My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 322

Chapter 322 sect took advantage of you

At this time, a small pond spiritual liquid hot spring appeared in front of Jian Wuji and Han Feiyu.

“This is a spiritual liquid hot spring formed by Spiritual Qi, which flows from the extremely hot land. Two Disciples can take a dip, which is good for future cultivation.”

“This kind of spiritual liquid hot spring, It can only last for one hour, usually only for the Great Elder and a few Peak Masters.”

“It just happened that the two of you are here, so as not to waste it, it is considered that you have discovered hidden benefits.”

The words of grapes surprised the two of them.

Jian Wuji immediately put his clothes in the space ring and jumped into the spiritual liquid hot spring happily.

“Comfortable, the hidden benefits that the brothers mentioned were actually met by us.”

“Feiyu, hurry down.” Jian Wuji waved to Han Feiyu and said from time to time. A soothing voice.

“Is it so comfortable?”

Han Feiyu also put away her clothes and jumped down.

“Wuji, other senior brothers and senior sisters, will they come over?” Han Feiyu said with some worry, but the comfort is really comfortable, the feeling of spiritual liquid washing the impurities deep in the body is simply unnecessary So cool.

“No, even if there is, Grape will inform you in advance.” Jian Wuji said with a smile, he wanted to come before, but he felt that it was boring to be alone.

“By the way, Raindance, you use spiritual power to suppress your space ring, otherwise there is a 1 in 10,000 chance that the space ring will explode.” Jian Wuji reminded.

“Will it explode?”

“Yes, this space should be a special space hidden under the surface space, which overlaps with the space in the space ring,”

“But there’s only one ten thousandth rule, just be careful.” Jian Wuji said, a senior brother had exploded the space ring here before, and he only found out about it when he asked curiously.

“Got it.” Han Feiyu gave out a trace of spiritual power to control the space ring.

The two were comfortably soaking in the spiritual liquid hot springs and chatting about their previous studies at Heavenly Sword Academy.

Han Feiyu was lying in a special reclining chair, leaving only his head on the spiritual liquid hot spring.

“Fortune plays with people.” Han Feiyu sighed.

The two talked about the students who died in the disaster in Heavenly Sword immortal city, and then talked about entering the Sword Sect Secret Realm.

At this moment, Feiyu Han discovered the rune lines on the four Dao Item-level Gathering Spirit Races in the sky. For some reason, Feiyu Han felt that a door in his mind was opened, and his mind was completely attracted. past.

“What a special texture.”

Unconsciously, the spiritual power that controlled the space ring also dissipated.

Seeing Han Feiyu entering the state of sudden enlightenment, Jian Wuji stopped talking and quietly enjoyed the hot spring of spiritual liquid washing his body.


A loud noise suddenly sounded, the entire spiritual liquid hot spring burst open, and then many spiritual object treasures floated on the surface of the spiritual liquid hot spring.

Han Feiyu was also scared and shivered, and then saw something in his space ring appear on the surface of the spiritual liquid hot spring, but more things sank at the bottom of the lake.

“Oops!” When Han Feiyu saw the space ring burst open, he felt a little uneasy for a moment.

“Haha, Rainfall, you’ve won the lottery, you can meet with such a small chance, you hurry up”

When Jian Wuji spoke, he was very happy, but as he spoke, Looking at the things on the ground felt a little wrong, and the voice gradually became smaller.

Top Grade Spirit Stone, Spirit Crystal, tens of thousands of years of spiritual medicine, 10,000-year-old Top Grade stalactites, and that spirit ore, at least the spiritual ore of the cultivation Dao Item level.

The Danxiang in the air, anyone with a bit of knowledge knows that this must be the Spirit Pill of the Grandmaster level.

“Rainbow, do you think you are hiding something from me and Master, such as your father being the Great Ascension Venerable, or the president of the top Great Chamber of Commerce.”

At this time, the word Xianfu second generation appeared in Jian Wuji’s mind, and it was the word Wang Xiangchi said when he was training them.

Han Feiyu quickly used the hidden real space ring to collect the exploded things.

“I found these in a sect ruin.” Han Feiyu said with a face doesn’t change.

At this moment, a stone that fell to the bottom of the spiritual liquid hot springs glowed with azure light and then gradually intensified.

Seeing this scene, Han Feiyu secretly said that it is not good, it is a spring stone that has been strengthened to the extreme, and a spiritual liquid that is purer than spiritual liquid can flow out of it.

At this time, a terrifying suction force came, directly sucking the spring stone into the midair, and then exploded into a ball of powder.

The four Spirit Gathering Pearls emit a dazzling aura, absorbing all the powder that the spring stone exploded.

At this time, the spiritual liquid waterfall of the hidden Spirit Sect changes color, and the spiritual liquid flowing out from above becomes light azure, and there is a faint trace of aura, as if life should be born. .

The dragon egg in the spiritual liquid lake becomes more active than before, and it absorbs as much spiritual liquid as it sheds. At this time, they all hiccups.

The spiritual liquid of 2/3/2022 was left in the spiritual liquid lake.

Standing above the main peak, Xu Fan was looking at the spiritual liquid waterfall of light azure.

Xu Fan was beckoned, a cloud of light azure spiritual liquid appeared in his hand.

“Is this the azure spiritual liquid? Was the fortune-telling technique that I used yesterday so good.” Xu Fan said in shock.

Yesterday he used a spell to pray to Heavenly Dao for a solution so that the Spirit Gathering Array could absorb more spiritual liquid.

“Grape, what happened.” Xu Fan said.

“Jian Wuji and Han Feiyu entered the Spirit Gathering Array Source Space, and then…”

Before the grapes were finished, Xu Fan’s silhouette disappeared directly.

In Spirit Gathering Array Source Space, Xu Fan looked at two naked young men.

“Put your clothes on, the capital is very rich.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Seeing Xu Fan approaching, the two quickly put on their clothes.

Xu Fan waved his hand with the help of sect Transmission Formation, and the three of them appeared in a pavilion on the edge of a cliff on the main peak, facing the spiritual liquid waterfall that had turned into a light azure.

The humanoid puppet makes tea for three people.

“Tell me, what did you add to the sect Spirit Gathering Array to make the sect’s spiritual liquid become azure spiritual liquid.” Although Xu Fan knew the reason, he still had to ask again.

“Ancestor Master, it’s my fault for not suppressing the space ring and making it pop.”

“One of my spring stones was sucked away by the sect Spirit Gathering Array, Then it became like this.” Han Feiyu said nervously.

“Master Ancestor, Raindance is also accidentally, it didn’t cause any loss to the sect.” Jian Wuji glanced at the light azure spiritual liquid waterfall in the distance and said.

A cloud of azure spiritual liquid appeared, floating in front of the two of them.

β€œThe azure spiritual liquid is the most difficult spiritual liquid to obtain in the cultivation world.”

β€œThe azure spiritual liquid can be transformed into the azure Spiritual Qi, which can be absorbed and washed for a long time. Forging the marrow, enhancing aptitude, strengthening the spiritual veins, is more beneficial to making a breakthrough”

“The benefits are endless.”

“This level of azure spiritual The liquid spring stone is comparable to the Peak Dao Item.”

“In a word, sect is taking advantage of you.” Xu Fan looked at Han Feiyu and said.

At this time, a hehe sounded softly in Xu Fan’s ear, as if spanning endless time and space.

Xu Fan suddenly looked around and asked in confusion: “Is it hallucination?”

(End of this chapter)

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