My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 295

Chapter 295 Han Feiyu’s order

“Now the guys who eat by myself can’t get it all done, and I want to love other cultivators of sword array methods.” Lao Jian didn’t say anything in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“In case the Little Brother is very rich, he can get the Spirit Sword he needs in the future.” Ye Xiaoyao said.

“When you gather Spirit Sword, you will be a mediocre person with superb battle strength in the future.”

“If you don’t ascend, you will be an innumerable living beings, a person of ants.” Lao Jian said .

“Don’t think about it so much, go to Volcano Fairy Town and see if there is any reply.” Lao Jian urged in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“Got it.” Ye Xiaoyao put away his distracting thoughts, turned it into a sword light and flew towards the volcano fairy town.

Han Feiyu, who was resting at this time, looked at the sword light in the distance, and a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes.

“No one to rely on is really hard to get along in the cultivation world, and even if you have Spirit Stone, you wouldn’t dare to great generosity.” Han Feiyu said.

“Hey, why did Master not want me to join their sect at the beginning? Is it because my aptitude is not enough?”

Han Feiyu cleaned up the battlefield and flew towards the volcano fairy town. Recently he is looking for a suitable Artifact Refining Master to help him refine the Spirit Sword he needs after the Golden Core Realm.

He has both Spirit Stone and spirit ore, but he lacks a suitable Artifact Refining Master.

A new spirit boat sold by the Heroic Spirit Chamber of Commerce was taken out by Han Feiyu and flew towards the Volcano Fairy Town.

The Volcano Fairy Town gathers the entire central continent. Except for the Heavenly Refining Sect, the place with the most Artifact Refining Masters and Grandmasters, the divine fire in the sky, the Heavenly Refining Sect has been watching for a long time.

On the spirit boat, Han Feiyu looked at the magic fire above the mountain range of the volcano, and finally bit clenching one’s teeth and said: “I can’t find a suitable Artifact Refinement Master, so I will do it myself, anyway spirit I have more ore.”

In the volcano mountain range, he has been deceived several times, and many Artifact Refinement Masters have received their Spirit Stone spirit ore, and even let themselves go to take it a hundred years later.

In Volcano Fairy Town, Han Feiyu saw many academies specializing in cultivating Artifact Refinement Masters. At that time, he thought that he had unlimited Spirit Stones, so he could just buy what he needed.

I don’t know that Spirit Stone can’t be bought now, but in fact, those refiners who buy Treasure Item Spirit Sword will spend more Spirit Stone to buy it, but if they want to buy the same Artifact Refining Master, the same A quality Treasure Item Spirit Sword is very difficult.

In the Volcano Fairy Town, Han Feiyu reported a craftsmanship school.

Due to the large shortage of Artifact Refinement Masters, the number of people who come to learn Refinement is several times higher than before.

This scene happened to be seen by the No. 1 Avatar who was walking by.

In Yinling Island, Xu Fan was remodeling around the Monster Race giant beast battleship when he received news from Avatar No. 1.

“Han Feiyu, he’s learning to forge.” Xu Fan touched the chin and thought.

Then Xu Fan shook the head and said: “Forget it, it’s still too dangerous to not shave the wool of the pig’s feet.”

Xu Fan originally planned to let the No. 1 Avatar get close to Han Feiyu , refining the Spirit Sword for him to stabilize future larger orders.

Just after putting down the magic weapon of communication, I received another message from Wang Xiangchi.

“This smelly brat wants to prostitute the Spirit Sword as a teacher for free.” Xu Fan said with a smile, then gave Wang Xiangchi a list and replied with a message.

“Your discipline is probably the person in the culture world who doesn’t worry about Spirit Stone the most, and you still want to pay for Spirit Sword, who is a teacher for free.”

At this time, I was bringing Wang Xiangchi, who surrounded and suppressed a group of Golden Core Realm Monster Race with Jian Wuji, saw Xu Fan’s list and news, and then passed the list to Han Feiyu.

