My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 323

Chapter 323 The battle between the two realms

Han Feiyu looked at himself, the Ancestor Master, and was a little nervous.

In the cultivation world, he always adheres to a principle, that is, the wealth is not leaked, at least the things taken out on the surface, to ensure that those senior experts will not be tempted by themselves.

Now what I have revealed in front of the Ancestor Master is obviously over-edited.

“Master Ancestor, this thing was originally a spring stone that I got in a Secret Realm somewhere. Since it is beneficial to the sect, the disciple and grandson must give it.” Han Feiyu said, in fact, there is nothing at worst for him. , this is just an ordinary spring stone.

“Donate, you just donate a spring stone worth a Peak Dao Item.”

“If you want to give it, I don’t want to give it to Spirit Sect. I thought I was hiding the Spirit Sect to covet the Disciple treasure in the door.”

Xu Fan squinted at Han Feiyu, he had guessed who the original owner of that hehe was.

Looking at Xu Fan’s insightful eyes, Han Feiyu felt like he was being seen through.

“In this way, even if you suffer a little loss, how about converting your spring stone into a top-level Dao Item.”

“You can ask me to customize a Peak Dao Item for you in the future. .” Xu Fan thought for a while and said, he still has a bottom line, and the lack of Spirit Stone will not take advantage of his disciples and grandchildren.

“Master Ancestor, can you replace a few more ordinary Dao Item Spirit Swords? I am a sword cultivator with a sword array.” Han Feiyu said hurriedly, and now he is starting to prepare the Spirit Swords that will be used in the future .

“Then it will be converted into ten pieces of Dao Item Spirit Sword for you.” Xu Fan said casually.

“Thank you Master Ancestor.” Han Feiyu said joyfully.

“Thank you, thank you, it’s you who suffers.”

Han Feiyu laughed after hearing Xu Fan’s words, it’s just a common spring stone.

Looking at Han Feiyu’s indifferent eyes, Xu Fan suddenly envied these children of destiny, what God gave you if you lacked.

Unlike him, he has to slowly accumulate what he needs.

At this time, I heard a few dragon roars in the air, and the nine Spiritual Qi dragons revived again, filling in a verve more than ever.

In the sky, light azure rain started, and the whole hidden Spirit Sect seemed to usher in the second spring.

The spirit plant spiritual medicine planted in the hidden Spirit Sect has all come alive.

“Your spring stone is stronger than I thought.”

Xu Fan waved, and six special Spiritual Qi appeared in his hand.

“Spiritual Qi pre-huaxian, Feiyu, I thank you for Yin Spirit Sect.” Looking at the Spiritual Qi in his hand, Xu Fan said softly.

“It’s all I should do.” Han Feiyu saluted again.

“You guys go back first.” Xu Fan said, and the grape sound transmission said that there was something important to report.

After the two retreated, a light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan. Above it was the image of the two worlds passage where the monsters attacked the human world.

“Is there too much Monster Race, so it needs to be consumed.” Xu Fan frowned said, he thought of a possibility, after all, Monster Race is not a fool.

The natural passage between the two worlds, in the Human Race camp.

After more than a year of construction, Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect tower defense faction has built thousands of defense towers there, all of which are built with raw materials provided by sect.

At this time, the defensive tower closest to Monster Race began to show its power, and one after another Thunder Fireball smashed towards the most dense place of Monster Race.

Wind blade, thunder ball, lava giant ball, all kinds of spells are sent out one after another.

The leading Monster Race was directly blinded by this wave of bombing.

A hidden Spirit Sect Disciple also pulled a senior from Void Refinement Realm to watch the game not far away.

“Senior, you see, as long as we are defensive towers, as long as the Void Refinement Realm Monster Race does not appear, I can guarantee that no Monster Race will break through our defense line.”

Void The Refinement Realm cultivator looked at the Monster Race who had been beaten by the defensive towers. These towers were indeed powerful.

At this moment, the passage between the two realms suddenly widened, and countless golden-armored sawtooth rat demons rushed out from their natural counterparts. After a rough sweep, there were at least 100,000.

A golden light appeared above the golden-armored serrated rat demon, blocking the attack of the defensive tower.

“What do you do in this situation, the highest level of these rat demons is the Divine Transformation Realm.” Void Refinement Realm cultivator said with a smile, wanting to see the Disciple’s joke.

At this time, Yin Spirit Sect Disciple took out the communication magic weapon and said: “Tower Control Department, Tower Control Department, the customer wants to see the formidable power of the four-type large defense tower, the target, and the new rat demon. “

“Received, received!”

In the communication Magical Artifact, a Disciple’s voice came immediately.

At this time, the two 100-meter-high defensive towers located in the third line of the Human Race camp sent out two giant t-shirts and brought them over to the regiment.

“senior, please see.”

‘bang! ‘

A group of blue Spiritual Qi exploded, and the whole sky suddenly darkened. in the sky is like a backflow of sea water, instantly submerging all the Golden Armored Monster Races.

‘Boom! ! ‘

A huge thunder flashed between Heaven and Earth, then smashed above the water.

In an instant, all the golden-armored sawtooth rat demons were electrocuted to death.

“senior, how about this wave of 6 not 6.” Spirit Sect Disciple’s eyes flashed with a different look.

This time, the reputation of our tower defense lineage will surely resound throughout the cultivation world, earning Spirit Stone for sect.

“Okay, after this battle, we’ll talk more,” said the Void Refinement Realm cultivator.

“Okay!!” Yin Spirit Sect Disciple said excitedly.

Xu Fan accidentally saw this scene through the light curtain and laughed.

At this moment, a giant wolf appeared at the passage between the two realms, and the giant wolf illusory shadow one thousand meters long appeared in midair.

“The butcher Monster Venerable, you will die today!!”

“You Human Race will too”

The giant wolf illusory shadow isn’t finished yet , was directly punched back to the natural Transmission Passage.

“Aren’t your adults back yet?” A domineering voice with killing intent sounded.

β€œreally domineering!” Xu Fan exclaimed.

At this time, a werewolf and a girl appeared in the sky.

“Butcher, while we’re not bullying my two clans, Monster Venerable, you’re so shameless.”

“Today, I will kill a few absolutely Human Races to show my heart. .” A wild voice sounded.

“Butcher, you have to be careful.” A silver bell-like voice sounded.

“Haha, you two are waiting.”

The illusory shadow of Butcher Venerable appeared and turned into a stream of light and rushed towards them.

At this time, all the Human Race and Monster Race present began to vacate the battlefield, the battle strength of the Great Ascension level, but the aftermath was not something that ordinary cultivators could bear.

Xu Fan, who was far away on Yinling Island, saw this scene, looked thoughtful and said, “I don’t know what is behind that Monster Venerable.”

At this time, The Human Race camp has become the main battlefield, and amazing energy fluctuations came from the battlefield. For a time, that battlefield became the center.

Ning Dao hid in the distance, staring closely at the natural passage in the distance, thinking about when the bullied Monster Venerable would emerge.

At this moment, six silhouettes appeared in the two realms of the natural fellow.

“Come on.” Ning Dao’s eyes lit up, and the rest was up to the foreign aid.

(End of this chapter)

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