My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 325

Chapter 325 Injured Small Fox

Han Feiyu and Jian Wuji walked out of their fantasy rooms, looked at each other, and were speechless for a long time.

“I was arrogant just now.”

Han Feiyu’s voice was very low, if it wasn’t for the momentary relaxation of mind just now, the brother who turned into a shadow would not be able to succeed in sneak attack.

“Compared to the senior brothers who grew up here, we are still far behind.” Jian Wuji said.

He has a top-tier sect inheritance, and he has tried his best to stop at more than 200 here.

“Wuji, I have to finish the basic and advanced courses before coming out.” Han Feiyu said firmly.

“I’m with you, we can’t embarrass Master.” Jian Wuji was also infected.

At this point, all Disciples in the hidden Spirit Sect received a message.

“The sect is about to move as a whole. All the Disciples outside the world will return. There are relatives in the world. “Flying Rain, I have to go out.” Jian Wuji said.

“Go ahead and bring your aunt over. It’s been a long time since my aunt cooked.” Han Feiyu said nodded.

“en. ”

Looking at Jian Wuji’s leaving back, Han Feiyu looked around the entire sect.

“It’s very comfortable to stay here, do you want to do something?”

Han Feiyu walked out of the Trial Pagoda, looked at the sea of clouds below and said at a gazebo viewing platform.

This time was the most comfortable time since he entered the cultivation world.

The sect is very big, and the brothers are just right.

There is no intrigue, and the brothers all speak nicely. Except for the cruelty of the battle royale game, there is no fault in other places.

The hidden Spirit Sect has everything that Han Feiyu has imagined about the sect.

At this point, Xu Fan is researching where to take the sect for a lap.

On a huge light curtain map, Xu Fan is choosing an address.

β€œWhere to go,” Xu Fan said.

The battle at the natural passage between the two worlds has ended. The two Monster Race Old Ancestors escaped back to the Demon Spirit World. Of the six Monster Venerables that came out, five died and one was injured, and the remaining one was injured. Escaped with the help of Snow Fox Race Old Ancestor.

Ever since Xu Fan got the result of the fight, he felt this dangerous feeling from me enveloped him.

You don’t need divination to know that there will be catastrophe in the future.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly saw the location of Jiufeng Island and his eyes lit up.

Recently, Xu Fan clearly felt that the amount of merit and luck from Jiufeng Island began to increase, which solved many of his problems.

“Teleporting to the side of Jiufeng Island to help one-on-one for a while is also a good choice.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

When Xu Fan entered the Nascent Soul Realm, he was more adept at using merit and luck.

β€œBefore you go, you have to see No. 1.” Xu Fan said.

Immortal city, Volcano Fairy Town, Refiner Palace No. 1 refining room.

Xu Fan looked at Avatar No. 1, who was refining Dao Item accessories.

At this time, Avatar No. 1 is refining the Two Dao Artifacts accessories together.

“Amazing, your current Dao of Refining skills have surpassed mine.” Xu Fan clicked one’s tongue in wonder.

“Since I appeared, you have crafted several Dao Items.” Avatar No. 1 indifferently said.

Xu Fan waved his hand, and an illusory shadow appeared, replacing the No. 1 Avatar to refine Dao Item.

“Come and update the version, I’ll improve Dao of Refining by the way.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, there was a hint of hesitation in Avatar No. 1’s eyes, but in the end, it turned into a first-class of light and penetrated into Xu Fan’s body.

“Don’t worry. I will give you some freedom.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

When Avatar No. 1 began to receive feedback from Dao Item, his self-awareness had begun to develop, and it was very weak.

But Xu Fan at that time noticed it immediately and just took precautions a little. After all, they focused on preventing this kind of problem when they were created.

“Freedom within range, yes.” The voice of Avatar No. 1 came from within Xu Fan.

Xu Fan was silent, and after a while, the voice of Avatar No. 1 came again.

“I will work hard.”

Only then did Xu Fan laugh and run Divine Ability to assimilate and update Avatar No. 1.

After the update, Xu Fan quickly returned to Yinling Island. He didn’t know when the fox demon would strike.

At this moment, outside Linsen immortal city, a lame Small Fox was licking the wound on his leg.

Is Small Fox looking in the direction of the immortal city, her eyes full of killing intent, she plans to sneak attack the entire immortal city immediately after recovering from the injury.

The blood-red eyes slowly dimmed. She knew that if she sneaked attack immortal city, she would probably be close to death.

After that sword light broke through the giant shield, it slashed directly on his leg, and the injury on the body was no problem. It was a sword intent that penetrated into the soul, but it took a lot of time to heal. .

“Forget it, let’s recover from the injury first and make plans,” Small Fox said.

Small Fox looked at the city wall of immortal city in the distance, ran a few steps in the direction of the city wall, pretended to be an ordinary monster beast and hid near immortal city.

At this moment, a hidden Spirit Sect spirit boat flew out from Linsen immortal city and flew towards the direction of Yinling Island.

Small Fox, who was resting, looked up at the direction the spirit boat was leaving.

“Hidden Spirit Sect, interesting, immortal city can’t be destroyed, first destroy a small sect.” Small Fox said with fangs.

Xu Fan, who was secretly feeding the monkeys with the Spirit Sect and Wang Yulun, suddenly had a cold war.

“Is anyone plotting against me.” Xu Fan said.

“What’s the matter, recently I see that you are migrating sect.” Wang Yulun asked.

“No, it’s a bit of a crisis, I just took the sect go roam around.” Xu Fan said relaxedly.

Wang Yulun took Spirit Fruit and distributed it to all the monkeys, making them have a little crisis in this icy world.

Xu Fan looked at the appearance of these five spirited monkeys, and couldn’t help but wonder if he was too cold-blooded, and whether he should treat the monkeys better in the future.

After dividing Spirit Fruit, many monkeys began to relax, which was the only relaxing time of their day.

“If possible, save them a little life.” Wang Yulun said, looking at Pangolin with a whip in the distance.

He sometimes observed these five spirit monkeys through a light curtain. The first impression was that these monkeys were really miserable.

Daily death threats from Pangolin, as well as horrific training.

“Look at their luck. As long as the sect is stable, these five spirit monkeys will be fine.” Xu Fan said.

“I won’t touch those two old monkeys.” Xu Fan said again.

“That’s fine,” said Wang Yulun.

At this time, Wang Yulun’s cultivation base has reached the Golden Core Realm Peak, and he is only one step away from advancing to Nascent Soul Realm.

“Yulun, keep your cultivation base down for a while, wait for me to refine some Spirit Pill for you.”

“Understood, thanks, Brother Xu.”

“Understood, thanks, Brother Xu.”


(End of this chapter)

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