My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 308

Chapter 308 Wants to save your brother, in exchange for a thousand years of lifespan

In the Lingling Island Lord Peak Dojo, Xu Fan once again checked Wang Yulun’s body.

“That strange energy has increased again.” Xu Fan’s expression was a little grim, but his brother’s injuries were more serious than he thought.

“Brother Xu don’t have to worry about me too much, just follow the destiny.” Wang Yulun said with a smile, a feeling of life and death being bearish.

“The destiny is to meet me, and you won’t die.”

Xu Fan put his hand on Wang Yulun’s shoulder again, exuding mysterious breath all over his body, countless avenues of scriptures surround the two.

Divine Sense, under the protection of the Dao scriptures, probed towards the strange force in Wang Yulun’s soul, in an imposing manner that did not stop until the source was explored.

The avenue verse that wrapped the two people then expanded, encompassing the entire main peak, and everyone in the main peak was squeezed out.

Xu Fan’s Divine Sense carefully probed towards the strange force.

At this moment, Xu Fan’s Divine Sense was pulled into a mysterious space, a peach blossom garden like Immortal Realm.

A beautiful woman in her twenties was sitting in front of the door doing laundry, and two young children, a boy and a girl, were playing happily in the distance.

“You shouldn’t come to this place.” The woman who was doing the laundry said indifferently.

“Originally my Husband from this life was coming to accompany me soon, but didn’t expect to be extended by your little Golden Core.”

Looking at this woman, countless scripts flashed through Xu Fan’s mind based on what the woman said.

“The past life is in the past, this life Wang Yulun is my brother, and I can’t help it.”

“I hope the girl will let go of her obsession and let my brother go. ‘ Xu Fan advised.

“That’s right, but I’m a person who doesn’t listen to persuasion.” The woman said and was about to get up and drive Xu Fan away.

At this moment, a man who looks exactly like Wang Yulun walked over with two buckets of water with a happy smile on his face.

“My lady, I’m back, let’s see what I bought for you.” The man raised the cake in his hand while carrying the water.

The woman ignored Xu Fan, walked over to the man and gently helped the man put down the pole in his hand.

“Don’t go to Widow Wang’s to buy cakes in the future, that woman looks at you wrong.” The woman said softly, like a little woman.

“It’s not easy to be an orphan and a widow. Besides, he can’t be as beautiful as you.” The man laughed.

At this time, he noticed Xu Fan not far away.

“Who are you?” For some reason, the man felt like he had known Xu Fan for a long time.

“A passing stranger wants to come over and ask for a drink.” Xu Fan said with a smile, he seemed to understand why the man in front of him was so similar to his good brother.

“Xiaoyun, please come in for a cup of tea.” The man said kindly.

“Okay, look at Xiaofei and Xiaohu first.” The woman said and brought Xu Fan into the house.

Just as Xu Fan was drinking water, the man came over with two children and saw Xu Fan who was drinking water just laughed.

Until Xu Fan left, the woman just sent a message to Xu Fan.

“You can save your brother if you want. This is the Secret Realm that I formed with this life Husband, which is your brother’s lifespan for nearly a thousand years. It can only last for a while.”

” If I want to save your brother, next time the Secret Realm is about to collapse, I will use your thousand-year lifespan in exchange for it. I need Time Acceleration to draw energy from you to maintain the Secret Realm.”

“If you don’t come, you My good brother is coming back to me.”

Before Xu Fan could react, he was pushed out of Secret Realm by a repulsive force.

As soon as Secret Realm Xu Fan’s mind came out, he returned to his body.

At this time, Wang Yulun is a bit of an unfathomable mystery watching Xu Fan who is having fun.

Wang Yulun shook his hand in front of Xu Fan’s eyes.

“Brother Xu, wake up, what’s wrong with you.”

At this time, Xu Fan came back to his senses and excitedly stopped Wang Yulun’s shoulders.

“As expected of my brother.”

“Yulun, as long as you have me, I will protect you even in death.” Xu Fan said firmly.

Consuming thousands of years of lifespan to prolong the life of a brother is such a good thing in the world, apart from this brother who has a hundred times rebate, where else can there be such a good thing.

“Brother Xu, my old and disabled body isn’t worth doing this.” Wang Yulun said moved.

“Brother, believe me.”

Xu Fan retracted the surrounding scriptures and disappeared in front of Wang Yulun.

“Brother Xu…” Wang Yulun thought for a long time and couldn’t say why.

In the underground space, Xu Fan was ecstatic.

“Is it a thousand-fold rebate now?” Xu Fan said joyfully, didn’t expect the brother to give him such a big surprise when he came back.

Could it be that the longer the cycle, the greater the rebate.

At this time, Xu Fan felt that his whole person was transparent, and he was in good spirits when it came to happy events.

“What should I do to advance to Nascent Soul.”

Xu Fan began to think about this question.

“Grape, arrange for two town demon stars to stare at the top of Wang Yulun’s hill. Don’t make any mistakes.” Xu Fan instructed.

β€œAs you bid.”

β€œAnother 10 Void Refinement Realm puppets are being arranged to keep my good brother by my side.”

β€œAs you bid. ”

“The space-based weapon satellite in the sky, give me the highest security level.”

“As you bid.”

This moment , Wang Yulun became the most important treasure of the entire Hidden Spirit Sect.

The hidden Spirit Sect, the top of an unnamed peak, Xu Fan sat cross-legged here, and began to deduce the Five Elements Secret Art that he cultivated after the magic transformation of his Nascent Soul Realm.

This is a plan that Xu Fan has waited for hundreds of years, and now it has to be advanced.

During this period of time, the entire sect felt the joy of the Great Elder.

The usual puzzle-solving conference is held once, but now it is held almost every few days. During this time, the cultivation realm and battle strength of the entire sect disciple have soared, and many second-generation Disciples have been promoted. Golden Core Realm.

The pregnant giant tortoise in the spiritual liquid lake enjoyed the care of Xu Fan regardless of cost.

Even the beasts in the sect have their own Spirit Fruit afternoon tea.

Guardian Pangolin on Star Island showed a rare hint of tenderness under Xu Fan’s gesture, from three meals a day to two.

Hidden Spirit Sect outer sect members and found that there have been more welfare tasks recently.

At this time, Xu Fan met his disciple and grandson and his daughter-in-law in the main peak dojo.

“Xu Lingtai has seen Master Ancestor.”

“Junior Ji Yunxi has seen senior.” Xu Lingtai and Ji Yunxi saluted.

β€œGet up.” Xu Fan laughed.

“I know all about you.”

“In the future, Spirit Sect will be your home. In the past, we have hidden Spirit Sect for you.” Xu Fan Domineering said, people who are about to be promoted to Nascent Soul, there is nothing wrong with speaking domineering.

“Thanks Senior.” Ji Yunxi said gratefully.

β€œWe will be a family in the future, so thank you.” Xu Fan said kindly.

People who don’t know it think Xu Lingtai is Xu Fan biological grandson.

“Okay, now that you have returned to the sect, the fifth day of the next month is just a good day, so you should make up for the wedding.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

β€œThank you, Master Ancestor.”

(End of this chapter)

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