My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 286

Chapter 286 Little Elephant

Avatar No. 1 looked at the huge luxury refining room with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

A fiery ball of fire appeared in Avatar No. 1’s hands.

“Well, it’s a little more powerful than I expected.” Avatar No. 1 said nodding.

“How about, how much can the refining speed be improved.” At this time, the communication Magical Artifact in Avatar No. 1 sounded Xu Fan’s voice.

“Without the power of fire, the speed can be doubled.” Avatar One responded.

“How long will it take for the Dao Item Spirit Sword of Big Brother Ning, the brother of grapes, the six town demon stars, and the accessory combination Dao Item of the entire Yinling Island.” Xu Fan asked.

“Give me ten years,” Avatar One said after a moment’s thought.

“No problem, I wish you a happy life in Volcano Fairy Town.” Xu Fan hung up the call after finishing speaking.

After finishing the call, Avatar No. 1 looked at his refining room and decided to go outside for a walk.

The Hidden Spirit Island. hundred thousand li above the lake.

“Master, the No. 1 master went to Shangzun immortal city, will something happen?” Xu Yuexian said worriedly, in the cultivation world Avatar, there are not a few things that go against customers.

“You’re afraid that he will turn against the guest.” Xu Fan said with a smile while fishing.

Noble Xu Yuexian


“Haha, you think too much, Avatar is just Avatar, you can take him back with a single thought.”

“Even if I want to take back No. 1 Avatar right now, he I guess I will be very happy,” Xu Fan said.

“Okay, Master, the Divine Ability you gave me is almost in control.” Xu Yuexian said again.

“I want to go out and have a look.” Xu Fan said, squinting at Xu Yuexian.

Noble Xu Yuexian


“Go, remember what the teacher told you before, just spend the Spirit Stone on yourself when you encounter a shop connected to the Great Thousand Worlds, don’t go back to the sect treasure house to get the Spirit Stone. “Xu Fan warned repeatedly.

“Understood.” Xu Yuexian happily agreed.

“Master, if I have nothing to do, I will go first.” Xu Yuexian said happily.

Xu Fan just waved his hand, indicating that Xu Yuexian was casual.

An impatient light disappeared into the sky.

“Grape, what’s special about the cultivation world recently.” Xu Fan asked.

“The northern ruins are open, and there is a chance to ascend to immortality in the ruins.” Grape responded.

“Oh, that’s right.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, a yin-yang copper coin appeared in Xu Fan’s hand and bounced.

A bowl appeared below the copper coin, and as the yin and yang copper coin fell, there was a crisp crashing sound in the bowl.

“The sun is up, that’s good.” Xu Fan let out a smile, put down the fishing rod in his hand, put his hands together, and bowed slightly to the sky.

“May my discipline immortal fate be prosperous and all disasters be avoided.” Xu Fan said with a solemn expression and a concentrated mind.

Xu Fan was drawn out of an inexplicable energy and disappeared in the sky.

“Yes, there is something in this Yin-Yang Departure Technique.”

This is the second Divine Ability of Yin-Yang Departure Technique, which is to pray for good luck for others.

Xu Yuexian, who was flying at this time, suddenly felt that he had a clear mind and was blessed by a god.

“Master used the Destiny Technique on me again?”

At this moment, Xu Fan didn’t feel so wonderful.

“Why do I feel that my luck is a little over the top.” Xu Fan felt that he was cold all over.

“Master, when you used the fortune-telling technique just now, you said the word “disciple” instead of “Xu Yuexian.” Grape reminded in time.


At this time, Xu Fan felt that the surroundings were becoming dangerous, so I planned to ask Tianjigui for a blessing and then go back to my small courtyard to stay. meeting.

In a small spiritual liquid pool not far from the spiritual liquid lake, Tianji Turtle lay leisurely at the bottom of the lake, thinking about his life in the big spiritual liquid lake.

