My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 319

Chapter 319 Three Thousand Great Daos, there is a Strongest Dao

barracks slowly descending a hundred miles away from the gate of nothingness, and if you go a little closer, you will be guarded by the group in nothingness Door Nascent Soul Realm Alien beast detection.

The door slowly opened, and three light armors walked out of it, followed by groups of battle-heavy armored puppets followed closely from behind.

“Golden Spirit, space-based weapon satellite strike.” Li Xingci said indifferently, and controlled the light energy armor to slowly draw out the light energy giant sword behind it. This is the only way to kill Nascent Soul Realm at present. Weapon of monster beast.

The other two light armors controlled by Su Rantian and Zhan Ling also took out their own weapons.

Su Rantian’s light thunder whip, the light energy giant blade of Slaying Spirit.

“Just clean up the miscellaneous soldiers in the back, and leave the rest to me.”

At this time, the imposing manner of the light armor controlled by Li Xingci began to change. The invincible arrogance of my this world burst out from the light armor.

“tsk tsk, this imposing manner is better than my Peak period. The imposing manner that is invincible in this world is only available in the cultivation world.” Zhanling tsk tsk said.

“Does the senior also respect the Lord Zun so highly?” Su Rantian said curiously. In her eyes, the cultivator of Heavenly Devil Sect should hate Zun Shang.

“That’s of course. Your Majesty can destroy the Heavenly Devil Sect at any time, and the Heavenly Devil Sect can still exist at your own discretion.” Zhan Ling said, and his Great Sect Master came to mind when he talked about Zun terrified look on.

Li Xingci controlled the light armor to stand in front of him and wait, and the heavily armored puppet beside him was ready for battle.


Three beams of light appeared in the sky in the distance, and slammed into the ground.


The entire herd of alien beasts guarding the gate of nothingness was furious.

“The battle begins.”

Li Xingci charged with a heavy armored puppet and a sword against the alien beasts attacking in front of him.

The gate of nothingness is surrounded by exotic beasts of the Golden Core Level. With the performance of the light armor, it can be crushed with a little operation.

The light energy armor rushed into the alien beast group, and it was like a no-man’s land. All the monster beasts in the vicinity were all eliminated by a sword.

Su Rantian and Zhan Ling followed behind in light armor, protected by heavy armor puppets, and they didn’t need to shoot.

“What makes this kid become an expert overnight.” Zhan Ling touched the chin.

“Maybe he is the innate talent that his master felt that they manipulated the armor, and made a memory of how to manipulate the armor for Husband to absorb.” Su Rantian replied, in fact, he had already guessed his Husband The reason for the surge in technology.

At this time, with the deepening of the three people, they have already broken into the core area of the gate of nothingness.

The Nascent Soul Realm beasts began to appear on the battlefield.

Zhan Ling is a little eager to have a try.

“Li Xiaozi, I’ll take care of you first, and you’ll be there when you can’t.” Zhan Ling said, in fact, he was a little itchy.

“Senior, you can watch the battle with peace of mind at the back. If you really can’t, call me 666.”

Li Xingci controlled the light energy armor and rushed towards the tiger Nascent Soul Realm Alien beast, with both swords in hand, he directly lifted one up, and after sliding, he jumped and swung the sword to chop off the head of the alien beast.

Relax, like a script that has been rehearsed tens of thousands of times.

This set of operations directly made Zhan Ling shut up.

“Speaking of which, I’m really not used to it.” Zhan Ling said, with a sour feeling in his heart.

Su Rantian was just laughed and didn’t say much.

Li Xingci’s light energy armor seems to have entered his own back garden, and until the gate of nothingness, no alien can surpass Li Xingci’s light energy armor.

At this time, all the Nascent Soul Realm beasts were beheaded by Li Xingci on the battlefield, and there were only a few frightened beasts lying on the ground and trembling around.

At this time, the barracks had already driven over from the rear, directly hitting the gate of nothingness.

Looking at the gate of nothingness, Zhan Ling suddenly felt an unreal feeling. Can this world, which has been trapped for more than a hundred years, finally go out?

“Can we really go out?” Zhan Ling said suddenly excitedly.

“Senior can stay here for a while longer if he likes it, but our husband and wife won’t be able to accompany you.” Li Xingci said with a smile, supporting Su Rantian, who was holding a big belly.

“Madam, let’s go.” Li Xingci said.

“Okay.” Su Rantian responded sweetly.

Three light armors protect the barracks from the Nascent Soul Realm sneak attack.

As soon as the three stepped out of the barracks gate, they saw the gate of nothingness less than five meters ahead.

Su Rantian and Zhan Ling just wanted to look back at this world and say goodbye, but were stopped by Li Xingci.

Li Xingci supported Su Rantian with one hand and Zhan Ling with the other, and walked quickly towards the gate of nothingness, saying in his mouth, “Master said, the more this is the case, the more you don’t look back, you will. Something happened.”

“Let’s go straight, don’t be sloppy.”

Li Xingci said and took the two across the gate of nothingness.

At this time, outside the barracks, dozens of invisible Nascent Soul alien beasts showed their bodies. Seeing that the three of them had entered the gate of nothingness, they roared furiously, and then sent all their anger to the three of them. Under the light armor and puppet body.

Jin Ling, who stayed in the world of nothingness, looked at the light energy armor and the puppet, and said, “The mission is complete, start the self-destruct destruction mode.”

heavenly demon continent, three Spiritual Qi vortex, which is directly motivated by people as soon as they come out.

Originally still an old man’s slasher, under the nourishment of Spiritual Qi, he slowly turned into a mighty beard man.

“Haha, I, Zhanling Demon Venerable, is finally back!!” Zhanling roared loudly.

Li Xingci and Su Rantian also quickly restored the cultivation base.

At this time, the Spiritual Qi vortex centered on Slashing Spirit has not stopped, Li Xingci directly took out a large bottle of spiritual liquid for Slashing Spirit to absorb.

“Li Xiaozi, thank you, I will be your Dao Protector in the future.” Zhanling said seriously.

At this point, Li Xingci took out a scarlet’s heart core and threw it directly to Zhan Ling.

“Senior, Dao Protector doesn’t matter, I don’t want to restrict the freedom of senior.” Li Xingci said, now he just wants to hurry back to the sect to see if Master is okay.

“How can I do that? I’m talking about Zhan Ling, saying that when you are your Dao Protector, it can’t be changed.” Zhan Ling said firmly, he had a feeling that he was following this junior. There may be another path that God has arranged for you.

“Senior has also left the cultivation world for more than a hundred years. There must be a lot of things to do. After finishing these things, senior still has the heart. If Junior Dao Protector is the case, you can visit immortal city, hundreds of thousands of li giant lakes. Me.” Li Xingci said.

“Haha, the arrangement is thoughtful, Li Xiaozi, you are waiting for me.” Zhan Ling turned into a bloody disappeared after he finished speaking.

At this time, after recovering the cultivation base, Su Rantian, who had been probing his fetus, opened his eyes and frowned said: “Our children have missed the best time to accumulate spirits, even if they can be recovered from the stomach. After a year, it is best to be a five spirit root after coming out.”

“It’s good to be able to cultivate, my master once said a word, Three Thousand Great Daos, there is a Strongest Dao, this way everyone All can be cultivated.” Li Xingci said with a smile.

“What?” Su Rantian asked hurriedly.

(End of this chapter)

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