My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 279

Chapter 279 True Dragon Bloodline Spirit Pill

Three days later, Xu Fan was looking at the cultivation technique opened in the blind box ring in his hand.

“Is this cultivation technique of heavenly thunder ten 8 refinements a joke?” Xu Fan looked at the last page and left a message for the cultivator who created this cultivation technique.

β€œThe highest level is fifteen, and you will die when you reach sixteen. Except for the idea of the cultivation technique, Interesting, the rest are useless.”

Xu Fan easily erased the cultivation in the jade slip technique, took a little time to deduce a set of heavenly thunder thirty-six training, the highest can be cultivation to Divine Transformation Realm.

Xu Fan took out another Divine Ability called Qianyun Youlong and looked at it.

A silhouette appeared behind Xu Fan from fiction to reality.

“Master, that Zhengfeng has been sold, and this time the reward is half as much as before.” Xu Yuexian said.

“After I sold Zhengfeng, Lord Luo asked me that day if I was with Zhengfeng.” Xu Yuexian said with a strange expression.

“He also said that if Zhengfeng is running away next time, someone else will send it to you, otherwise the Tianluo Temple will not look good.”

“Haha, then Palace Lord thought you were there. Use them to pay bounties.” Xu Fan laughed.

After thinking about it for a while, this seems to be the third time, so it is inevitable that others will doubt it.

“Haha, I will send your brother next time.”

Xu Yuexian gave Xu Fan a space ring, which contains a reward of Zhengfeng, a total of 600 small goals.

“I finally have some Spirit Stone on hand.” Xu Fan exclaimed.

“If the sect lacks the Spirit Stone, I’ll sell the Dao Item I got from the immortal fate bag.” Xu Yuexian said.

“Forget it, what’s the use of your three melons and jujubes.”

“The lack of Spirit Stone is a matter of the past few years, and it will be fine when the dragon egg comes down. .” Xu Fan said, now the most important expenses of the sect are spent on the cultivation of dragon eggs.

“Master, it should be fine for us to keep Divine Beast in captivity,” Xu Yuexian said.

β€œYou are worried that dragon egg has inherited memories and will call his father.” Xu Fan said.

Noble Xu Yuexian


“Haha, you are thinking too much. Dragon Clan is famous”

Just when Xu Fan was about to say the scumbag, he suddenly had an ominous premonition and changed his words in time .

“Famous and good father, as soon as the dragon father comes, we will return his child to him.”

After saying this, Xu Fan sighed in relief , luckily I’m witty, or I’ll get caught by those Dragon Clan big shots.

Xu Fan blinked at Xu Yuexian, who instantly understood what Xu Fan meant.

When the culture world says the big shot name, or has a directional address, it will be sensed.

“Haha, it’s my sect’s honor to be able to raise a child for Dad Long.” Xu Yuexian also said.

At this time, Ao Shuang, who was far away in the mysterious Small World, suddenly felt that he had two more good causes and effects in his body.

“Strange, where did this kindness come from.” Ao Shuang wondered.

“Don’t worry about it so much, hurry back to the Dragon Realm with me, Lord Patriarch summons us,” said Dragon Clan next to Ao Shuang.

“Okay, what’s the matter?” Ao Shuang got up and said.

“It is said that a newly born Great Thousand Worlds is being discussed with the Human Race Monster Race on how to divide it up. Let’s go to build up our momentum.”

“What kind of momentum is there, in the end? It’s not soup.” Ao Shuang sighed and returned to the Dragon Realm with the Dragon Clan.

At this time, Xu Fan was pouring the spiritual liquid that the Yinling Chamber of Commerce had just received into the spiritual liquid lake.

The spiritual liquid can purify the bloodline of the fetus in the Spirit Beast and enhance the bloodline of the main artery.

This half-pool of spiritual liquid alone has spent all the bounty that Xu Fan had just received.

“Hey, is it easy to raise a few little turtles.” Xu Fan said, looking at the spiritual liquid in the pool.

I decided to wait for the six little turtles containing Dragon Clan Bloodline to come out, and Heaven and Earth must have it in order to recover their losses.

‘ao wu ~~’

The giant tortoise made a pleasant cry.

“Absorb them well and try to give birth to a few turtles without shells.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, Xu Fan suddenly thought of the noisy bloodline of the giant tortoise, maybe a few Flood Dragons could really be born.

Looking at the huge giant tortoise, Xu Fan couldn’t help sighing: “If I had known what happened to you, I must purify your bloodline.”

“This way Wouldn’t the dragon egg bloodline be more pure.”

At this time, Xu Fan received a message from Ning Dao and asked him to visit the main peak’s dojo.

“What’s up with Big Brother Ning.” Xu Fan asked.

“Knowing the Great Elder’s recent plan, I came to help.” Ning Dao smiled and pushed a small box over.

“What is this.” Xu Fan asked in confusion.

“True Dragon Bloodline Spirit Pill, this world has a total of four.” Ning Dao said.

β€œI remember that Big Brother Ning had very few interviews in recent years, how did they know about it.” Xu Fan asked.

When the giant tortoise entered the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan blocked all the surrounding areas of the spiritual liquid lake, as long as he and the disciplines could enter.

“There is something in the central continent that can be concealed from the Elder Council. Just from what your chamber of commerce purchases, you can infer one or two.” Ning Dao said with a smile.

Xu Fan lightly opened the box, a bright red bloodline Spirit Pill the size of a billiard ball.


A small dragon-shaped illusory shadow formed on the bloodline Spirit Pill and roared at Xu Fan, causing a small shock in Xu Fan’s spirit.

“Big Brother Ning, this Spirit Pill is not cheap,” Xu Fan asked.

“That is my contribution points from the Elder Council for more than 200 years.” Ning Dao said indifferently.

Xu Fan and closing the box, the illusory shadow disappears.

“Big Brother Ning, thank you.” Xu Fan didn’t say anything of thanks, he liked to express it with actions.

“I’m also an Elder of the hidden Spirit Sect, so I should contribute to the sect,” said Ning Dao.

“Sect will never forget Elder Ning.” Xu Fan said with a smile, he decided to advance the schedule of Dao Item, the car Ning Dao needed, and refined Dao Item Spirit Sword.

Thanks to the blind box ring of the bottle gourd, now Xu Fan has no shortage of materials for refining Dao Item Spirit Sword.

Xu Fan took the True Dragon Mountain bloodline Spirit Pill. He felt that he might have a chance to raise a True Dragon to play in the future. After all, raising turtles alone would be boring.

“Grape, put this in the treasure house.”

“By the way, put it away from the dragon egg.” Xu Fan said.


A puppet took the True Dragon Bloodline Spirit Pill.

At this time, Li Xingci’s silhouette appeared beside Xu Fan.

“Master, Tian’er’s master wants to see me.” Li Xingci said.

β€œNow?” Xu Fan asked.


“The one who brought the family property for the teacher will accompany you on a trip.” Xu Fan said without hesitation.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Would you like to tell your father.” Xu Fan asked suddenly, after all, his father was still alive.

“No, I only have Master.” Li Xingci said indifferently, without a trace of emotional ups and downs in his eyes.

“Okay, I’ll accompany you after you pack up for the teacher.”

Xu Fan said and flew towards the sect treasure house.

At this moment, the two demon-suppressing stars in the sky slowly fell in the direction of the hidden Spirit Sect.

(End of this chapter)

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