My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Avatar Update

Looking at the affectionate Xu Fan, the woman smiled indifferently and said nothing.

After Xu Fan came back to his senses again, he has returned to his body.

“You’ve done a good job, think about yourself.”

Xu Fan’s words made Xu Fan very sad, I don’t need to think about it.

“Brother Xu, why are you being so nice to me.” Wang Yulun said moved by looking at Xu Fan, who had become younger.

“It’s all brothers, don’t say so much.”

“If I were faced with this predicament today, you would do the same.” Xu Fan said deeply, putting his hand on the On Wang Yulun’s shoulder, I want to find that strange energy again.

“Brother Xu.” Wang Yulun choked a little.

Xu Fan, who had nothing to gain, slowly retracted his hand, his mind returned to reality, and Divine Sense swept all around.

“People outside are probably anxious to wait.”

Xu Fan Divine Sense moved and took back the Dao scriptures wrapped in the outer layer.

Suddenly everyone flew towards the hilltop of Wang Yulun.

“Master, are you all right.”

“Congratulations, Master, for advancing to Nascent Soul.”

“Congratulations to Master Ancestor.”

Xu Fan looked at the worried people and smiled gently.

“Let everyone worry, I’m just a promotion, don’t be so grand.”

Xu Fan looked towards the outer layer and found that all the sect disciples were waiting in midair.

“It’s all gone.”

Xu Fan’s voice spread throughout the hidden Spirit Sect.

“Congratulations to the Great Elder for qualifying for Nascent Soul!!”

The voices are in unison, soaring into the sky.

All sect disciples kneel in the air.

“ao wu ~~”

spiritual liquid The giant tortoise in the lake gave a long roar, and six dragon eggs flew out of it. It was also in the middle of the Disciple. Congratulations to Xu Fan for being promoted to Nascent Soul General.


Seeing all this, Xu Fan was suddenly moved, and everyone’s reaction let him know that this sector was well established.

After all the Disciples left, Xu Fan looked at the several Disciples around him and said, “What should you do? You need to retreat and stabilize for a period of time as a teacher.”

After Xu Fan finished speaking, he flew towards his small courtyard.

In the cultivation room, Xu Fan watched the Nascent Soul condensed by himself.

At this time, Xu Fan’s Nascent Soul is like a fanatical tattoo hobby, covered in textures of various natural phenomena.

“Haha, it’s a bit like a bad boy.” Xu Fan said with a smile, although it didn’t completely consume a thousand years of lifespan, it was still considered a promotion to Nascent Soul.

Although I was a little disappointed, all this was still expected by Xu Fan

Nascent Soul returned to the body, Xu Fan began to cultivate and stabilize the cultivation base, and advanced to Nascent Soul in the shattered world, There are still some things that are not fully digested.

After three days, Xu Fan’s eyes slowly opened, and he spit out Spiritual Qi and said, “The cultivation base has finally reached a higher-level.”

Xu Fan walked out of the cultivation room, the first The place where he arrived was the underground space. At this time, the second Avatar was still diligently refining Dao Item accessories.

“Come here, the updated version.”

Xu Fan waved his hand, an illusory shadow replaced the second Avatar refining Dao Item accessories, and the second Avatar was with Xu Fan fuses together.

After one hour, the No. 2 Avatar was separated from Xu Fan and replaced the illusory shadow to continue refining Dao Item accessories.

“Well, Avatar without emotion is convenient, at least a lot less nonsense.” Xu Fan said.

“Grape, take out the spirit fire that was prepared before, it’s all ready to use now.”

“As you bid.”

One set The tool puppet came over pushing a cart with something like a grinding disc on it.

“Although it is not as good as the spirit fire of Volcano Fairy Town, it is still stronger than the spirit fire of Five Elements.”

Xu Fan’s hand gently stroked, the grinding disc shattered, and a golden star spirit fire ran away Come out, want to escape this space.

β€œThe Golden Core Realm can’t cure you, and now you can’t run away,” Xu Fan said.

A rune chain directly controlled the Venus Spirit Fire and returned to Xu Fan’s palm.

“Just stay here obediently and honestly.”

Xu Fan directly threw the Venus Spirit Fire to the second Avatar.

“Okay, No. 2 has been updated, now it’s time for No. 1.” A light curtain unfolded in front of Xu Fan, and No. 1 Avatar appeared in the light curtain.

“What’s wrong, ontology.” No. 1 Avatar indifferently said, expression indifferent, in a state of no-self.

“I’ve advanced to Nascent Soul, and come back to update the version.” Xu Fan said.

“No, when you advanced to Nascent Soul, I also advanced to Nascent Soul. The feedback from Dao Item left a huge amount of energy in my body, you need to come and take some of it.” Avatar No. 1 said.

“Okay, I see.” Xu Fan nodded and ended the call.

“It seems that there is a change in No. 1. It seems that there is time to go there.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

Xu Fan was lying on the reclining chair on the hidden sect master peak, leisurely looking at the few dishes in front of him.

“Xu Gang, this is yours.” Xu Fan took out a jade butterfly.

This is the Divine Ability he created after he was promoted to Nascent Soul Realm and had a new understanding of the Way of Everything.

“Yuexian, this is you, forget it this time, don’t come back until I have collected all the things I want.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

Xu Yuexian took Yudie and said aggrievedly: “I know Master.”

“Xiang Chi, this is yours. Although progress is slow, Heart Sword Dao specializes in Heart Sword Dao. There will always be a day of enlightenment in the future.” Xu Fan said, taking out the jade plate in the shape of a small sword.

“.” Wang Xiangchi, in Master’s mind, am I just not enlightened?

“As for Kailing.” Xu Fan looked at Zhou Kailing, who was kneeling down like a good baby.

“Cultivation well, this “The Rule of All Things” was created for you by the teacher with a lot of hard work.”

Not much, that is, it took three days.

“Okay, now it’s time to show the sect, the cultivation of the cultivation.” Xu Fan waved his hand and said.

The rest are gone, only Wang Xiangchi is left.

Seeing Wang Xiangchi’s hesitant expression, Xu Fan said, “There was a little accident with your fourth junior brother, so it took a little time, don’t worry.”

“Xingci is fine.” be that as it may, but Wang Xiangchi still had a worried look in his eyes.

After Wang Xiangchi walked away, a compass array appeared around Xu Fan and began to run slowly.

Xu Fan looked at the thread of cause and effect, and a thought flashed in his eyes.

“The future is only the future, and what should change has to change.”

“It seems that fate is sometimes unreliable, so I have to help you as a teacher.”

A yin and yang copper coin appeared in Xu Fan’s hand, which was more beautiful and mysterious than before.

With a flick of the thumb, the coins swirled in midair.

A large bowl appeared, and the copper coins fell gently into the bowl and spun.


Xu Fan snapped his fingers lightly, and the power of luck he contained was cut in half.

The coin stops spinning, with the positive side facing up.

Immediately, a trace of Li Xingci’s causal power entangled in his hands, Xu Fan bowed gently to the sky, and a beam of light invisible to naked eyes flew to the sky.

At this time, the world of nothingness is training Li Xingci to involuntarily look up towards the sky, where there seems to be a light attracting him.

“Husband, what’s wrong.” Su Rantian with a big belly appeared beside Li Xingci and said softly.

(End of this chapter)

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