My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 278

Chapter 278 immortal jade

At this time, an angry roar came from the courtyard of a small house in Wanyu immortal city, but it was blocked by the sound-absorbing array of the small courtyard.

Zheng Feng looked at the pile of fake space rings condensed with spirit iron in front of him, a little stunned.

“The disguise of this space ring is even better than what I did.” Zheng Feng said in disbelief.

After calming down, Zhengfeng saw that the fruits of his hard work for more than a year had turned into a pile of scrap metal, and he did not regret it too much. He could only blame himself for his inferior skills.

He even wanted to find that youngster to learn from, oh no, it should be called senior now, after all, they have few cultivators in this lineage, and it is rare to meet each other.

“If only I could see that senior again.” Zheng Feng said regretfully.

At this point, in the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan called out Xu Yuexian.

“I met your old acquaintance when I went out. I didn’t notice him at first, but didn’t expect him to attack me.”

“Since I met, Then let’s go through the process.”

Xu Fan gave Xu Yuexian the reduced Zhen Yaoxing No.2.

“Take this and go sell your old friend again.”

“The grape will report his location in real time.”

“It seems that since After escaping last time, the price has increased again, just enough to subsidize the household, recently the nutrition of the giant tortoise has started to keep up.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, the Spirit Stone in the hidden Spirit Sect treasury is about to reach the warning line. If it weren’t for the occasional milk from the dividends of Demon Spirit World and Thousand Spirit Sect, it is estimated that the financial crisis has already begun.

“As you bid.” Xu Yuexian happily took the No. 2 town demon star handed over by Xu Fan and flew towards the direction of Linsen immortal city. This kind of thing has become very familiar.

“Four more years, if you hold on for another four years, those dragon eggs will come out.”

“When the time comes sect, six more Dragon Clan Bloodline’s will come out.” Divine Tortoise.” Xu Fan said.

During this time, Xu Fan had a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan, kept a 4.0-displacement gas guzzler, and drove the car with his family property.

After arranging the positive things, Xu Fan turned his attention to the bag of space rings on the stone table.

“I don’t know if there are any good things.” Xu Fan said with a smile. When he came back, Xu Fan opened a few space rings and found that most of them were worn by Golden Core and Nascent Soul Realm cultivators.

It’s mostly useless magic and cultivation techniques.

Xu Fan called several puppets in the treasure house to sort things in the space ring.

Take ten space rings out of the bag and start opening the blind box.

“Treasure Item, spell, array, Spirit Stone, nothing interesting, next one.” Xu Fan said.

“Spirit Stone, cultivation technique, array plate, puppet, next.”

“Spirit Pill, Poison Pill, and a Poison Scripture cultivation technique, which Poison Scripture can read One moment.”,

Xu Fan left the Poison Scripture, and let the puppets sort the rest, and opened the next space ring.

“Damn, so many Spirit Crystals!”

“And immortal jade!!”

“This is the Divine Immortal Disciple that was stolen from the world I’m done.” Xu Fan’s expression became excited, and he began to examine the contents of this space ring carefully.

There are a lot of spirit materials such as Wannian Black Iron, Copper Essence, Gold Essence, Ten Thousand Year Spirit Medicine, etc.

Xu Fan found something wrong when he looked at it. These things seem to be precious treasures that can only be formed in a special environment.

“This is not the space ring of the bottle gourd pig’s feet.” Xu Fan touched the chin and thought.

Thinking of this, Xu Fan sent a message to Wang Xiangchi.

“Has your bottle gourd disciple’s space ring been stolen?” Xu Fan asked.

“Rainflight? I didn’t say that. I just asked me if there were any thieves in the cultivation world.”

After hearing from Wang Xiangchi, Xu Fan confirmed his guess. .

At this time, in an immortal city, a young man with a lot of wealth decided not to use the space ring in the future.

“How can I say that Zhengfeng’s bounty is a lot more, it turns out to be provoking pig’s feet.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Looking at the immortal jade in his hand, Xu Fan was wondering whether to use it to hatch that dragon egg.

“Forget it, this immortal jade is probably not enough, let’s use it to breastfeed children.” Xu Fan took out more than half of the immortal jade and directly melted a ball and shot it towards the nine sluggish dragons in the Spirit Gathering Array go.

The last time I got that immortal jade, I got a secret technique from Li Xuandao that transformed immortal jade into Spiritual Qi.

β€œao ~~~”


Nine dragons get high-quality Spiritual Qi supplemented dragons to restore peak state regularly, blue main water The long dragon starts to cast clouds and rain in the sect.

For a while, the entire sect returned to the way it was before the giant tortoise came.

β€œGrape, how long can this state last.” Xu Fan asked.

“Four months, then it began to decrease, and returned to its original shape after six months.”

“It’s only four months, it’s a bit short.” Xu Fan brows slightly wrinkle, feeling the same It’s not what you expected.

“Just now, the suction of the Spiritual Qi vortex on the giant tortoise has been strengthened again.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Xu Fan’s tone There is a hint of distress, and I feel that I can’t keep up with the speed of earning Spirit Stone.

“Or I’ll snatch that kid’s bottle gourd, I don’t know Heavenly Dao Union won’t come and beat me.” Xu Fan said, but in other words, he wasn’t really stupid. Move this thought.

These pig feet may exist across time. If you do something to these big guys when you are young, that is courting death.

Xu Fan remembers reading a novel in his previous life, it was a brainless villain who crossed the river of time, Space-Time Reversal wanted to kill the pig’s feet when he was a child, and the result directly disturbed the pig’s feet after the Grand Finale. Before long, he was directly smashed into slag by a look.

“Four months is four months. It’s better than nothing. If it doesn’t work, I will sell the two Monster Race ape star boats.” Xu Fan said.

When Xu Fan was a little worried about not having enough Spirit Stones, a thousand Spirit Sect Disciple sent a share of the rented grape Avatar.

“The Venerable has been good recently.” Xu Fan asked politely.

“It’s okay, but when I went to the extreme sky to collect resources, my temper was a little grumpy.” Qian Spirit Sect Disciple said.

“Oh, that’s good then.” Xu Fan said in a nod

, and it was a pity to hear that Qianling Venerable didn’t go to the Monster Race to fight, because there was not much profit.

After Xu Fan said goodbye to the Thousand Spirit Sect Disciple, he glanced at the distribution of the resources collected in the extreme sky domain, nodded, very stable, no big surprises, only less than 2,000 small Target.

“Let Pang Fu buy another set of Dao Item Spirit Gathering Array materials, I don’t believe that four Dao Item level Spirit Gathering Arrays can’t raise your dragon egg.” Xu Fan bit. Tooth said.

Originally, the giant tortoise could have been bred for hundreds of years before giving birth to dragon eggs, but Xu Fan let the giant tortoise be introduced to Yinling Island, and the strong Spiritual Qi caused the body to regenerate.

Reactions in the gestation of six dragon eggs.

By the time Xu Fan found out about this, it was too late, and to stop now would have to wait obediently and honestly for hundreds of years.

(End of this chapter)

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