My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 302

Chapter 302 Order Final Payment

“Brother Xu, thank you for saving Yulun.” Murong Qian’er said gratefully.

Even if Murong Qian’er didn’t understand Xu Fan’s actions just now, he knew that his Husband’s good big brother had paid a great price.

“I have a century-old friendship with Yulun’s brother, so there is no need to say such foreign words.” Xu Fan said with a wave of his hand.

Looking at Elder Wang Yulun, Xu Fan lamented that his luck was not good, why couldn’t he meet such a Secret Realm, or else he would have taken off.

“Yulun, where did you meet the Secret Realm, I’ll take a look and see if I can find a way to restore your lifespan.” Xu Fan asked, although he knew that this thing would not normally be there. Fixed location, but he still wanted to try it.

At this time, the expressions of Wang Yulun and Murong Qian’er became eccentric at the same time.

“I fell into that Secret Realm in a dream, the location should be in Heavenly Dragon state, Golden Lion immortal city.” Wang Yulun slowly said, he is old and his memory is a little bad.

Xu Fan’s hand slowly rested on Wang Yulun’s shoulder and began to carefully probe Wang Yulun’s body and soul.

“Maybe my realm isn’t enough.” Xu Fan said slowly with his hand back. Although he felt something strange in Wang Yulun’s soul, he couldn’t find it out.

“Don’t go out of the sect beforehand. If you have any accident in the sect, I can still control it.” Xu Fan’s eyes flashed with different rays of light.

I don’t know why, Wang Yulun always felt that he was a big brother when he spoke to him with a hint of envy.

“Okay.” Wang Yulun said nodily.

Then Murong Qian’er took Wang Yulun back to their hilltop to recuperate.

After Xu Fan left the hilltop of Wang Yulun, he came to the underground space and took out the stone to start testing.

“Grape, check this stone.” Xu Fan was looking forward to it, in case this was the key to that mysterious Secret Realm.


Wang Yulun returned to the third hour of the sect, a bloody sword light in Linsen immortal city galloped towards the hidden Spirit Sect.

The blood-colored sword light passed directly through the hidden Spirit Sect sect formation and flew towards the top of Wang Yulun.

“Dad, you must not have an accident.” Wang Xiangchi said anxiously.

Wang Yulun sat on the railing of the cliff on the top of the mountain, looking at the sea of clouds below with a leisurely expression.

“smelly brat, you still remember my father.”

Seeing his own son coming, Wang Yulun laughed. He hadn’t seen him for so many years, but he still misses himself. son’s.

“Dad, you are” Looking at Wang Yulun with white hair, Wang Xiangchi couldn’t accept it.

“Encountered in a mysterious environment, was subjected to Time Acceleration for a thousand years, and was rescued by your master when he was about to die.” Wang Yulun spoke very slowly, as if he had entered a state of old age.

“Father, can you still cultivate in the future?” Wang Xiangchi said as he looked at Wang Yulun, who had been downgraded to the Qi Refinement Realm cultivation base.

“It’s okay, your master said that there is still a possibility to restore the cultivation base and advance to Divine Transformation.”

Hearing this sentence, Wang Xiangchi relieved.

“How is your fourth junior brother doing recently? Have you officially formed a Dao Companion with that Elder Su?” Wang Yulun asked suddenly with concern.

“It’s not quite clear. Anyway, I know that they are already married. I’ve met Elder Su and her master, but they probably haven’t become an official Dao Companion yet.” Wang Xiangchi thought for a while and said.

“Okay, I understand.”

After the father and son chatted for a while, Wang Xiangchi planned to rest in the sect for a while, and took Jian Wuji to the sect by the way. middle.

“Grape, Jian Wuji should be on his way, send a spirit boat to pick it up.” Wang Xiangchi said.

“Please make the final payment of the order first, a total of 15,000 high grade Spirit Stone.” Grape said.

“What is the final payment for the order?” Wang Xiangchi asked in confusion.

“An order of 3,000 Spirit Swords, a total of 15,000 high-grade Spirit Stones.” Grape continued.

Wang Xiangchi instantly remembered that this was the matter of the 3,000 Spirit Swords he had ordered for his own discipline, Han Feiyu.

Looking at the space ring, Wang Xiangchi laughed embarrassingly. Generally, he doesn’t like to bring so many Spirit Stones when he goes out. Now the Spirit Stones in the space ring only add up to more than 10 million.

“Can it be free?” Wang Xiangchi said awkwardly.

“Foreign trade orders cannot be free.”


Wang Xiangchi has no choice but to spend all these years wandering abroad, and he got Spirit Treasure spirit from fortuitous encounter Secret Realm ore made a mortgage, which was enough to collect the 3,000 Spirit Stones of the Spirit Sword.

Over the years, the magic weapons that Wang Xiangchi has stored in the treasury have all been mortgaged. For the first time, Wang Xiangchi felt the importance of the Spirit Stone.

A small spirit boat flew towards the direction of Linsen immortal city.

“Finally, I can take a good look at what Master’s sect looks like.” Jian Wuji said, just now he received the news that Master’s father was no longer in serious trouble, so he was relieved.

A small spirit boat landed not far from Jian Wuji, and a sect service puppet motioned Jian Wuji to go up.

The spirit boat flew over the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li, and Jian Wuji also saw twelve spirit tortoises leisurely.

As soon as he passed through the sect, Jian Wuji felt that he had entered the Human World Immortal Realm, especially the spiritual liquid waterfall that fell like the Nine Heavens Milky Way that day, which shocked him.

“Don’t look at it, the spiritual liquid waterfall is much smaller now, and it was even more spectacular before.”

Wang Xiangchi and Jian Wuji looked at the main peak together in the small courtyard of Wang Xiangchi’s hilltop Said the giant tortoise in the spiritual liquid lake at the foot of the mountain.

β€œGreat Sect is different.” Jian Wuji sighed.

“Haha, let’s hide the Spirit Sect is just a small hidden sect.”

“We will have the opportunity to show you what the real Great Sect looks like in the future.” Wang Xiangchi said.

“Wuji, you are now the Foundation Establishment Realm. It’s time to lay the foundation. During the sect, you go to the Trial Tower to exercise.”

“Foundation Establishment Realm has a battle strength list, if you are not in the top 50, don’t go out with me.” Wang Xiangchi said, thinking about how many battle strengths his discipline can rank.

“Master, I’m the only Inheritor of the Sword Sect, my innate talent and sword dao are at the same level one of the very best.”

“You let me take the lead. 50, are you underestimating me?” Jian Wuji felt that he was underestimated, and his tone was very unconvincing.

Although Jian Wuji was not arrogant enough to take the first place, but the top 50 did make him feel the contempt of his master.

β€œDon’t talk too much, you can try it yourself.”

β€œOne of the Trial Pagoda is the Unlimited Fantasy Challenge, where you can use all your battle strengths to your heart’s content. , pick the major Foundation Establishment experts in the Battle Ancestor door.” Wang Xiangchi said.

“I’ll go now.” Jian Wuji said and stepped onto a spirit boat that just drifted over their mountain.

“Trial Tower.” Jian Wuji said, this is what the puppet told him when he first arrived at the sect, the spirit boat without an owner can take him anywhere.

Jian Wuji came to Trial Tower with great interest, wanting to prove his strength to his master.

(End of this chapter)

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