My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 275

Chapter 275 The hero of the hidden Spirit Sect

Xu Fan looked at the giant tortoise in shock, not knowing whether to comfort or praise it for a while.

After all, she is pregnant with a dragon. But it is the tragic experience of the giant tortoise. ,

“Your condolences, if there is nothing else, let’s give birth to the child. After all, it is our own child.” Xu Fan said cautiously, for fear that the giant tortoise would not be able to think about it.

‘wu~ ~’

Xu Fan knew that he thought too much when he heard the response of the giant turtle.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about the child’s lack of nutrition, even if I use up all the Spiritual Qi in the entire hidden Spirit Sect, I will also let you give birth to the child safely.” Xu Fan assured.

“ao wu ~~”

“No thanks, it’s all right.” Xu Fan almost couldn’t close his mouth with laughter.

At this time, Pang Fu received a list that would allow the Chamber of Commerce to use up nearly half of its current Spirit Stones.

Pang Fu was looking at the list and was about to ask Xu Fan if he wanted to breed Spirit Beast, when he received a message from Xu Fan.

“An ancient opportunity, don’t ask why, asking is a million-fold return.”

Seeing this news, Pang Fuyou turned his head and began to study the list carefully. Think about how to make the most of it with the least cost.

Hidden Spirit Sect, at this time Xu Fan looked towards the giant tortoise, as if looking towards a treasure, his eyes burst out with incomparably shining countermeasures.

“You must have been given a True Dragon” Xu Fan confirmed again.

After listening to Xu Fan’s words, the giant tortoise put his head in front of Xu Fan, expressing that Xu Fan could watch his memory.

Xu Fan placed a hand lightly on the head of the giant tortoise and began to read the memory of the giant tortoise.

This is Xu Fan’s entry into a seabed world, followed by twelve spirit tortoises of different colors, Xu Fan knows that this is the memory space of the giant tortoise.

“It’s on the way back,” Xu Fan said, because he found that the twelve spirit tortoises had been promoted to the Golden Core Realm, as big as they are now.

Xu Fan didn’t say anything but just waited quietly for the next thing, deep in one’s heart was still a little nervous, just like watching XX open the door of New World for the first time in his previous life.

After a while, a voice that made Xu Fan tremble sounded, and a dragon tail plunged directly into the endless sea, bringing Xu Fan world into a Mysterious Land.

A nearly 1,000-meter-long four-clawed Divine Ability appeared in Xu Fan’s field of vision. When he saw the full picture of Divine Dragon, Xu Fan’s brain almost crashed and exited the memory space.

The nearly 1,000-meter-long Divine Dragon gave Xu Fan a feeling of majesty that could not be seen directly.

Xu Fan can only think normally by turning his eyes away from the Divine Dragon.

At this time, in Xu Fan’s perception, the nearly 1,000-meter-long four-clawed dragon body was placed on the giant tortoise, and then

three hours later , Xu Fan just came out of the memory space, his face was pale for a while, then watching that memory really consumed a lot of Xu Fan’s mind.

Xu Fan gently stroked the head of the giant tortoise, and said with emotion: “It’s hard for you.”

“No wonder, those barnacles dare to cling desperately. On you.” Xu Fan said.

“In the future, you will live in the hidden Spirit Sect to raise your baby with peace of mind. I will expand the spiritual liquid lake a bit.”

At this time, the status of the giant tortoise has been Second only to his six disciplines.

“Wu~ ~” the giant tortoise responded.

“You don’t need to say thank you, it’s all right.” Xu Fan said with a smile, and for the first time he felt what it means to be a mother with a child.

Now the giant tortoise can enjoy top treatment everywhere.

After Xu Fan settled the other twelve spirit tortoises, he brought the giant tortoise to the hidden Spirit Sect.

As soon as the giant tortoise entered the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan could clearly feel that the density of Spiritual Qi in the sect dropped by two grades and returned to the Spirit Gathering Array’s original Treasure Item level Spirit Gathering Array density. .

The Spiritual Qi vortex was formed with the giant tortoise as the center, and began to frantically swallow all the Spiritual Qi around.

At this time, Xu Fan felt the Dragon Clan aura in the body of the giant tortoise. Although it was very faint, it was impossible to find it without careful observation.

“As expected of a dragon species.” Xu Fan sighed.

After Xu Fan brought the giant tortoise to the spiritual liquid lake, the Tianji tortoise, who had been staying in the lake, slowly climbed out and gave the giant tortoise a faint look. , and then looked at Xu Fan with slightly resentful eyes.

As if asking Xu Fan, why did you do this, and then slowly crawled towards a hidden place.

At this point Xu Fan unfathomable mystery feels like a scumbag.

“Go, this will be your home from now on, you can raise your baby here in peace, and leave the rest to me.” Xu Fan said softly, as if he was just pregnant Wife in general.

β€œwu~ ~”

The giant tortoise, nodded, slowly stepped into the spiritual liquid lake.

At this time, the Spiritual Qi vortex on the giant tortoise became even bigger.

Xu Fan also received a report from Grape.

“Master, the output of the Spirit Gathering Array in the sect is no longer as much as the consumption of the giant tortoise. If the source of Spiritual Qi is not increased, all Spiritual Qi in the sect will be drained after three years. .”

The grape’s words instantly alerted Xu Fan, forgetting everything else, Spiritual Qi is absolutely indispensable.

Seeing that the speed of the spiritual liquid lake with naked eyes decreased, Xu Fan felt that this matter was urgent.

“Looks like I have to work overtime.” Xu Fan said a little upset.

At this time, all the sect disciple felt wrong, and the Spiritual Qi in the sect obviously felt less, and it was not as easy to absorb as before.

“Don’t panic, it will return to its original state after a year.”

The grapevine’s message made sect disciple quiet.

Xu Fan plunged headlong into the underground space.

Three days later, a Chamber of Commerce Disciple brought the materials Xu Fan needed.

As time goes by, spring and autumn have passed.

At this time, the Spiritual Qi density of the hidden Spirit Sect has come to be similar to the outside world, and the nine Spiritual Qi long dragons on the top of the sect Formation have also been disappeared.

The auspicious beasts in the sect are also going out more and more times.

At this moment, the underground space flashed and fluctuated when one after another was formed. Avatar No. 1 absorbed the Dao Item feedback for Xu Fan again, and his eyes were more agile than before.

Xu Fan dragged nine Spirit Beads of Dao Item level and appeared above the sect.

“It’s not easy, I finally practiced it.” Xu Fan gently dragged the nine Dao Item Spirit Beads in his hand towards the sky.

The great formation that was about to be unsustainable because of Spiritual Qi suddenly lit up.

A small sound appeared above the hidden Spirit Sect.

As Spiritual Qi converged, Spiritual Qi slowly returned to its original state.

Before Xu Fan could catch his breath, the Spiritual Qi vortex on the giant tortoise expanded again, and the Spiritual Qi concentration in the sect dropped again.

“Damn it, isn’t this kidding me.” Xu Fan said a little depressed.

“Master, Spiritual Qi of sect.”


“Okay, I understand” Xu Fan waved.

(End of this chapter)

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