My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 285

Chapter 285 Daoist Puppet

Seeing Xu Fan’s shocked and helpless little eyes, Tian Ji Turtle murmured again at Tian Ji Turtle.

“Okay, don’t console me,” Xu Fan said.

Xu Fan looked around the entire Yinling Island and muttered, “It seems that the plan is ahead of schedule.”

At this time, the fluctuation of the underground space one after another swept across.

Xu Fan rushed to the underground space after receiving the news.

“Yes, with this we can afford those six dragon eggs.” Xu Fan looked at Dao Item Spirit Gathering Pearl and said with a smile.

“I didn’t prepare two sets of Spirit Gathering Pearl materials for nothing.”

“On the body, I feel that my refining level has reached the bottleneck, and I can’t improve it in Golden Core Realm. .” Avatar No. 1 said.

“I feel it, so I found a good place for you with divine fire and a good big brother.” Xu Fan smiled and shared the memory of meeting the Refiner Palace Palace Lord.

Avatar No. 1 squinted and felt the memory after reading this memory, and said slowly: “Use that magic fire to refine Dao Item, it is estimated that the speed will be faster.”

There is some expectation in the tone.

“You can refine Dao Item there in the future. It’s fast and you can have more time to rest and entertain.” Xu Fan said, there is a good big brother to take care of, No. 1 Avatar It shouldn’t ‘t be too lonely.

“Okay,” said Avatar No. 1, nodding.

“The main body doesn’t care about me, I went to the treasure house to get something and then went.” Avatar No. 1 said again.

Xu Fan waved his hand, indicating that he is casual, as long as the task is completed.

At this time, outside the hidden Spirit Sect, a red light escaped into the hidden Spirit Sect.

“Hey, the days of the dish spreading dog food have begun.” Xu Fan said with a slap in the face.

On a large island outside the immortal city of Wanhu, Xiong Li reluctantly looked at the woman who was chasing him behind him.


a sword light hit Xiong Lizhen.

He directly knocked Xiong Li down into the lake in the distance.

A woman in a pink dress with a solemn and dignified body appeared in the air.

“Wan Shi, come with me to rejoice at Holy Land so that you won’t hurt my little sister.” The woman said indifferently, looking at the lake below.

“Do I still have my life going back with you?” Xiong Li floated up from the lake and looked at the woman in the sky.

I was thinking of another thing, that is the cold knowledge that a Junior Brother in the sect said.

Flying fairies usually wear skirts and trousers.

Xiong Li shook his head and shook off the strange thoughts.

“As long as you and my little sister form a Dao Companion, I will not pursue this matter.” The woman said with a serious expression.

In Acacia Holy Land, finding a suitable Dao Companion is a very important thing, even more important than cultivation.

“I am devoted to the Tao, and have no intention of forming a Dao Companion with anyone.” Xiong Li said indifferently.

“Then don’t blame me, my future brother-in-law.” There was a hint of determination in the woman’s eyes.

My strong little sister has always had a high vision, and none of the young and talented people in the sect liked it. Now I have finally liked one. My elder sister must satisfy my little sister.

A bell with a red thread appeared behind the woman.


The dreamlike bell rang, as if a lover was whispering in his ear.

Xiong Li was in a trance for a while, came back to his senses again, and found that he had a delicate Spirit Sword on his chest.

For a moment, Xiong Li felt that his blood and spirit were being absorbed by the Spirit Sword inserted in his chest.

Just as Xiong Li was about to faint, a Golden Core Realm puppet appeared in front of Xiong Li.

“Trouble Grape rescued.” Xiong Li saw the sect puppet and thought it was controlled by Grape.

At this time in the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan said with interest: “Let me see what the level of the first Heaven’s Chosen in the Holy Land is.”

“Who is Controlling the puppet.” The woman frowned said, and at the same time carried the Sword Controlling Art, trying to take back the Spirit Sword in Xiong Li’s chest.

“Dao guard puppet, Jian Yi, please advise.” Xu Fan casually gave a name.

The puppet quickly formed the seal, and a Slashing God Blade appeared in the void, directly cutting off the connection between the woman and the Spirit Sword, and slowly pulled out the Spirit Sword from Xiong Li’s chest.

“Sleep in peace and leave the rest to me.” Xu Fan said softly as he looked at Xiong Li, who was about to pass out.

“Thanks to the Great Elder for rescuing!” Xiong Li said moved, and then fainted.

“The Taoist puppet, are you from the Heavenly Refinement Sect?” the woman asked.

“No.” The puppet said and disappeared into the air with the female Spirit Sword in hand.

A red shield appeared around the woman, and a long pink sash appeared around her to look for the puppet silhouette.

“little girl, your sense of space is a bit poor.”

A sword penetrated the shield directly from top to bottom, Spirit Sword clicked on the woman’s eyebrows, and then Immediately withdrew the sword and disappeared into the air.

“I lost.” After the woman finished speaking, she looked towards the immortal city and flew away.

Xu Fan controls the puppet to appear beside Xiong Li.

“I knew I would have used the Five Elements Divine Ability to directly bomb, so it’s not fun to end the battle so quickly.” Xu Fan said a little regretfully.

“Grape, take over the puppet and escort Xiong Li to a safe place.” Xu Fan instructed.

Just when Xu Fan was about to recover his mind, a roar suddenly came from a distance, and three dark snakes of Divine Transformation Realm rushed towards Xiong Li.

“Isn’t this courting death.” Xu Fan said indifferently after seeing the three dark snakes.

“Grapes, space-based strike.”


A hundred miles away, three alloy gravity rods popped out from under a sky weapon satellite. Rod, as lightning flashed, three alloy gravity rods lased out.

Xu Fan controlled the puppet to use the short-range Transmission Formation Divine Ability quickly, and the space anchor puppet was sent out when it first appeared.

As a flash of light flashed, the puppet disappeared in place with bear power.

‘bang! ! ‘

The mountains burst and ground split, the mountains and rivers poured backwards, and the three alloy gravity rods directly penetrated the three Divine Transformation Realm dark snakes and penetrated into the earth.

On the hillside several hundred kilometers away, the puppet looked towards that side with Xiong force.

“The single-shot strike capability is strong, but the impact is still too large. Try changing the concentrator next time.” Xu Fan said.

Then Xu Fan shook his head again, he calculated, it was still economical.

Xu Fan recovered his mind, he felt that the No. 1 Avatar had reached the volcano Immortal Realm.

At this time, in the volcano fairy town, the Refiner Palace Palace Lord brought Avatar No. 1 to a great hall, a refiner.

“Brother, this is the largest refining room in our Refiner Palace, let’s see if there are any changes to be made.” The owner of the Refiner Palace said happily.

“Okay, thank you bro.” Avatar No. 1 said with a smile as he looked at the 100-meter-high refining room and felt that he was being valued. This was a feeling he had never experienced before.

“I have already opened the Shenhuo authority to the maximum, but my brother’s cultivation base, it is best to use only 10% of Shenhuo’s power. I’m afraid my brother can’t control it.” The owner of Refiner Palace said again.

“Thank you for reminding me.”

(End of this chapter)

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