My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 306

Chapter 306 Barracks

“Husband, you’re back.”

Su Rantian smiled, making Li Xingci instantly feel touched somewhere in his heart .

Li Xing paused, then said with a smile: “I’m back.”

When the two were about to finish their meal, an apprentice from a blacksmith shop took the A bag full of beast crystals came over.

“Master, this is the beast crystal of the siege beasts, all here.” The apprentice said respectfully.

“Got it, you can go to the celebration banquet.” Li Xingci said, his eyes were full of anticipation, not knowing what his master had left behind for him.

“As you bid.”

“Xing Ci, is it something that the Great Elder left you to activate.” Su Rantian said.


Li Xingci golden’s fingernails turned into a net, heading towards the bag of beast crystal nets.

As the beast crystals were all absorbed, Li Xingci’s fingernails completely turned into golden.

At this time, Li Xingci suddenly felt the space contained in golden fingernails.

A golden sphere appeared in the air, and a strange wave emanated from the sphere.

“Please tell me the predicament you are facing now.” An electronic voice sounded.

“Are you a grape?”

“No, please state your predicament,” Golden Globe continued.

“This world does not allow Spiritual Qi to exist, I need to defeat a group of alien beasts of Nascent Soul Realm Peak battle strength.” Li Xingci said the problem directly and clearly.

“The mission has been established, please go to a wide area outside the city and release the Soulless Mode Combat Survival Pack.”

“As expected of a master, that’s all.”

On the second day, Li Xingci and Su Rantian quietly left the city and came to a wide area beside a river.

“Let’s start.” Li Xingci directly put out the gift bag in the fingernail space. Although there were many gift bags in the space, Li Xingci consciously did not move.

A huge puppet barracks appeared, and countless black seeds like dandelions flew out from the barracks.

After the black seeds flew into the sky, they turned into black qi balls with a diameter of ten meters.

As the black seeds grew bigger, Li Xingci and Su Rantian felt that all the sunlight in the sky had been sucked out.

At this moment, the entire barracks made a strange sound, as if it was absorbing some kind of energy.

An hour later, the three solar-powered space-based weapon satellites slowly rose from the barracks and flew towards the sky.

“Master also put this stuff in, so that you won’t be afraid of those Nascent Soul Realm beasts.” Li Xingci said happily.

“This is just a simplified version of the space-based weapon satellite. The formidable power cannot reach the strength to kill the Nascent Soul Realm monster beast.”

A light curtain opened, a hundred miles in radius. The scene is clearly seen, even the hairs on the feet of the ants on the ground can be clearly seen.

“Since those three space-based weapon satellites can’t kill the Nascent Soul Realm alien beast, what should we do?” Li Xingci asked.

At this time, fifty heavily armored puppets came out of the barracks.

“The light version of the heavy-armored puppet, after full of light energy, can fully exert the strength of the Golden Core Realm for an hour to help you kill the Nascent Soul Realm alien beast.” Golden Ball said.

“Help me.”

At this time, more than a dozen tool puppets pushed out the two light versions of the psionic armor.

Li Xingci was sluggish as he watched the psionic armor that was five feet tall.

“Master wouldn’t let me use this to defeat those Nascent Soul Realm beasts.”

He was not interested in this psionic armor since he was a child, and went out when he grew up Traveling is just relying on the Divine Ability of Reincarnation to solve problems, and I have never used it once.

“You don’t need to go in to operate it, you just need to control it remotely.” Golden Ball said, a dark compartment opened from the body, and inside was a white headband.

“With this, you can remotely control this light version of the psionic armor.” Golden Ball said.

“Can I control the other one?” Su Rantian asked with interest.

“Okay.” Golden Ball has pulled out a second headband.

At this moment, a voice sounded.

β€œI want to try too.”

Not far from the two of them, a piece of land bulges, and the old man walks out.

“Li Xiaozi, you want to abandon me.” The old man said angrily.

At this time, Li Xingci became silent, and many thoughts flashed in his eyes.

“Whether to kill.”

A huge gun barrel stretched out from the barracks and aimed at the old man.

“No need.”

“Senior, it is normal for the cultivation world to intrigue, and you and I are not related. There are some things that I have to guard against.” After a long time, Li Xing Ci just opened his mouth to speak.

“Li Xiaozi, you should do this,” the old man said.

A scarlet ball the size of a billiard ball was spat out by the old man.

“Here are all my cultivation bases. I used to have three, but now there is only one left.”

“You take this, if you go to the cultivation world, At most, I will revert to the Foundation Establishment Realm. After I post Heavenly Dao Oath, you can pay me back, okay?”

“Since you gave me hope, don’t leave me here. eh?” the old man said pitifully.

Li Xingci stared at the old man’s cloudy eyes.

At this time, Golden Ball took out a pill and sent it to Li Xingci.

“This is?”

“Control medicine, which can plant tiny invisible bombs in the human body.”

“This can control a person’s Life and death,” said Golden Ball.

At this time, the old man took the pill and swallowed it.

“Senior, I believe you.” Li Xingci slowly took the scarlet ball and said.

“That’s good.” The old man.

A person’s eyes can’t deceive anyone, but the Old Devil who made his name in the fairy world is not among them. An Old Devil who has lived in the cultivation world for thousands of years, Li Xing resigned just by looking at his eyes. I really can’t hold it.

Although the eyes are sincere, they are afraid of being a routine.

But in the end, Li Xingci chose to trust the old man, not because of the medicine, but because of the longing for home in the eyes of the old man.

“Senior has a family in the cultivation world.” Li Xingci asked.

“There is a Dao Companion who is two thousand years younger than me.” The old man said with a smile.

“I believe it won’t be long before you two meet.” Li Xingci said and put on the headband.

“It’s not the time to kill the Nascent Soul Realm beasts, you must train first, and then pass the test before you can go.”

“In this way, you can play the role of the light armor. Maximum battle strength.”

After the golden ball finished speaking, he led the three of them to the barracks.

Hidden Spirit Sect, Jian Wuji, who fought in Trial Tower for a month, returned to his master’s mountain.

Wang Xiangchi just came back from feeding the monkeys with his father when he saw Jian Wuji and laughed.

“I’m willing to come back, what place did I get there.” Wang Xiangchi said with a smile.

“If I hit more than 500 people, I won’t be able to fight. I’m embarrassing for Master.” Jian Wuji lowered his head and said in shame.

“Oh, that’s not bad, there are more than 500 people.”

“Master, are you laughing at me.”

“No, this is It’s a compliment.” Wang Xiangchi said.

“You haven’t received the orthodox education of our hidden Spirit Sect, so your battle strength is almost excusable.” Wang Xiangchi comforted.

(End of this chapter)

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