My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 314

Chapter 314 The adults are not at home

hundred thousand li Ninety thousand miles north of the giant lake, the Kingdom of Mengjia has been occupied by the Elder Council cultivator at this time, all the commoners and nobles have been evacuated, only Leaving behind a desolate city.

Ning Dao stood respectfully behind a middle-aged brawny man.

“didn’t expect sent you here.” Ning Dao said in surprise.

“The fairy weapons in the continent of our inspection center are not jealous. Of course, the two top-notch Monster Races on the opposite side can’t let the ordinary elders come over.” The middle-aged brawny man said, his eyes staring into the distance The natural passage between the two worlds.

“With you here, this channel is free from trouble.”

Ning Dao was a little terrified when he remembered the record of this Venerable in front of him. He used to clean up the betrayal of Human Race Venerable The butcher, the Elder Council alone recorded eleven Venerables killed by him.

“Haha, I love to hear what you say. I have been guarding the headquarters for hundreds of years and have nothing to do. Now come here to loosen my muscles and bones.” The middle-aged brawny man said and then got up and stepped out, directly appearing in the two worlds before the natural passage.

“I’ll warn the little bastard on the other side and let them pipe down. You can just wait for me here.” The middle-aged brawny man said and stepped out.

It didn’t take long for an amazing spiritual power fluctuation from Demon Spirit World on the opposite side, accompanied by various roars.

Two-world passage, outside the Human Race camp, a huge fleet of spirit boats landed.

Xu Gang also appeared beside Ning Dao.

β€œMeet Elder Ning.” Xu Gang saluted.

“Get up, I see that you guys are quite big this time, and you have brought a lot of good things.” Ning Dao said with a smile.

“I brought everything Elder Ning knew.” Xu Gang said with a smile.

At this time, countless tool puppets began to accept the first line of defense, and many kinds of cannons and strange-shaped machines that Ningdao had not seen before were listed in the front.

At this time, a roar came out from the two-world channel.

“blood refinement Venerable, don’t bully intolerably!!” The tone was extremely aggrieved and helpless.

β€œElder Ning, what’s going on inside.” Xu Gang said.

“Master Monster Race is not at home, let’s take the opportunity to teach the little child a lesson, so as not to cause trouble when the time comes.”

Xu Gang seemed to understand.

At this moment, a flash of blood flashed across the passage between the two realms, and a middle-aged brawny man walked out with a wolf’s leg.

“It’s quite resistant to beatings,” said the middle-aged brawny man spits out a mouthful of blood.

“Boy Ning, I’ll give you a wolf’s leg.”

A wolf’s leg fell, and brawny man disappeared.

“Is this senior the Venerable who came to guard here.” Xu Gang asked.

“Yes, it’s the one who beat the child.”

As soon as Ning Dao finished speaking, he was suddenly speechless, and his body unconsciously walked several steps forward. .

“Boy Ning, have you been floating recently? Dare to make fun of me.” A sentence floated in the void.

“Senior, I’m sorry, Junior has gone wild.” Ning Dao hurriedly apologized, and then had another brain break.


In the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan is sitting beside the spiritual liquid lake, looking at the six dragon eggs in the lake.

“How long do you want to suck, if you continue like this, those puppets and production lines of mine will have to consume Spirit Stone.” Xu Fan’s face was a little sad.

If it was fine before, but now it consumes a lot of energy. Without the Spirit Gathering Array to provide spiritual power, the consumption of Spirit Stone is really a pain in Xu Fan’s liver.

At this moment, Xu Fan felt that there were six very weak consciousnesses detecting him, and they were still communicating together.

Xu Fan was overjoyed and began to release Spiritual Consciousness to communicate with them and impart their knowledge.

“Are you our father?” A dragon egg nestled beside the giant tortoise emanated a faint consciousness.

“No, I’m your godfather. Your father has gone far away, so please ask me to take care of you.” Xu Fan kindly expressed his meaning with Spiritual Consciousness.

“What is that far away?” asked another dragon egg.

β€œIt’s a place you can’t go before you grow up,” Xu Fan explained.

Then Xu Fan chatted with the six dragon eggs for a long time like a nanny.

When Xu Fan left, six dragon eggs were lined up to say goodbye.

“Godfather, goodbye.”

Xu Fan wanted to communicate more feelings with dragon egg, but now is the time for good brother to check his body, this can’t be delayed.

In the hilltop of Wang Yulun, Wang Xiangchi is accompanying his father to re-cultivation, and the cultivation is the latest version of Five Elements Secret Art.

“Master, you are here.” Wang Xiangchi said.

“en. ”

Xu Fan put his hand on Wang Yulun’s shoulder.

“Why, when did that power explode?” Wang Yulun of Qi Refinement Realm asked at this time.

“It’s still stable at the moment, although it’s increasing every day, it’s far from an outbreak.” Xu Fan said, a little lost in his tone.

It seems a little too early to be happy, Xu Fan can’t wait a bit now.

At this time, a Thousand Spirit Sect Disciple sent another dividend, Xu Fan looked at it and asked: “Grape, why is that Thousand Spirit Venerable so honest recently, is he mining with peace of mind? “

“The Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder recently followed the boat, so the Venerable didn’t dare to mess around.” Grape responded.

“so that’s how it is.”

At this time, the two-world channel, the Human Race camp was still a little relaxed.

Some Elder Council cultivators chatted with the hidden Spirit Sect Disciple, who was on the front line commanding puppets, and it turned into a bazaar in the end.

“What are you towers for?” asked one of the Elder Council’s Void Refinement Realm cultivator.

“This is our sect’s unique defense towers that can automatically absorb spiritual power, and then can trigger powerful attacks.” Ikhiki Spirit Sect Golden Core Realm Disciple said with a smile.

The Elder Council Void Refinement Realm cultivator looked at the hundreds of towers and continued: “How strong is a strong attack.”

“Not good said, now only The formidable power of Nascent Soul Realm full strength attack, after a long period of time, the spiritual power can be stored up enough to exert Divine Transformation Realm formidable power at most.”

“So powerful!” Void Refinement Realm cultivator exclaimed in surprise.

“What’s this?” said the cannon on the tallest defensive tower behind the Spirit Sect Golden Core Realm Disciple: “That kind of electromagnetic cannon, if you encounter a stupid Void Refinement Realm, it is estimated that it will be a If the gun hits, there will be no slag left.”

After the Spirit Sect Disciple finished speaking, he took a page of lists, marked with the price and formidable power of each type of tower.

“Senior, buy a few and put them in front of your Cave Mansion. You can also take them with you when you go out.”

“When you sleep in the wild, you can also transform into a palace. “Hidden Spirit Sect Disciple instantly became a salesman.

Before the Elder Council Void Refinement cultivator could speak, the hidden Spirit Sect Disciple continued: “senior don’t be too busy to refuse, when the time comes you look at the formidable power and then come to a conclusion.”

At this time, many Elder Council cultivators have also seen such sales.

In recent years, the tower defense Disciples that have gone out to practice are full of oil. Because of the sales of defense towers in the sect, many Disciples have realized the freedom of Spirit Stone.

(End of this chapter)

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