My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 313

Chapter 313 Green leather dragon egg

Two kinds of Spiritual Qi long dragons penetrated into the body of the giant tortoise, which stabilized the Life Source absorbed by the dragon egg in its body.

“It’s ruthless.” Xu Fan said, looking at the giant tortoise.

“If there is no supplement of these spiritual sources today, it is estimated that the dragon egg will be born, and the giant tortoise will probably ascend to the sky.” Xu Fan sighed said.

At this moment, six beams of light in the sky enveloped the giant tortoise.

True Spirit comes, and the natural phenomenon accompanies it.

“Grape, completely block the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li. Suppressing the demon star, the Sky Surveyor starts a full-scale attack.” Xu Fan said.

β€œAs you bid.”

Suddenly, the entire huge lake of huge thousand li was filled with clouds and mist, reaching the sky.

Ning Dao, who was flying over the huge lake of hundreds of li at this time, turned back to look in the direction of Yinling Island.

“Are you going to give birth? It’s really not easy.”

In the spiritual liquid lake, the already calm giant tortoise roared again.

“Fortunately, I was prepared.”

A medicine pill bottle gourd appeared in Xu Fan’s hand. Fly directly into the mouth of the giant tortoise.

‘ao wu ~~’

The giant tortoise roared, the first dragon egg appeared in the spiritual liquid lake, and then the second and third eggs were born one after another .

Then the childbirth started again.

Xu Fan waved his hand, and ten drops of Essence of Wood appeared over the spiritual liquid lake, and then turned into a spiritual mist and merged into the whole body of the giant tortoise.

“You are also my first sect protecting Spirit Beast in Yinling Island, and I will not let you have an accident.” Xu Fan said, the dragon egg has been formed and can be taken out violently at any time.

Then the remaining three dragon eggs were born one after another. After the giant tortoise gave birth, it fell into a coma.

“Master, is this a dragon egg?” Xu Gang said curiously.

“Yes, but I don’t know what the level of a dragon egg with green skin is.” Xu Fan said, looking at the dragon egg floating above the spiritual liquid lake.

The dragon egg I got from Demon Spirit World last time is golden, it should be Level 1 higher than the green skin.

Just when Xu Fan wanted to collect my dragon egg, he found that the water level of the entire spiritual liquid lake was falling.

At this time, the waterfall above the spiritual liquid lake suddenly became more than ten times larger, and instantly impacted the entire spiritual liquid lake.

“The three Dao Item-level Spirit Gathering Pearls are finally useful.” Xu Fan sighed that it was not easy. Over the past few years, the spiritual liquid absorbed by the six dragon eggs is enough to drown The entire Hidden Spirit Sect.

The original surge of spiritual liquid was balanced with the absorption speed of dragon egg.

Xu Fan looked at the six big vortex on the spiritual liquid lake and felt that his hard days were just beginning.

“It’s all gone, this egg won’t hatch for a while.” Xu Fan waved his hand to disperse the crowd.

In Xu Fan’s small courtyard, Xu Gang is listening to Xu Fan’s arrangement.

“90,000 miles north of the huge lake of hundred thousand li, in Mengjia Country, Xiyun County, there is a natural passage connecting Demon Spirit World and us here.”

“Although there are people from the Elder Council to guard, but we sect still have to send some people to guard.”

“This time you lead the team, with that Void Refinement Realm puppet, a thousand heavy armor Divine Transformation Realm puppets, 200,000 Nascent Soul Realm puppets.”

“One demon planet, one thousand space-based weapon satellites are assigned to you.”

“Wait for that out trip. After the Disciple returns, you can take those who are willing to go.” Xu Fan instructed.

“As you bid.” Xu Gang said, with a flash of excitement in his eyes, can he start killing again.

“Be careful when fighting. When the Great Ascension Monster Venerable appears on the opposite side, you should lean towards the Venerable sent by the Elder Council. Usually don’t get too far.” Xu Fan warned repeatedly .

“Understood.” Xu Gang hehe said, his Five Elements Divine Ability is powerful, and his ability to escape is top-notch.

At this moment, a light curtain appeared in front of the two of them, and above it was the natural connection channel.

I saw that many unknown little Monster Races ran out of it and were immediately killed by the Elder Council cultivator.

“Okay, now the battle has started.” Xu Fan thought he could live a peaceful life for a while.

“Master, I’ll leave now.”

“Also, take care of everything.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, the Disciple that is relatively close to the hidden Spirit Sect has begun to return to the sect one after another.

At this time, thousands of soldiers returned with a tired sect.

Thousands of soldiers looked at the gate of the sect that they thought about day and night, and suddenly had the urge to cry.

“Hey, isn’t this Junior Brother Qian who was caught in the Holy Land of Acacia, how did he escape from the hero’s tomb.” Xiong Li said with a smile.

He used to be absolutely didn’t expect. In the Disciple of the sect generation, the smartest kid was caught in the Holy Land of Hehuan.

“Eldest Senior Brother, stop laughing at me, I almost can’t come back.” Ten thousand soldiers said depressedly.

“I know all about you. Go to your Senior Brother Qiu and report it. After training for a few days, I will go to the Two Realms Passage with me to defend the Monster Race.” Xiong Li patted the thousands of soldiers on the shoulder. said.

“That’s what I mean, let me rest for a day and then talk about it.”

Thousands of soldiers then summon over to a spirit boat and fly towards the main peak.

It didn’t take long for a sword light to cross the horizon, and Xiang Yun appeared in front of Xiong Li.

“What’s been delayed?” Xiong Li asked, looking at Xiang Yun who should have come back early.

At this time, one after another Artifact Spirit sword appeared beside Xiang Yun, swimming around Xiang Yun like a fish.

“I found a Spirit Sword, and I only surrendered yesterday.” Xiang Yun said with a smile.

“Eldest Senior Brother, are you going to the Two Realms Passage?”

“Of course you will.”

“Then we will fight together. “

Afterwards, Disciple one after another, Lei Ren, Lei Wenxi, Yu Nan, Si Ruoyu, etc. returned, and the whole section started to get lively.

β€œMaster, can I accompany Eldest Senior Brother to the Two Realms Passage?” Wang Xiangchi requested.

“You should stay in the sect. You can go out after your father has passed the catastrophe.” Xu Fan said, joking, after you leave, who will accompany your father to feed the monkeys, come down chess.

Protecting the brother now is the first major event of the hidden Spirit Sect.

“As you bid.” Wang Xiangchi’s tone was a little low. It was really boring to watch the cruel Pangolin train the monkeys every day to feed the monkeys.

At this time, Xu Fan came to the underground space, looked at the production line that was already running at full capacity, and said, “Grape, in the future, all heavy-armor puppets will be equipped with a Treasure Item Tier 5 giant shield.”


“As instructed, apply for the use of spirit ore heavy gold to refine the fifth-order Treasure Item giant shield.”

“Forget the heavy gold, let’s use the heavy alloy developed by Senior Brother Sha, although it is a bit inappropriate, but Just add a combined rune array on top.” Xu Fan said after a while.

“Yes, the mission has been established.” Grape said.

In the underground space, thousands of tool puppets began to move.

At this time, in the hidden Spirit Sect, there are thousands of large spirit boats floating in the air, above the spirit boats, there are various types of Battle Puppets, and some Disciples that have just returned.

“Go, how can you grow without going through a big scene.” Xu Fan said as he looked at the spirit boat that had gone away.

Douluo’s dual spears are unique, don’t miss it if you like Douluo.

(End of this chapter)

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