My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 274

Chapter 274 The Giant Tortoise Returning from Pregnancy

“I found a seven-color Resurrection Lily in a ruin in Immortal City, and I refined it into a Reincarnation Avatar “There was a hint of melancholy in Li Xingci’s indifferent tone.

The chance I just got was taken away by my wife and master.

“Seven-color Resurrection Lily, you brat is lucky.”

Seven-color Resurrection Lily will start to decay the moment it comes into contact with Life Aura, and Divine Sense will not work, so this thing is So far there is no way to save.

After seeing the seven-color Resurrection Lily, if there is no corresponding secret technique, it will decline directly

Knowing that Li Xingci used seven-color Resurrection Lily to refining into Avatar, Xu Fan rest assured.

“Are you with Su Rantian now?” Xu Fan asked again.

“Su Rantian is trapped by his master now.” There was a hint of helplessness in Li Xingci’s tone. Is there any way to save people from a Venerable.

“Can you still get in touch with Elder Su now?” Xu Fan asked.

“If I can get in touch, Tian’er said, let me not worry. Now his master is about to ascend to the Immortal Realm. It is estimated that when the time comes, he will agree to the marriage of the two of us.”

“Hey, it’s all my fault for Master’s low cultivation base, or else I’ll take you directly to get your daughter-in-law back.” Xu Fan said.

“Master doesn’t need it, it’s actually pretty good now, thanks to the seven-color Resurrection Lily, after a while, the discipline’s cultivation base will be able to break through to the Divine Transformation Realm, just take advantage of this time to return to the sect to meditate on the cultivation. .” Li Xingci said.

“Okay.” Xu Fan said with a nod.

Xu Fan ended the call, looked up towards the sky and said with emotion: “Another disciple is going to be promoted to Divine Transformation Realm.”,

Calculated the time for him to be promoted to Nascent Soul Realm , sighed deeply.

At this time, in a dark river in the huge lake of hundreds of li, a Divine Transformation Realm giant tortoise brought twelve Golden Core Realm spirit tortoises of different colors to the huge lake of hundreds of li.

Xu Fan’s silhouette appeared in the High Level of hundreds of thousands of li, waiting for the return of the old turtle.

“It’s not easy, I’m finally back.” Xu Fan said with emotion.

Xu Fan has had a lot less fun since the giant tortoise took his sons out for inheritance.

Every time Xu Fan fishes in the spirit boat, he thinks of those little turtles.

A wave appeared on the calm lake in the distance, first a small red flower appeared on the lake, then a huge wave was set off, and the whole body was exposed.

Twelve tortoises with shells the size of a basketball court then appeared, and the twelve colors looked very good against the sun.

“My God, what have you experienced?” Xu Fan said, looking at the barnacles of the Divine Transformation Realm, a giant tortoise with a tortoise shell.


After seeing Xu Fan, the giant tortoise roared loudly, as if to say hello and told Xu Fan that I was back.

As the giant tortoise got closer and closer to Xu Fan, the shell full of barnacles made Xu Fan feel numb on his scalp.

Looking at the smooth backs of the other twelve Golden Core Realm spirit tortoises, Xu Fan could guess what was going on.

The huge head of the giant tortoise leaned in front of Xu Fan and rubbed Xu Fan’s hand lightly, expressing that he was in pain.

“Got it, I’ll clean it up for you now.” Xu Fan said comfortingly.

When Xu Fan touched the giant tortoise with his palm, Xu Fan felt that the giant tortoise was so painful that his soul trembled.

Looking at the barnacles full of tortoiseshells, Xu Fan felt a little excited when he thought that he was going to shovel these barnacles down one by one.

A Spirit Sword of Treasure Item fourth rank appeared in Xu Fan’s hands, a sword light was cut out, and a Golden Core Realm barnacle was cut off against the turtle shell.

The barnacles on the giant tortoises, the highest being the Nascent Soul Realm, are to protect the young barnacles from safely attaching to the giant tortoise shell.

Xu Fan landed on the piece of tortoise shell that had just been cut out, and began to look around all around the barnacles attached to the shell.

Foundation Establishment Realm’s barnacles are equivalent to adult size, Golden Core Realm has a carriage size, and Nascent Soul Realm is equivalent to a heavy truck.

At this time, countless Spirit Attacks attacked Xu Fan. This is the attack method of barnacles, which directly affects the soul.

Then put a shield on himself to block the barnacle’s soul attack. Xu Fan held a Spirit Sword and didn’t use Divine Ability, just cut out the sword light of one after another, like a harvester, harvesting wildly Barnacles around.

At this time, there were hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm puppets around the giant tortoise, following the barnacles that Xu Fan cut down. This was the most delicious seafood, and he would not let it go.

At this time, Xu Gang appeared next to the giant tortoise and asked, “Master, do you need any help?”

Looking at Xu Fan who was reaping like a lawn, Xu Gang There was a flash of excitement, and he really wanted to.

“No, you are watching, there will be a place for you to work.”

Xu Fan said while cutting out one after another sword light to harvest the surrounding Barnacles.

“As expected of my master, the sword light that I cut out is so captivating.” Xu Gang exclaimed, that one after another sword light made his scalp feel numb

At this moment, the barnacles suppressed by Xu Fan directly changed the target to Xu Gang.


With a hoof sound, the illusory shadow of Three-legged Golden Crow appeared behind Xu Gang autonomously, blocking the barnacle’s soul attack.

β€œThere are no soft persimmons here.” Xu Gang coldly snorted and said.

The turtle shell, like a small island, let Xu Fan chop it down for an entire afternoon, and finally cleaned it up.

“Xu Gang.” Xu Fan ordered.

“Master, I’m here.” Xu Gang hurriedly replied, and finally it was his turn.

“You’re in charge of polishing.” Xu Fan said, pointing to some potholes and some ordinary tiny barnacles.


Xu Gang directly used Divine Ability to condense a steel brush, and began to use spiritual power to control the big steel brush to brush on the turtle shell.

Xu Fan stood on the head of the giant tortoise and started to enter the Soul Space of the giant tortoise with Divine Sense.

The barnacles of the endless sea are a very magical species. They not only attach to the appearance of the giant Sea Beast, but also penetrate deep into the soul and plant seeds in the giant beast’s soul.

In this way, even after the outer shell is removed, it can be reborn with the help of the seeds buried in the giant beast soul.

In the Soul Space of the giant turtle, Xu Fan transformed into a big pincer and pulled out the seeds in Soul Space one by one.

Each time a seed is pulled out, Xu Fan feels a purification of his soul.

It didn’t take long for Xu Fan to pull all the seeds.

Xu Fan Divine Sense returned, and directly released a ball of spiritual fire, burning all these seeds.

At this time, Xu Gang had finished polishing the turtle shell, and the entire turtle shell faced the sunlight and reflected dazzling rays of light.

Xu Fan looked at the new giant tortoise and said with satisfaction: “Not bad, not bad~~”

“wu~ ~~”

Jiao Shou The giant tortoise hummed softly and thanked Xu Fan.

“You’re welcome, you are also considered to be the Spirit Beast of our Hidden Spirit Island, as you should.” Xu Fan said with a smile, waving to indicate that you don’t have to be so polite.

“ao wu ~~”

The giant tortoise hummed again, making Xu Fan look weird.

“Are you pregnant again??” Xu Fan said with a strange expression.

It’s not good that you haven’t grown up as a child.


“You have been strengthened by a dragon, and you are pregnant with its child!!”

(end of this chapter)

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