My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 321

Chapter 321 Li Xingci clear comprehension

Yinling Island, next to the spiritual liquid lake, Xu Fan was sitting on the shore and the six dragon eggs were discussing a major event.

“Godfather, what’s the matter?”

The six dragon eggs were lined up neatly in front of Xu Fan, like a queue of warriors.

Xu Fan had a headache looking at the six dragon eggs that consumed all the resources of the Spirit Gathering Array every day, and felt that his decision was a bit rash, like a poor fellow married Ms Perfect.

“Can you absorb a little less energy.” Xu Fan said tentatively.

At this time, Xu Fan clearly felt that the six dragon eggs were unhappy, and he felt as if their rations were cut off.

The six dragon eggs are scrambling to express their dissatisfaction with Xu Fan’s proposal.

“Forget it, you continue to absorb, it’s fine.” Xu Fan said with a wave of his hand.

“Hey, I’ve even been reduced to the point of cutting off children’s rations.” Xu Fan sighed.

Xu Fan sat silently beside the spiritual liquid lake, watching dragon eggs happily wandering in the lake, he fell into contemplation, thinking about where to get fat.

At this time, it took several months for Li Xingci and the pregnant Su Rantian to arrive at Linsen Immortal City.

“Oh, there’s even a little surprise.” Xu Fan said while listening to Grape’s report.

A short while later, a spirit boat entered the hidden Spirit Sect.

The last two appear behind Xu Fan.

“Master, we’re back.” Li Xingci said with emotion, thinking that if it wasn’t for Master’s backhand, it is estimated that the two would stay in that world forever.

“Just come back.” Xu Fan looked at Li Xingci and then at Su Rantian’s belly.

“It’s okay, five spirit root is not a big problem, immortal dao can be expected.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Then I will trouble the Great Elder to worry about it.” Su Rantian held Li Xingci said with a smile.

“Haha, this will be my disciple and grandson in the future, and I will definitely bother.” Xu Fan smiled and said with a smile, didn’t expect Xiaoyan to be his future disciple and grandson.

“You have been through the dust all the way, go back and rest.”

“Thank you, Master.” The two of them retired and left.

Xu Fan looked at the back of the two and laughed with relief.

“There is no white crossing in this world’s catastrophe.”

In the evening, Li Xingci’s silhouette appeared on the top of Xu Fan’s mountain.

“Congratulations to Master for being promoted to Nascent Soul.” Li Xing said with a smile, and only after returning to the sect did he know that Master had been promoted to Nascent Soul.

“These are all small things, it’s the most important thing that you can come back.” Xu Fan said looking at the sky.

“You’re not only here to congratulate me on my promotion to Nascent Soul.”

“And thank you, Master, for helping me deal with the calamity.” Li Xingci said gratefully, when they came back , he suddenly wanted to understand his master’s hard work on him.

Although the realm of nothingness seems to be dangerous this time, there are hidden murderous intentions everywhere.

“Oh, you’ve seen it all.” Xu Fan said with some surprise, he didn’t expect that his good intentions would be discovered now, he thought it would take some time.

“Master brought me and Tian’er together to deal with my catastrophe, or an inevitable catastrophe.” Li Xingci said silently.

“You really thought that the teacher would just match you and Elder Su for that little Spirit Stone.” Xu Fan said unfathomable.

“When we were in the realm of nothingness, there were two mountains, and one of them concealed a gate of nothingness. If we had entered rashly, Tian’er and I would have ten deaths without life.” Li Xing Ci is a little scared now speaking of which.

“It was at that time, and I had an inexplicable feeling that let Tian’er choose the right path.”

“When we attacked the gate of nothingness, it was still Tian’er’s choice, let us escape.”

Li Xingci knelt down, bowed to Xu Fan, and gave a great gift of master and disciple.

“When the discipline came back, I realized Master’s good intentions.” Li Xingci said sincerely.

A gentle force slowly lifted Li Xingci up.

“You have been with the teacher for a hundred years, and Xin Xin’s teaching is not to let you die.”

“Cultivate well in the future. It’s been a long time, when the teacher can’t say anything, you need your protection.” Xu Fan said with a smile, he suddenly thought of a good way to save the crisis of sect Spiritual Qi.

“Master, I’m by your side now. Before I die, no one can hurt Master.” Li Xingci said firmly.

“This is your Eldest Senior Brother’s job, wait until your Eldest Senior Brother is dead.” Xu Fan said. In the past, Xu Gang would tell Xu Fan when he found a chance. again.

“Okay.” Li Xingci said.

“Okay, let’s disperse the Avatar, save it from being discovered by your Elder Su.” Xu Fan waved his hand and said.


Li Xingci said, and disappeared in front of Xu Fan in the form of smoke.

After Xu Fan confirmed that Li Xing had resigned, a copper coin appeared in his hand and said, “Hey, the merit and luck from Jiufeng Island will be exhausted again.”

Saying that, he flicked the copper coin in his hand lightly.

In the early morning, Jian Wuji and Han Feiyu got up.

After the two accompany Wang Xiangchi to eat, for some reason, Han Feiyu suddenly wanted to go to the source of this spiritual liquid waterfall.

“Rainbow, so you’re curious, let’s go and have a look.”

“But it’s a half-forbidden place, and the general Disciple has only one chance to enter. I’ll go first. Apply for grapes to try.”

Jian Wuji said, and brought Han Feiyu to a spirit boat.

“Grape, we want to go to the source of the spiritual liquid waterfall to see, I hope you can allow it.” Jian Wuji said.

“Reason?” On the spirit boat, the sound of grapes sounded.

“We haven’t seen it before. I want to go and see the long-term insights. When I go out and brag to others in the future, I have something to say.” Jian Wuji said a very ridiculous reason, thinking that he can’t change it. One.

“The reason is being reviewed, please wait.”

“The reason is valid, pass.”

After the grapes finished speaking, the spirit boat of the two people began to fly upward. , went straight up the spiritual liquid super waterfall, and one flew to the top of the sect array.

“Is it here?” Han Feiyu said curiously.

At this moment, an extremely illusory gate appeared in front of the spirit boat, and the spirit boat flew in.

In an instant, the two seemed to come to the ocean of spiritual liquid, the spirit boat continued to fly forward, and finally it seemed to reach a space like a starry sky.

The four super-giant Dao Item-level Spirit Gathering Pearls slowly rotate in the sky, and countless Spiritual Qi converge and condense into an ultra-concentrated semi-solid spiritual liquid, which then enters the array and joins a The large water-gathering array merges to form a spiritual liquid with a concentration like water.

β€œThis Spirit Gathering Array is called the Nine Dragons Swallowing Heaven Array, which is composed of 3,600 Treasure Item Level 5 Spirit Gathering Pearls and four Dao Item Level Spirit Gathering Pearls.”


“This array can absorb the high-altitude Spiritual Qi wave, and can cover Spiritual Qi in a radius of 100,000 kilometers. There is room.”

With the introduction of grapes, the two felt the sect at this time. Strength.

“My dear, a Spirit Gathering Array actually uses so many Treasure Item Dao Items. How good would it be to replace it with a Spirit Sword.” Han Feiyu said with a glint in his eyes, he was jealous that the Great Elder could A means of refining Dao Items.

(End of this chapter)

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