My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 303

Chapter 303 5 minutes

Hidden the small square in front of the Spirit Sect Trial Tower, where many Disciples in the sect will gather during their breaks.

Keep an eye on the changes in the Points List, and a speed game with friends is a good choice.

At this point, the nearest Disciple in Trial Tower has received a small quest.

“Dao Path, the sword of King Peak Master disciple.”

At this moment, a teenager got off the spirit boat and looked around curiously.

“If you beat 100 points once, you will teach Little Junior Brother a lesson.”

At this time, all the Disciples present walked towards the Trial Tower and began to experience the Unlimited illusion. Wait for yourself to be selected in the challenge.

Jian Wuji also entered the Trial Tower with the flow of people.

“Where is the challenge for Unlimited Fantasylanders?” Jian Wuji said to a puppet.

In the hidden Spirit Sect, if there are people who don’t understand, ask the puppet. This is what the master taught him.

“On the third floor, you can just find a room with no one to go in.” The puppet mechanical sound replies.

“Thank you.”

Jian Wuji walked down the stairs to the third floor, found a room with no one written on the door, and walked in.

“Disciple please come to the middle of the fantasy array to scan the data.” An electronic voice sounded.

In the middle of the fantasy array, Jian Wuji slowly sat down.

A ray of light enveloped Jian Wuji, and took him directly to a beautiful place with mountains. Behind him was the thatched cottage of his childhood. In the distance, there were nine Dao Item Spirit Swords hanging in the air.

All this makes Jian Wuji feel so beautiful.

“Data scanning takes one hour, Disciple please rest here for a while.”

Jian Wuji nodded, indicating that he knew, looking at the thatched hut behind him, he suddenly I miss my mother who lives alone in Heavenly Sword immortal city.

Not in a hurry, Jian Wuji sat in front of the thatched cottage when he was a child, enjoying the scenery between the mountains in the distance.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was in the underground space, received a report from Grape about Jian Wuji.

“You can scan it normally. The Nine Great Dao Artifact Spirit sword sealed in his body does not need to be scanned into the illusion, and he can’t use it.”

At this time Xu Fan While thinking about the use of the rest of the core gold, on a screen of light, there is a huge cannon with a large caliber standing up.


After an hour, Jian Wuji finally began to match his opponent.

“Can you match me with the top 50 opponents in the battle strength list?” said Jian Wuji, who knew the basic mode of Unlimited Fantasy Challenge.

“It is recommended that Disciple start with 1,000 people or more.” There were words from the fantasy space that made Jian Wuji uncomfortable.

Jian Wuji wanted to refute, but he didn’t know what to say. He was not the kind of cultivator who likes to talk shit.

“Then challenge the top 1000 first.” Jian Wuji said confidently, feeling that he would not be able to achieve Master’s goal in a long time, and when the time comes, he will take the top ten. , or the first place, must shock the master.

“The random scene change begins.”

“Starts to match the same level opponent.”

“In progress~~”

“Ranked 1083 on the battle strength list, Zhao Yuan, majoring in Double Sword Dao.”

The scene in front of Jian Wuji began to change.

For a moment, Jian Wuji was already above a desert, and the wind was blowing in the distance.

Not far away, there is also a person wearing a hidden Spirit Sect daoist robe Disciple standing not far away.

At this time, a timer board appeared above the two and it was counting down. Jian Wuji knew that the number above was zero, and then he could start fighting.

“Good luck, you are the new Little Junior Brother.” Zhao Yuan said kindly.

“Hello Senior Brother, I’m the disciple of Peak Master Wang, Jian Wuji, please take care of me when we meet for the first time.” Jian Wuji said with a smile, Zhao Yuan’s performance made him feel it for the first time Great collective warmth.

At this time, the clock board above the two had already counted down half of the time.

“Haha, Little Junior Brother, you’re welcome, my name is Zhao Yuan, you can ask me at any time in the future if you don’t understand anything.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother Hou, don’t keep your hands when you are fighting.” Jian Wuji said confidently. I thought to make the shot lightly, so that this kind senior brother would not lose so ugly.

“The discussion between our sect brothers has always been based on Wendou, but this time for Little Junior Brother, then I will not let go.” Zhao Yuan said with a smile.


Just as Jian Wu’s excellent sound fell, the clock board in the sky returned to zero.

Jian Wuji was about to take out Flying Sword when he saw a Spirit Sword taking out at the speed of light on the opposite side. .

Looking at the Flying Sword galloping towards him, Jian Wuji’s eyes flashed with contempt, and his heart was slightly sighed in relief.

merely this, that is, Flying Sword is faster.

Just as Jian Wuji was about to fight back, a transparent Spirit Sword suddenly appeared behind him, directly passing through Jian Wuji’s head.

“The battle is over, Zhao Yuan wins.”

“This Little Junior Brother, why didn’t Peak Master teach him?” Zhao Yuan said in surprise.

I haven’t made my ultimate move yet, so you will lose?

Jian Wuji returned to the thatched hut just now, looking around in confusion.

“Why did you come back again, did the illusion go wrong?” Jian Wuji said, he just felt his scalp numb, like a needle stick, and then came back.

At this time, a light curtain appeared in front of Jian Wuji, and the scene on it was the scene where he was pierced by the transparent Spirit Sword just now.

“I actually lost!” Jian Wuji became silent and began to watch his duel with Zhao Yuan over and over again.

It turned out that in the first battle, Zhao Yuan took out two Spirit Swords with Jian Wuji’s unexpected speed, one bright and one dark, complementing each other.

“It took less than 5 minutes to speak before and after, and I actually lost.” Jian Wuji said silently.

Looking at the nine Dao Item Spirit Sword illusory shadows above the mountains in the distance, Jian Wuji raised his head to the sky and said, “Can I compete with that Zhao Senior Brother Yuan again.”

“The request has been sent, waiting for the other party to agree.” A voice appeared in the sky.

“The other party agrees to your request.”

At this time, the scene in front of Jian Wuji changed again, this time it became the sword edge mountains, each like a sword edge. The mountain has no place to rest at all.

The two looked at each other several mountains apart, and both stood at the tip of the mountain’s sword.

“Senior Brother Zhao, I was careless just now, let’s play again.” Jian Wuji’s tone was a bit sorry.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, Little Junior Brother just came to hide the Spirit Sect, maybe it’s not suitable for the fighting style here, it’ll be fine in the future.” Zhao Yuan said laughter, like the Big Brother next door.

At this time, a countdown board appeared above the two of them.

This time Jian Wuji didn’t talk nonsense, the countdown was over, and Yu Jian rushed towards Zhao Yuan in an instant, wanting to melee him.

“Want to fight me??”

Two Spirit Swords, one bright and one dark, appeared in Zhao Yuan’s hands. .

(End of this chapter)

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