This small spiritual liquid pool was created by Xu Fan, who couldn’t stand Tianji Turtle’s resentful eyes, and asked the tool puppet to dig it out.

Xu Fan came to the small spiritual liquid pool and looked at it. Staring at Tianji Turtle, who was squinting and relaxed, he wondered if the time would pass faster when he became a turtle.

β€œOld turtle, give me another blessing.” Xu Fan said.

The Tianji turtle at the bottom of the spiritual liquid pool spit out a bubble, and when it rose to the surface of the pool, it exploded and the sound of the Tianji turtle was heard.

β€œwu~ ~”

β€œYou haven’t grown up yet, so you can only use it once every ten years.”

After hearing Tianjigui’s words, Xu Fan walked away disappointed.

On Xu Fan’s way back, he suddenly saw a jade white elephant eating Spirit Fruit.

At this time, the little elephant has endless loneliness in his eyes, and there is a feeling that the baby can’t find his mother.

“Hey, this little flower, it’s a sin.” Xu Fan said with a sigh, this baby elephant doesn’t seem to be weaned yet, so it’s a little older than Xiaohua’s child breeder.

“I want to find mother.” Xu Fan asked.

The baby elephant who was eating Spirit Fruit looked at Xu Fan, and his lonely eyes gradually became brighter.

The little elephant nodded and rubbed Xu Fan’s arm with his head, expressing his willingness.

“I’ll ask someone to send you back.” Xu Fan said and sent a message to Li Xingci.

A flash of light flew towards Xu Fan. After the flash of light stopped, two silhouettes appeared beside Xu Fan.

The cultivation world can be shaken, and a magical thought flashed in Xu Fan’s mind.

“I have seen Master.”

“I have seen the Great Elder.”

“Okay, I have seen Elder Su, okay, get up, a moment. Your wife should be distressed.” Xu Fan showed a honeyed smile on his face.

In the cultivation world, people who can fly together can only be the closest people who can live and die.

Su Rantian’s red dress is absolutely gorgeous, and his face is indifferent, and Li Xingci’s face is rarely red.

“Master, what is the need for the discipline.” Li Xingci, who blushed, quickly changed the subject.

“Do you know the origin of this little white elephant?” Xu Fan asked.

“Spirit Elephant, the white beast, can suppress a fortune. Only Heavenly Devil Sect is known to have a pair.” Li Xingci thought for a moment and said. He also collected a lot of information about the cultivation world’s sect Holy Land.

“Five months ago, the Heavenly Devil Sect pair, Spirit Elephant, gave birth to a baby elephant. The Heavenly Devil Sect suzerain was overjoyed and celebrated.”

“Some time ago, The Heavenly Devil Sect has reported the loss of the baby elephant.” Su Rantian looked at the little white Spirit Elephant and said, took out a precious holy jade fruit from cultivation world and handed it to the baby elephant.

Xu Fan had a big head looking at the little white Spirit Elephant who was eating Zhenghuan.

“Xing Ci, find a reincarnation slave to send the baby elephant to the Heavenly Devil Sect’s sphere of influence.” Xu Fan said, although he blocked the cause and effect, the baby elephant would be a disaster here sooner or later.

Besides, the separation of baby elephants from mother and child is a very excessive thing in itself.

“Let me and Xingci go there in person, we just haven’t been to Demon Domain yet.” Su Rantian said with interest.

β€œYou are a core member of the Elder Council, are you not afraid of accidents when you go there.” Xu Fan frowned said.

“It used to be a bit of a problem, but now it’s all right. The Elder Council has reached a verbal alliance with Heavenly Devil Sect.”

“Although the Monster Race invasion is still fighting on its own, The relationship between the two sides can be maintained without hands-on meeting.” Su Rantian explained.

“Well, be careful.” Xu Fan warned repeatedly.

“en.” Su Rantian waved his hand and received the Dao Item Starry Sky for the little elephant who was eating the holy jade fruit.

(End of this chapter)

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