My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 304

Chapter 304 The Secret of Wang Yulun

After a cup of tea, Jian Wuji returned to the thatched cottage.

There was a scene of two people fighting in the light curtain. I saw that Jian Wuji was crushed by Zhao Yuan in melee combat with a two-handed sword, and his head was pierced by a sword, which was extremely cruel.

Jian Wuji has been staring at the screen for two hours, and finally said with a bit of frustration: “Is this the strength of the brothers in the master’s sect, I can’t even match the brothers who are more than a thousand away. “

“Continue to match me, I will continue to fight.” Jian Wuji felt that his true strength had not been exerted.

“The match is in progress.”

At this time, Wang Xiangchi looked at the Trial Tower between the distant mountains, said with a smile: “This is just the beginning.”


As he spoke, he remembered the experience of being with Master when he was a child, and the feeling of being abused was much more uncomfortable than it is now.

In the underground space, Xu Fan integrated the already designed forging map into the jade slip.

“Grape, is there any fruit on that stone?” Xu Fan asked.

β€œExcept for being super hard, it’s no different from normal stone,” Grape said.

“Is there no difference?” Xu Fan said, looking at the stone that was sent back.

Xu Fan feels that this stone must be a very powerful treasure, but I don’t know its use yet.

“Would you like to cultivate a Divine Ability that can enter other people’s dreams, and see if you can enter that world.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said, thinking about the Divine Ability that can enter dreams.

Guarding Star Island, Murong Qian’er supported Wang Yulun and brought many Spirit Fruits to see the two Five Spirited Monkeys.

As soon as he got to Star Island, Wang Yulun saw an old Wuling Ming monkey sitting on a reef, looking at the lake in the distance.

At this time, Pangolin, the self-proclaimed guardian of Star Island Island, turned into a human figure and greeted Murong Qian’er with a smile.

“Welcome to the Guardian Star Island.” Pangolin said with a smile.

“Let’s take a look at the two Wuling Ming monkeys, by the way, what happened to the Wuling Mingming monkey.” Wang Yulun pointed at the old monkey and asked.

“Oh, that one overfulfilled the master’s task and retired early.” Pangolin said, a look of regret flashed in his eyes.

There are only three monkey subordinates, and they have become two, which is equivalent to one third of their own rights. Now the remaining two are also a bit unstoppable.

“Oh.” Wang Yulun motioned to Murong Qian’er to give the monkey some Spirit Fruit, which is also considered to be the hero of the hidden Spirit Sect.

Murong Qian’er took a bag of jade peaches for the old monkey, and followed Pangolin to the place where the two five-spirited monkeys lived.

When I came to a valley, I saw two Wuling Ming monkeys playing chess, and their faces were filled with unrequited expressions.

“Hey, the master is too expensive for the monkeys. If there is no fresh blood in the future, these two monkeys may not be able to withstand the next time.” Pangolin sighed.

He didn’t feel sorry for the monkey, but he was afraid that if the monkey was gone, it would be his turn.

Wang Yulun looked at the five spirits monkeys who had pulled him back from the limit, and said a little unbearably: “You guys have saved my life.”

Hearing Wang After Yulun’s words, the eyes of the two Wuling Ming monkeys lit up at the same time, looking at Wang Yulun with hopeful eyes, thinking that their master would let them retire early.

β€œI will let Brother Xu let you retire like that old monkey.” Wang Yulun laughed.


The two Wuling monkeys looked at each other desperately, then continued to play chess silently.

All the good things in the world have nothing to do with me.

On the second day, Xu Fan came to the top of Wang Yulun with a food box in his hand.

In the pavilion, Xu Fan chatted with the white-haired Wang Yulun over breakfast.

“Brother Xu, is Xing Ci in a very dangerous situation now?” Wang Yulun said.

“It’s okay, the big catastrophe has passed, and in the end it may be a blessing in disguise, so I don’t need Dao Heart.” Xu Fan said while drinking spiritual porridge.

“What you should be concerned about is your body, and you need to take care of it for the next year.”

Xu Fan said, and took out three more Spirit packs. Pill’s bottle gourd.

“This is the Spirit Enhancement Pill I made for you overnight.”

“Red bottle gourd, three grains a day, two white grains, and four black grains. “Xu Fan said with a smile, he wasted a lot of thought on Wang Yulun’s recuperation.

β€œDo you eat these every day?” Wang Yulun said with tears looking at the three big bottle gourds.

“Don’t be bitter, these Spirit Pills are fruity and taste good.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Murong Qian’er was expended by Wang Yulun, and now he and Xu Fan are the only ones left on the mountain, so at this time, what people can’t say for a long time can be said.

Xu Fan looked at Wang Yulun’s hesitant expression and said quickly: “If you have something to say, there is still something we can’t say between our brothers.”

“Yes, Brother. Xu, you let me think about how to say it,” Wang Yulun said.

He picked up the bowl and drank the spirit porridge, Xu Fan was not in a hurry, poured himself a cup of spirit tea and drank it slowly, while Wang Yulun looked at the big bottle with Spirit Pill gourd began to ponder.

“That mysterious Secret Realm will still appear in my dreams.” Wang Yulun said after a long time.

“That Secret Realm didn’t suddenly appear in my dream.”

Xu Fan instantly became refreshed upon hearing these two sentences, and endless questions lingered in his heart.

“This has to start with Heavenly Tower Sect.”

“When I was out on a mission by myself, I encountered a very strange thing.”

“At that time, I was on my way, and I suddenly fainted. When I woke up again, I was lying on a bed naked, and my clothes and storage bag were neatly placed beside me. I’m going.”

“Wait, why haven’t I heard you talk about this before.” Xu Fan couldn’t help interrupting.

“This person has a little secret that can’t be told. Brother Xu, please continue to listen to me.” Wang Yulun said with a wave of his hand.

“After searching the Secret Realm for a while, and I couldn’t find the reason, I didn’t take it seriously.”

“Until I made it to the Nascent Soul Late Stage, ahem ~~Cough~~~”

Said the critical moment, Wang Yulun started to cough, Xu Fan quickly poured out Spirit Pill from the three bottle gourd and fed Wang Yulun.

Wang Yulun’s complexion became slightly red, and he looked more energetic than before.

β€œBrother Xu, you Spirit Pill”

β€œLet’s not talk about Spirit Pill first, you go on, what happened after you advanced to Nascent Soul.” Xu Fan was concerned asked.

β€œAfter I was promoted to Nascent Soul, every once in a while, I would be selected into that strange Secret Realm. In the Secret Realm, there seems to be a woman lingering with me all the time.”

“That day, I pulled into the Secret Realm on time, and when the invisible and intangible woman wanted to linger with me, I rejected her.”

“Then I It feels like the whole Secret Realm has exploded, and I am also caught in the Secret Realm of that time, a thousand years.”

At this time, Wang Yulun touched his chest and said, “When you rescued me, I felt That Secret Realm is starting to build up in my soul until the next burst.”

(End of this chapter)

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