My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Wu Ling Ming Monkey arrives

“The Orthodox Education of Hidden Spirit Sect.” A question mark appeared in Jian Wuji’s mind.

“Just like Heavenly Sword Academy, there will be teachers giving lectures and refresher courses.”

“I wanted you to come and see before you go to the challenge, but you went too far. Hurry up, I don’t have time to say it.” Wang Xiangchi said, with a vague meaning of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune in his tone.

“I have already applied for permission from Grape, you can go directly to the main peak class.”

“Then I will go there to listen to the class.”

Jian Wuji said that he was going to go to the main peak, but then stopped again, looked back at Wang Xiangchi and said, “Master, what else do you have to say.”

“Uh, don’t take the advanced course. Just listen to sword dao, and you should also look at other types of advanced courses.” Wang Xiangchi instructed.

“Master, do you still have it?”

“No more~”

A ray of light flew towards the distant main peak.

“What’s the use of being anxious now.” Wang Xiangchi said with a smile.

At this time, in the underground space, there are countless scriptures that Xu Fan can’t understand, and each scripture has an aura that penetrates the soul.

Slowly revolving around Xu Fan, every now and then a scripture disappears, and then a new scripture appears, adding to the whole scripture.

Xu Fan’s soul is now filled with scriptures.

After a long time, Xu Fan slowly opened his eyes, sighed.

โ€œCreating a cultivation technique and Divine Ability related to the soul is really hard to create.โ€

Creating a cultivation technique made Xu Fanโ€™s head hurt a little. According to his words, it was overclocking time. Too long, need to dissipate heat.

Right now, Xu Fan received the news from Ning Dao.

“Great Elder, here comes the monkey~”

Seeing the news of Ning Dao, Xu Fan’s eyes lit up.

Guarding Star Island, under Xu Fan’s surprised eyes, Ning Dao released more than 100 Five Spirit Monkeys directly from the Treasure Item palace.

One Integration Realm, four Void Refinement Realm, thirty-three Nascent Soul Realm, more than eighty Golden Core Realm.

“Great Elder, in order to capture these Five Spirited Monkeys alive, I have spent a lot of time and took advantage of my fellow Fellow Daoist.” Ning Dao said, taking credit, the words are not easy, whoever can hear it.

Xu Fan looked towards this group of Wulingming monkeys, as if looking at rare treasure.

“Big Brother Ning’s double sword flow is said to have the same power as the two Dao Item Spirit Swords to exert greater battle strength. Leave this to me.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Great Elder’s words are true!” Ning Dao excitedly said.

“Big Brother Ning’s business is mine,” Xu Fan assured.

โ€œDoes the Great Elder still want monkeys?โ€

โ€œAs many as you want.โ€

โ€œGot it~~โ€

Ning Dao handed over the soul magic weapon to control these five spirit monkeys to Xu Fan, and then returned to Linsen immortal city, where there were other things waiting for him to deal with.

“Master, let them cultivate that cultivation technique.” Pangolin asked, a little excited, his little destiny could be stable for a while.

“No, that cultivation technique is a bit rudimentary, let them cultivate this “Wanyuan Benzong”.” Xu Fan took out a jade plate and handed it to Pangolin.

At this time, Xu Fan gave part of the soul magic weapon in his hand to Pangolin, so that he could better manage this group of five spirit monkeys.

“Work hard, I won’t treat you badly in the future.” Xu Fan said with a smile, as if the slave master said to his overseer.

“Pangolin will never give up.” The humanoid Pangolin bowed.

Xu Fan nodded, looked at the two old Wuling monkeys with a little regret, and slowly disappeared in front of the monkeys.

He still has a bit of a conscience, after all, it’s a bit unreasonable to deduce a cultivation technique that costs two monkeys.

After Pangolin made sure that Xu Fan was gone, he returned to his true form.

Pangolin looked at the group of Five Spirit Monkeys with a sinister smile, holding a monster whip in his hand and said, “Your master will be the Spirit Sect Great Elder in the future.”

“In the future, the words of the Great Elder will be like the decree of the Monster Venerable. If you don’t obey it, you will only live rather than die.”

Pangolin’s words directly caused the anger of all the five spirit monkeys, who were glaring at Pangolin.

At this time, the two Wuling Ming monkeys who were about to be scrapped couldn’t help trembling, and a cold air rushed to their foreheads. The two brothers had experienced this Pangolin method.

That time, the Five Spirits Monkey of Integration Realm looked at Pangolin disdainfully and said: “How can you help me.”

Pangolin just smiled and raised the soul magic weapon Avatar in his hand , which directly transmits demon power.

Suddenly, all the five spirits and monkeys felt their souls began to tear, and endless pain came.


“It hurts!!!! Ah~~”

All the five spirit monkeys began to scream, their bodies It started shaking like an electric shock.

“Kneel down to the hidden Spirit Sect.” Pangolin coldly said.

“You acknowledge allegiance and a glimmer of survival. If you want to continue to resist, I will let you know what life is better than death.”

“Please remove.. remove. prohibition. .”

“We surrender.” The five spirit monkeys headed tremblingly said.

“Kneel down.” Pangolin said indifferently, not only did not reduce the punishment on the Wuling Ming Monkey, but instead increased it by one point.

The two Wuling Ming monkeys next to them looked a little unbearable, but they didn’t go to intercede, they just looked at the group of Wuling Mingming monkeys with sympathy.

Finally, all the Five Spirit Monkeys tremblingly knelt in the direction of the hidden Spirit Sect, and Pangolin lifted the punishment.

โ€œRemember, the Great Elder will be our only master from now on,โ€ Pangolin said.

In Yinling Island, Xu Fan watched the scene of Pangolin teaching the Wuling Ming Monkeys, and suddenly felt that Pangolin might be able to be brought to the Great Thousand Worlds in the future and continue to be his monkey training supervisor.

At this time, Xu Fan looked at the sky and said leisurely: “The good days are not long.”

In Xu Fan’s perception, the whole earth began to move, And in the sky, there are many more stars that have never been seen before.

In addition to the occasional double sun scene in the sky, Xu Fan knew that it would not take long for the two worlds to fully merge.

In the middle of the night, Wang Yulun sat alone on a chair in the small courtyard, looking at the unfamiliar stars in the sky.

โ€œWhat are you thinking.โ€ Murong Qian’er walked slowly behind Wang Yulun.

โ€œYou are thinking, should I say sorry to you before I die, I hid a lot of things from you,โ€ said Wang Yulun, a gray-haired man.

“You are talking about the time you were taken away by the Demoness?” Murong Qian’er said with a clear mirror, she didn’t blame Wang Yulun, after all that time the Demoness threatened her Husband with her life.

Wang Yulun looked towards the sky with no response.

“It’s the Secret Realm that we accidentally discovered,” Murong Qian’er continued.

Wang Yulun has not responded yet.

โ€œWanhua immortal city that time?โ€

โ€œWhere is the border of Xiangzhou?โ€

Murong Qian’er said everything he guessed again.

โ€œYou know a lot, but those are not my intentions,โ€ said Wang Yulun sighed.

“I know, and I also heard from Brother Xu that this is your destiny.”

“I don’t blame you, who told me to only look for you in my life. “

“By the way, besides what I just said, you have nothing to hide from me.” Murong Qian’er asked suddenly.

“No, Madam is amazing, I can’t hide anything from you.” Wang Yulun said with a smile, quite like an old urchin.

“Of course.”

Wang Yulun sighed, just felt it, not really confessing, after all, he is a mortal and still needs to sleep.

(End of this chapter)

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