My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 298

Chapter 298 Fire Wolf Beast Crystal

The mortal city of this world will be attacked by alien beasts every once in a while.

The strength of alien beasts is not strong, which is also the strength of the cultivation world Qi Refinement Foundation Establishment Realm, but it is all mortals here. Every time the beast tide strikes, there are always some cities that cannot stop the alien beasts from attacking and being slaughtered.

“Husband, where did you hear that?” Su Rantian said in shock, with a hint of despair in his tone.

“That old man who begged for food in the city said, yes, that old man also has an identity, Heavenly Devil Sect Demon War Elder, Megatron exists in the entire heavenly demon continent.”

“I exchanged a bottle of wine for this news.” Li Xingci sighed.

“Hey, it’s also a great character in heavenly demon continent.” Su Rantian sighed.

“Then what should we do now, the mortal body can only barely use city and sharp weapons to defeat those alien beasts of the Foundation Establishment Realm battle strength.”

“As for Nascent Soul Realm, that It’s no different from sending death.”

“It’s not that there is no hope, it just depends on the strength of what the master gave.” Li Xingci looked at the fingernails that were half golden, and said that he has now I still don’t understand, it’s not good to become a ring.

“According to the time, it will take at least a month.” Su Rantian said.

After Li Xingci’s fingernails began to turn golden, they noticed, and they were all looking forward to what would happen when the fingernails were completely golden.

“Master, that old man is here to eat again.” An apprentice’s voice came.

As a blacksmith who can make weapons, Li Xingci’s status is a top-level existence in this small town. It can be said that except for the City Lord, his status is the highest.

When Li Xingci used simple tools to build a qualified weapon, his status was unshakable in this small city.

“Please come in.” Li Xing said loudly.

A dirty old man walked in.

“Senior, I went there again.” Li Xingci said with a smile.

“senior, this name is also heard from newcomers like you. After a while, I will become an old fogey again.” The old man said with a smile, his eyes seemed to be able to see through everything in the world .

“Senior is senior, and this will never change.” Li Xingci said.

This good quality comes from Xu Fan’s special education for him.

“When you meet someone who has lost their cultivation base, you must not offend them, otherwise it will trigger a slap in the face.” Although Li Xingci didn’t understand what it meant, he firmly remembered this sentence at that time. mind.

At this time, a middle-aged woman dressed as a cook walked in with a lunch box, respectfully placed the food in the lunch box on the table, and then bowed back.

Apprentices serve. There are meat and wine for three meals, and this is the treatment of the highest in this small town.

“Senior, please.” Li Xingci poured a glass of wine for the old man and made a gesture of please.

“Junior, if I can go out one day, I will make sure you lie down on the Immortal Path and ascend to the Great Thousand Worlds.” The old man took a sip of wine and said leisurely.

“What if I take senior out? How can I thank me.” Li Xingci joked.

β€œThe old man is now more than 4,800 years old, and for the remaining 5,000 years, I am your Dao Protector.”

β€œsenior is true!”

“I’m afraid I won’t live by that time. It’s been 100 years, and this world is not allowed to live anymore.”

At this moment, three bells rang in the small town.

Li Xingci and the elderly complexion slightly changed.

“Go, there are alien beasts coming,” the old man said.

The two walked fast, with the apprentice behind him holding a large bundle of Vajra’s swords.

On the city wall, more than 100 giant wolfs with flames on their bodies are facing this small town glare like a tiger watching his prey.

“Xingci, you are here.” A sturdy middle age person said to Li Xingci nodded.

“Well, what battle strength do these giant wolves have?” Li Xingci asked.

“Qi Refinement’s high-level level, these flaming wolf beasts, are looking for small towns like us to start. It is said that three small towns have been slaughtered.” City Lord said with a headache.

“Is there any way for Xing Ci? See if you are good at archery, try to kill the Alpha Wolf.” City Lord said.

“I’ll try.”

At this time, an apprentice handed over the big bow and the arrow of Vajra, which was built by Li Xingci, and the formidable power is the same as that of the transforming bow. .

Li Xingci aimed at the biggest alpha wolf in the distance with three shots.

‘ao wu ~~’

One arrow pierces the outermost protective flame of the flame wolf, one arrow breaks the flame wolf’s defense, and the last arrow pierces directly into the flame inside the wolf.

Suddenly, the entire pack of wolves was in a commotion, and then the alpha wolf retreated with his men.

The people on the city wall began to cheer, and then the whole city celebrated that they had survived another beast tide.

In the evening, after the celebration feast, Li Xingci returned home.

“Husband, are you going to deal with those flaming wolves?” Su Rantian said, looking at Li Xingci who was carrying his quiver behind him.

“Master said that the wolf holds revenge. If you don’t cut weeds and eliminate the roots, you will come back for revenge sooner or later.” Li Xingci said.

“Well, go early and return early.” Su Rantian said, although there was worry in his eyes, he did not stop him.

“en. ”

Li Xingci met the old man during the day as soon as he left the city gate.

“Junior, you are going to exterminate that group of flaming wolves,” the old man asked.

“haha, senior Divine Prediction.”

“Okay, I have saved my old bones again.” The old man hehe said, and there was a feeling of life and death in his words. .

“Senior is planning to go too?” Li Xingci asked in confusion. Could it be that this old man has a hole card.

“It’s a Great Ascension Venerable anyway, so there should be some means.”

“My Heavenly Demon Disintegration Dafa, even if it doesn’t have spiritual power and consumes qi and blood, can still have a Foundation Establishment Realm battle strength.” The old man said.

“Senior doesn’t need to shoot, just watch me do it.”

Said, the two disappeared into the vast night sky.

Three hours later, when he came back, Li Xingci had an extra bag of beast crystals in his hand.

And the old man has been shocked and said: “The art of mortals can be so exquisite!!”

“Senior, get ready, it won’t take long for me to do it.” Can take you out, when the time comes don’t forget your promise.”

Li Xingci laughed, if there is another Dao Protector of the Great Ascension Venerable Level, I don’t know how Master will react. .

“As long as you go out, I will sign a Heavenly Dao contract with you.” The old man said with a smile, his eyes full of yearning for the cultivation world, that place is his hometown, and he should die there.

“It’s a deal.” Li Xingci said, looking at the beast crystal that had disappeared half of his hand.

didn’t expect this to be absorbed by fingernails.

At this time, in Yinling Island, Xu Fan had a sense of direction, looking towards the heavenly demon continent, feeling his stupid and uncertain fate, and said: “It seems that I also need to bring a girl. Facing catastrophe.”

A strand of Li Xingci’s hair appeared in Xu Fan’s hands, with a yin-yang copper coin floating above.

Feeling his fortune today, Xu Fan hasn’t put the yin and yang coins in for a long time.

“If it’s the negative side, it will kill the recipe.”

(End of this chapter)

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