land.”

“Since you dare to use your sect genius Disciple as a bait, then don’t blame me.” The Vein Master said.

“Notify female disciple to go out, Charming Technique can be used, so many talented Disciples are simply heavens cannot tolerate.” Target.

“I don’t know if sect is really, but these Disciples are all good foundations.”

The handsome man said while looking at the information in his hand.

“Heaven’s Chosen level Disciple, Golden Core Realm can beat Zhuang Ling, what a good seedling.”

The handsome man looked at the light and shadow of Xiong Li and Zhuang Ling again. picture.

“Don’t say it, it looks like a good match.” The man said with a smile.

Immortal city, in the ruins of a shattered mountain.

“Zhuang Ling, how can you let me go.” Xiong Li looked at Zhuang Ling helplessly.

Zhuangling took Xiong Li’s hand and said stubbornly: “If you beat me, I’ll be yours.”

“What you said at the beginning was that any I deal with it, not this!!” Xiong Li defended.

When he didn’t use his hole cards, he was suppressed by Zhuang Ling and used his hole cards to play a female cultivator. Xiong Li couldn’t get over that hurdle in his heart.

Although this female cultivator is stronger than herself.

“I don’t care, I’ll be yours from now on.”

The love in Zhuangling’s eyes made Xiong Li shudder.

But it’s not that he dislikes Zhuang Ling’s appearance, it’s just that Zhuang Ling’s type has never been considered.

“If we don’t fight again, you win and I will follow you.”

“If you lose, go back to Holy Land.” Xiong Li said .

“No fighting, I’m your woman anyway,” said Zhuang Ling.

Seeing Zhuangling’s rogue appearance, Xiong Li suddenly felt that he was killing a witness to silence them.

As soon as this idea came up, it was smothered by Xiong Li. After all, it was different from Monster Race and could kill at will.

“Then don’t blame me.”

After Xiong Li finished speaking, an illusory shadow with a double hammer, Giant Spirit God, appeared behind him.

“Are you going to kill me!!” Zhuangling exclaimed in shock.

Xiong Li sneered, thought: You underestimate me too much.

The Giant Spirit God illusory shadow hits the ground with a hammer.


The shock and volatility directly sent Zhuang Ling flying, and Xiong Li’s silhouette quickly fled towards the immortal city.

cannot afford to offend

Zhuang Ling, who was knocked flying, lay on the ground and fainted for a while, then slowly woke up.

After looking all around and not finding Xiong Li’s silhouette, he took a breath.

“Since the establishment of the Tomb of My Heroes, no man has escaped our palms.” Zhuang Ling said.

In Yinling Island, Xu Fan was very interesting to hear about Xiong Li and Zhuangling.

“It’s not unreasonable that this Zhuangling likes Xiong Li.”

“This body type looks like those ordinary cultivators like chickens, how can I like it.”

“Only a strong man is qualified to match a strong woman, but unfortunately it will be wrong in the end.”

Xu Fan sighed for the hardships of Zhuang Ling’s pursuit of true love in the future.

“Master, Acacia Holy Land has discovered our plan.”

Then Grape told Xu Fan about the entire process of development.

“God TM Feng Lingyue Shadow Sect.” Xu Fan scolded, he never thought that he could make those Disciples so unified by random name in the environment game.

In the Hidden Spirit Sect Trial Pagoda, there is a special game called Invincible sect.

After entering this game, an invincible cultivator with the same level as the challenger will be randomly selected from this sector.

(End of this chapter)

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