Han Feiyu, who was studying at this time, left the Refining School immediately after seeing her master’s reply.

“Let those complicated things be left to professionals.” Han Feiyu said easily.

“As long as there is a Spirit Stone and a spirit ore, the teacher will find someone to refine the Treasure Item Spirit Sword for you, and even Dao Item Spirit Sword will be able to get it for you as a teacher.”

After seeing this sentence, Han Feiyu was in a good mood, and immediately ordered 3,000 Treasure Item Second Rank Five Elements Spirit Sword out of her trust in Master.

Xu Fan didn’t wait long before he received an order for 3,000 Treasure Item Spirit Swords.

“Big dog.” Xu Fan scolded with a smile, although this thing is nothing in his eyes, but in the eyes of a cultivator without an industry, it is undoubtedly a huge sum of money.

“Grape, start the production line specially prepared for Xiang Yun and improve the quality.” Xu Fan instructed.

“According to the order, three thousand Treasure Item Second Rank Five Elements Spirit Sword will take half a month.” Grape resumed.

Xu Fan was taken aback when he heard the completion time of Grape’s report. This speed is a bit outrageous.

“Why so fast.” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“Grape bottom layer data has been optimized, and the previous production line has also been correspondingly evolved.” Grape replied.

“Oh, I see.” Xu Fan waved his hand, and then began to remodel the Monster Race giant beast battleship.

At this time, outside Shangwen Immortal City, in a Human Race City, Xiong Li saw Xu Lingtai, which he hadn’t seen for a long time.

After a gentle and beautiful woman served tea for Xiong Li and Xu Lingtai, she glanced at Xiong Li curiously and retreated to the backyard.

“This is my younger brother and sister?” Xiong Li asked.

“Yes.” Xu Lingtai said with a smile, a gentle smile on his face.

Xiong Li sound transmission: “Is it someone from the Tomb of Heroes?”

“No.” Xu Lingtai said, my wife’s news is much better than this.

“Does Master Xu Peak know?”

“My dad knows, he has come over and peeked at me several times.” Xu Lingtai said with a smile.

Father and son are connected, even if Xu Gang comes quietly, Xu Lingtai’s consciousness can’t find it, but it can still be slightly sensed on the bloodline.

“Then I’ll go back to the sect and wait for your wedding wine.” Xiong Ligong said joyfully.

“Haha, easy to say.” Xu Lingtai waved.

Just as the two were chatting about the sect’s past, the sky suddenly darkened.

A Divine Transformation Realm demon cultivator appeared in the sky, without any unnecessary nonsense, directly summon out a big hand of spiritual power and grabbed the woman just now.

Xu Lingtai looked up at the demon cultivator and murmured, “Have you been discovered yet?”

Just as the spirit power’s big hand was about to grab the woman, a flash of fire Appears in the otherwise dark small courtyard.

A shrunken Golden Crow blasted straight from the demon cultivator.

Golden Crow came into the world, waving his wings to announce his existence to time, and then returned to his origin, taking the appearance of Xu Gang.

“Father, I knew you didn’t leave.” Xu Lingtai said with a smile.

Xu Gang ignored Xu Lingtai, but walked over to the woman and said softly, “Daughter, you’re not scared.” Dad had never spoken to him so gently.

“Thank you uncle for saving me, Xi’er is grateful.” The woman also said lightly.

“Lingtai, you bring Xi’er back to the immortal city of Sen. One month later, your ten-year term expires. When the time comes, you directly bring Xi’er to see Master Ancestor.” Xu Gang said .

“Understood.” Xu Lingtai said.

At this time, Xiong Li came over and said respectfully, “Meet Peak Master.”

“Well, get up, do you want to come back to the sect with me, or stay for a while.”

β€œJunior still wants to talk to Lingtai Junior Brother.” Xiong Li said.


Xu Gang turned into a flash of fire when he finished speaking.

(End of this chapter)

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