My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 333

Chapter 333 The Passage of Two Realms on the Sea.

Sand sculpture uses Divine Sense to view the content in jade slip.

“Wonderful!” The sand statue is like a teenager who solves math problems.

“The Transmission Array Talisman text sequence of the Great Elder is simply wonderful.” Sand Sculpture said intoxicated.

“Okay, go back and study it slowly. When the comprehend is clear, you will find me for the next version of Transmission Formation.” Xu Fan said with a smile, and he pretended to be very small. Comfortable.

Facing the adoring eyes of the crowd, Xu Fan said, “Let’s go, today I will take you for a walk in the depths of the endless sea.”

At this time, Feng Changning also appeared in the on the boat.

“We’re all set, let’s go.”

Xu Fan waved his hand, and hundreds of puppets appeared on the boat and walked towards the pre-arranged position.

A sea boat, relying on an Integration Realm cultivator alone can only move, and the rest can only rely on the other personnel on the boat to fly, activate the main and secondary guns, turn the direction to adjust the speed.

But now with grapes, everything can be left to the puppet.

As the hull of the seaboat was slightly trembled, the more than 30,000-meter-long seaboat began to slowly turn its direction and sailed towards the depths of the endless sea.

Everyone stood on the deck of the boat, blowing the sea breeze.

At this time, Xu Fan suddenly had a hint of inspiration.

“Senior Brother Sha, do you think it is possible to install a one-way Transmission Formation on the sea boat, so that the sea boat can be transmitted as a whole.” Xu Fan said.

“You are talking about the immortal city.” Sand Sculpture said.


“There is no transmission medium. If you want to do this, you can only send the opposite Transmission Formation in advance. Besides, the spiritual power consumption is very huge.” Sand sculpture touched the chin said.

“Okay.” Xu Fan thought of another way.

At this time, the sea was churning in the distance, and tens of thousands of monster beasts below the Void Refinement Realm rushed towards the boat.

“Fortunately, there are rune shells in the cabin, otherwise it would be too wasteful to consume spiritual power.”


Hundreds of auras blasted towards the beast horde in the distance.

The sea in the distance was like a red sun rising, and then it exploded and swept across the sea.

Thousands of meters of huge waves hit and hit directly on the shield of the sea boat.

“Master, the Sea Monster Beast has been wiped out,” said Grape.

“Got it.” Xu Fan said that this situation doesn’t need to be seen. The monster beast in the beast tide has already been exploded into waste and has no value at all.

Xu Fan looked at the distance. This is already a deep sea area. If you go deeper, you may encounter the Great Ascension Realm monster beast.

“Release the underwater detection puppet to see if there is anything good here.” Xu Fan said.

“Master, look.” Xu Gang said with a flash of light in his eyes, pointing into the distance.

In the distance, a giant sawtooth tiger shark with a size of 1,000 meters was rushing towards the boat.

At this time, Xu Fan instantly became nervous, how does this thing want to come to come.

“Main gun ready!” Xu Fan said.

A giant gun barrel protrudes from the turret on the upper deck of the boat.

Seeing this barrel, Xu Fan slightly sighed.

β€œWhat happened to Master,” Xu Yuexian asked.

“It’s nothing but I feel young and ignorant before.” Xu Fan sighed, that time on the levitating boat, he learned the price of the main cannon, but only when he really got the sea boat did he know that time. The Spirit Stone unit is misunderstood.

Before Xu Fan could sigh, the entire hull trembled, the thick gun holes of the main gun released fire, and an Extreme Cold ice and thunder cannonball blasted towards the killer whale in the distance.

“This shot is 5 million Spirit Stones.” Xu Fan’s voice trembled.

“Great Elder, what’s wrong?” the sand sculpture asked curiously.

“It’s okay, it just doesn’t feel worth it.”


A strange sound rang out, along with the killer whale and the surrounding Sea Territory It has become an ice field, but then the ice field directly broke open, and the killer whale fled towards the distant Sea Territory with its injured body, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“The main gun was fired a little early, but the purpose of driving has been achieved.” Xu Gang commented.


Is this a 5,000,000 Spirit Stone hit?

Feng Chang Jing looked at the lake in the distance and realized a problem more deeply.

The methods of the mortal dynasty are outdated. If you want to regain the glory of the past, you must be the king of resources, otherwise you will not be able to shoot the guns in the future.

“Just stop there, I think there must be something good in the Sea Territory nearby,” Xu Fan said.

“It is very likely that the gathering place of monster beast is generally a place where treasures are gathered.” Sand Sculpture said, he often accompanied the levitating boat when he was in the Heavenly Tower Sect, and had rich experience in going to sea.

Then Xu Fan released countless underwater puppets to explore all around.

And everyone caught fish on the deck at this time.

Xu Fan looked at the surrounding sea level relatively calm, the weather just happened to be good today, waved his hand, everyone came to an outdoor seafood barbecue.

“Master, this is the spirit ore found in the surrounding, Spirit Treasure.”

A light curtain appeared, and above it was the spirit ore found in the surrounding Sea Territory.

“That’s right, there is actually a small Dao Item level spirit ore.” The sand sculpture leaned over and looked at the light curtain and said.

“Mysterious Jinsha, it’s okay, the Transmission Formation used to depict the sea boat is enough.” Xu Fan said with a smile, this time the harvest is not bad.

β€œMining at full strength.”

β€œAs you bid.” Grape responded.

“Unfortunately, no matter how good this sea boat is, it is someone else.” Sand Sculpture said regretfully. Although he knew that there was a broken star boat in the dao sect, it was a long way to repair it. Affordable boats.

“Senior Brother Sha, don’t worry, wait, everything will be there.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Also, with the Great Elder, it’s not a small problem to own a few sea boats in the future.” The sand sculpture said with a smile.

At this time, a different kind of breath suddenly came out in the distance.

“The natural passage between the two worlds!” Xu Fan exclaimed in surprise.

The sea boat docked in front of the natural passage between the two realms, Xu Fan’s expression was a little dignified.

β€œMaster, shall we move out again?” asked Xu Gang, who knows Xu Fan.

“I don’t know what’s going on yet, what to move.” Xu Fan sat in the summon and took out a tool puppet to let him enter the passage between the two realms.

“Grape, mobilize the Spirit Stone in the treasury to charge the sect base.” Xu Fan instructed secretly.

“Great Elder, what is the natural passage between the two realms.” Feng Changning said with a pale face, his own dynasty that was just starting to die like this.

“You guessed it right, it’s the channel connecting Monster Realm.” Xu Fan said directly, breaking Feng Changning’s fantasy.

“But things are turning around. Let’s take a look at the situation first,” Xu Fan said.

Three days later, with the surface spirit ore of the Sea Territory near the boat being collected, the tool puppet returned from the passage.

Xu Fan pressed the puppet’s head with one hand and extracted the information in the core.

After a long time, Xu Fan said: “I’m lucky, the opposite is a barren barren land. It is expected that there will be no Monster Race tribe within a radius of 10,000 miles.”

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(End of this chapter)

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