My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 291

Chapter 291 Ning Dao’s second Dao Item Spirit Sword

As the fingernails on Li Xingci’s hand changed, a long sword appeared in his hand.

“Xingci, your spiritual power has been restored!” Su Rantian said joyfully.

“No, this is what Master gave me before we left.”

Three sword lights flashed and pierced the eyebrows of the three giant wolves, killing them on the spot. .

“ao wu ~~”

The eyes of the remaining two giant wolfs became frightened, their tails covered their butts, and they stared at Li Xingci and began to slowly return. retreat, trying to escape.

“@#%#@๏ฟฅ#%.” A strange look flashed in Li Xingci’s eyes, and a strange sound came out of his mouth.

At this time, the originally feared giant wolf began to slowly calm down.

“&%๏ฟฅ๏ฟฅ#%.” Li Xingci continued to make a strange sound, until the two giant wolf looked towards them and their eyes became kinder, and then stopped.

“Xingci, are you sure you haven’t recovered spiritual power.” Su Rantian looked at Li Xingci and said suspiciously.

“No, these are just some methods in the mortal world. You don’t need spiritual power, you can use special methods.” Li Xingci explained.

Some of these things were taught by Xu Fan, and some of them were learned during Hundred Worlds Reincarnation.

After the two giant wolfs were controlled by Li Xingci with ecstasy, they became their mounts and ran towards the top of the mountain.

On the way, Su Rantian kept looking at Li Xingci with admiration, so that Li Xingci’s gloomy mood gradually improved.

as the saying goes , goes towards the mountain but runs to death the horse , until the sun is about to go down, the two people come to their feet.

Li Xingci used the fingernails Xu Fan gave him to change various tools, and finally made a simple camp.

Looking at this different starry sky, Su Rantian said: “It seems that this is indeed not a cultivation world. There is no corresponding star or galaxy in the sky.”

Li Xingci was on the side. The giant wolf just grabbed the little beast like a sheep on the fire.

“We can definitely go out. Master said that both misfortune and good fortune depend on it, so we will definitely not be immersed in such a place.” Li Xingci said with a smile, and took the roasted animal meat. Hand it to Su Rantian.

“There are abundant materials here, so we don’t have to worry about food for the time being.”

Su Rantian took over the barbecue and asked curiously: “Xingci, these skills of yours are all from you. Did Master learn it?”

“Not all of them, some were learned in Hundred Worlds Reincarnation.” Li Xingci murmured, thinking of the life he had lived alone in the wilderness all his life.

In the fireworks, Su Rantian looked at Li Xingci’s handsome and deep face, and said softly, “Xingci, can you tell me about your within reincarnation?”

“Okay, anyway, I can’t catch the road now, so I’ll tell you a story.” Li Xingci said with a smile.

“My first life was born in.”

In Yinling Island, Xu Fan slowly opened his eyes and murmured: “The worldly catastrophe of the silly disc Pass the First Level.”

“Master, Xing Ci should be able to pass it safely.” Xu Gang behind Xu Fan asked.

“Of course, don’t look at who his master is.” Xu Fan said proudly.

“Master, do you think I’m in trouble?” Xu Gang asked.

“Yes, in the future in the Great Thousand Worlds, there will be giant monsters who take a fancy to Master’s treasures and want to murdering to seize the treasures. Just when Master’s dying, you are like a Divine Weapon falling from the sky. Appeared.”

“You know that you are not the opponent of the giant monster. In the end, in order to let the master escape, you performed the secret technique to perish together with the giant monster.” Xu Fan said nonsense.

“Disciple’s lifelong goal is to guard the Master’s side. As Master said, the death of the Disciple is valuable.” Xu Gang said in a calm tone, expressing his satisfaction with his ending.

“You’re dead as hell, shouldn’t you work hard and cultivate hard after listening to this story?”

“I don’t want my daughter-in-law anymore, my son doesn’t care.” Xu Fan left. Take a look at this disappointing discipline, what a wonderful brain circuit.

“Master, the recipe is wrong.” Xu Gang was ashamed, right, why didn’t he work hard to improve his cultivation base to destroy that giant monster.

Xu Fan looked towards the direction of the heavenly demon continent, wondering if the backhand he had prepared for Old Fourth could be used.

The space ring that turned into Li Xingci’s fingernails is not only a space ring, but also a universal tool that can change various forms.

This is Xu Fan specially built for the environment without Spiritual Qi, the original intention is to prevent yourself from falling into the space without Spiritual Qi that day, and also for the disciplines to use.

The most unbelievable part of this space ring is that other energy sources can be used instead of spiritual power to open the space ring. There is a survival gift package prepared by Xu Fan for them.

At night, just when Xu Fan wanted to rest, a sword light cut through the sky and appeared in Xu Fan’s small courtyard.

Ning Dao was in a state of embarrassment, and there was a claw mark on his chest, which showed deep bones.

Xu Fan came out of the room, saw Ning Dao’s injury, took out a healing medicine and handed it to Ning Dao.

โ€œBig Brother Ning, you can come and get it when you find time, donโ€™t be in such a hurry.โ€ Xu Fan said.

Avatar No. 1 asked the Chamber of Commerce Disciple to send back a Dao Item Spirit Sword and a town demon star. After Xu Fan received the Dao Item, he sent a message to Ning Dao and asked him to come and get the Dao Item Spirit Sword .

“I feel too late now, Great Elder, quickly take out the Spirit Sword and let me see it.” Ning Dao said impatiently, he now feels that the old Dao Item Spirit Sword should be retired. Power always feels like it’s not enough.

Xu Fan waved his hand, and a Dao Item Spirit Sword floated in the air involuntarily, sending out a slight sword cry, which made Dao Heart itch.

“Made from ten thousand years of black iron, coupled with the rune formation of smashing gold and killing the rune formation dominated by Fengzi Xianwen, Big Brother Ning will be a nightmare for Monster Race in the future.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Ning Dao excitedly looked at the Dao Item Spirit Sword floating in the sky, involuntarily exuding his own sword intent.


A sword dao manifested illusory shadow appeared behind Ning Dao, and the power of sword dao emanated from Ning Dao.

At this time, the ownerless Dao Item Spirit Sword seemed to be subjected to a summon, and went directly to the illusory shadow behind Ning Dao, and was finally taken into the body by Ning Dao.

“Haha, let the Great Elder laugh, Dao Item have a spirit, you can’t recognize Master by conventional means.” Ning Dao said with a smile.

So are you seducing, Xu Fan said in his heart.

“Great Elder, thank you…”

Before Ning Dao finished speaking, he was stopped by Xu Fan.

“Big Brother Ning don’t say such rude words, just help me get some more monkeys.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Now there are only two Wuling Ming monkeys that can fight normally, which feels a bit insufficient.

“Haha, isn’t it just a few Wuling Ming Monkeys, a batch of Yuhai Immortal City appeared some time ago, I’ll get it for the Great Elder, or just Void Refinement Realm.” Ning Dao finished laughed heartily said.

A few Wuling Ming Monkeys can be exchanged for a Dao Item Spirit Sword, what is the difference between whoring and whoring.

“Get a few more, all the Five Spirit Monkeys you can catch.”

Xu Fan took out a Treasure Item Treasure Item Palace Handing it to Ning Dao, he knew that apart from Spirit Sword, he didn’t have a decent magic weapon on his body.

(End of this chapter)

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