My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 305

Chapter 305 Green Lantern

Xu Fan put his hand on Wang Yulun again to check.

After a long time, Xu Fan slowly withdrew his hand.

“Brother Xu, what’s the matter.” Wang Yulun said.

“I can’t see the specific situation, I just feel that the strange power in your soul has grown a little bigger.” Xu Fan frowned said.

“I knew it.” Wang Yulun sighed as if resigned.

“But I have a question, why did you refuse.”

Speaking of this, Xu Fan couldn’t help but once again sighed the power of Fate, with his daughter-in-law by his side, even stronger than a dream went inside.

“It’s a little annoying, that woman can’t see or touch, she’s like a ghost.”

“I was just curious to see what would happen to that rejection, but I didn’t expect it. .”

“It’s time to play Dafa.”

Wang Yulun took a cup of spirit tea and took a sip.

“Brother Xu, after I leave, my two sons will bother you to take care of them.”

Hearing this, Xu Fan frowned, you are like a cheat Good brother, anyone in the world can die, but you can’t die.

“You can stay in the sect with peace of mind. With me, you can’t die.” The rest of Xu Fan said firmly.

“Brother Xu, if you did this to me, I would be a little scared if I didn’t know you have Dao Companion.” Wang Yulun joked.

“Haha, you used to look okay, but now you’re an old man. I guess no GAY likes this.” Xu Fan looked at the white-haired Wang Yulun and said with a smile.

“What is GAY, how about Longyang.”

“It’s more serious than this.” Xu Fan hehe said.

“Although I don’t know who the woman who lingers with you in the dream is, the energy in your soul, according to my guess, should be your medium leading to the Secret Realm of that time.”

“As long as you can digest that power, maybe it will solve your current problems.”

“You should focus on taking care of your body now, then cultivation to Nascent Soul Realm, and the rest Leave it to me.”

“Then, then I’ll leave this life to Brother Xu.”

“Keep you alive until the universe is dead.”

After Xu Fan left Wang Yulun, he went to the underground space and began to think about how to solve Wang Yulun’s problems.

Heaven and Earth is big, cheat is the biggest, Xu Fan won’t let his good brother have any problems.

In the realm of nothingness, the primitive town is now armed to the teeth. Hundreds of precision burst crossbows are mounted on the city wall.

The guards also held a burst of bows and crossbows in their hands, patrolling the city wall, looking at the giant tree forest in the distance, to prevent the sudden appearance of alien beasts and hurt the farmers who are working in the fields.

At this time, Li Xingci’s blacksmith shop had become a large workshop, where hundreds of people forged qualified parts, and finally formed a precise burst of crossbows.

Li Xingci directed the apprentices to guide the molten steel into the giant arrow mold in front of a blast furnace.

At this time, Li Xingci suddenly felt a pain in his chest, as if on a whim.

“Has something happened to Master?” Li Xingci frowned thought.

“It seems to speed up the plan to hunt alien beasts.”

After Li Xingci arranged for the apprentices to be behind, he returned to his small courtyard.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Su Rantian embroidering the child’s apron with a motherly expression on his face.

“Husband, you’re here.” Su Rantian said softly, and was about to get up to pour tea for Li Xing.

“Don’t move, be careful of fetal qi.” Li Xingci said hurriedly, Su Rantian vomited once while eating a month ago, and Li Xingci realized that he was going to be a father.

“It’s only been over a month, and the fetal gas is coming from there.” Su Rantian said with a smile, the brilliance of motherhood flashed.

didn’t expect to come to this realm of nothingness, it turned into a realm of mortals, and neither of them paid attention

“I felt a little pain in my chest just now, on a whim, I don’t know Is there something wrong with the master? It seems that the progress of returning home is going to speed up.”

“Our children must go to the cultivation world before they are born, otherwise they are likely to become mortals without spirit root. “Li Xingci helped Su Rantian to sit down and said.

“Actually, it’s pretty good here.” Su Rantian fell in love with this kind of mortal life.

“This is a good place, but the culture world outside is where we belong.”

“The time this world has given us is too short, and a hundred years is not enough for me to love you. “Li Xingci looked at Su Rantian and said affectionately, the more he got along, the more he felt that he couldn’t be separated from her.

“Then let’s go back quickly.” Su Rantian said with a blushing face, restless in his heart.

“It’s almost time.” Li Xingci said, looking at the fingernails that were about to be covered with golden.

“You two don’t think that my old bones don’t exist.” The old man said with a hurt expression on his face. There is no age for dog food.

“Boy, how long will it take for you to do it? After another year, I’ll really die.” The old man urged.

“It’s coming, at most one month, I can determine the time of our plan.” Li Xingci said.

“It seems that you are really sure. Unfortunately, when I traveled the world before, I also saw some mortals make mechanical weapons with relatively large formidable power. The most powerful ones can damage Nascent Soul. It’s a pity. It was just a casual glance at that time.”

“I didn’t know until I came to this world that Heavenly Dao was giving me a chance, but I didn’t take it.” The old man sighed.

“Senior, after we get to know each other, you can say this eight hundred times a day.” Li Xingci said with a smile.

“Senior wait, there will always be time for you to play.”

“Well, I’m still waiting to be your Dao Protector after I go out.”

At this moment, the sound of the bell rang again.

At this time, thousands of alien beasts gathered outside the small town and charged towards the small town.

“It seems that I won’t have to wait for a long time.”

Li Xingci took the old man and ran towards the city wall.

“Wait for me to come back for dinner.”

“I’ll wait for you.” Su Rantian looked at Li Xingci’s back tenderly.

On the city wall, hundreds of continuous-shooting crossbows have been fully opened, and thousands of huge arrows have been shot at the beasts below.

But there are still individual thick-armored beasts rushing under the city gate.

The gate of the iron essence of the small city was smashed by giant beast with no difficulty and rushed into the city.

Li Xingci and the old man were calmly guarding the street in the center of the small town.

“Are you sure, no, I’ll start the secret technique.” The old man said eagerly to have a try. Originally, he planned to use Heavenly Demon Technique to improve his battle strength before he died, and find a beast to fight again. die.

“Senior step back, just leave it to me here.” Li Xingci said.

A silk thread that was a hundred times thinner than a human hair was drilled out of Li Xingci’s fingernail and passed through dozens of alien beasts that had entered the small town at an extremely fast speed.


It sounded like the sound of a blade slicing through glass, and the bloodthirsty beast was assembled like a building block and turned into neat pieces.

The battle continues, and fewer and fewer alien beasts can break into the small town.

Until the end of the battle, Li Xingci and the old man did not get a drop of the blood of the alien beast on their bodies.

Li Xingci rejected the celebration banquet prepared later and returned to his small courtyard.

A green lamp, a pot of wine, four small dishes, and a beautiful woman.

(End of this chapter)

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