My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 338

Chapter 338 Lending to Stop Disaster

“By the sea?” Han Feiyu said suspiciously.

“Let’s go.”

Jian Wuji didn’t wait for Han Feiyu, and flew directly to the beach.

At this time, Han Feiyu clearly felt that something was wrong, but thinking of Xu Fan’s words, he calmed down again, and followed Jian Wuji towards the sea.

A small fox is squatting on the beach and enjoying the view of the endless sea by the sea.

“The endless sea of the human world, the demon spirit sea of Demon Spirit World, contains endless resources.”

“If Monster Realm unifies the human world in the future, , I can have this piece of Sea Territory, that would be great.”

“Wait a minute, when I ascended the Great Thousand Worlds, must ascended with a demon.”

Furry Fox is imagining a better future.

At this time, two fawns jumped in front of the fox.

“wu wu ~~” Cloud Flower Deer arched the fox with her nose, meaning you got lost.

“ε•Ύε•Ύ~” Small Fox also replied in animal language, meaning that I came to this place by accident and was waiting for my master, who is on this island.

Cloud Flower Deer heard that it was his own, so he could play happily. It spun around Small Fox immediately.

β€œwu wu~” (Let’s go play together.)

β€œChirp.” (You go, I’ll wait for my master.) A glint in Small Fox’s eyes impatient.

If it wasn’t for the injury, the cultivation base would not be able to exert all her battle strength. Maybe she has already slaughtered this small sect.

“wu wu.” (Come on, I’ll take you to a good place, there are a lot of Ten Thousand Year Spirit Medicine, you can eat whatever you want.) Cloud Flower Deer said, biting lightly with his mouth directly One of the claws of Misty Small Fox, along with the deer behind him, disappeared in place.

At this moment, in a spiritual medicine world at the Elder Council headquarters, an aura flashed, and two deer and a fox appeared.

A snow-white spiritual medicine rabbit jumped up next to Cloud Flower Deer, and the two auspicious beasts, a rabbit and a deer, rubbed each other’s faces, showing a very close relationship.

At this time, Small Fox shrank her head and looked at all around with trembling, she felt a terrifying aura around her, and could easily kill herself at the peak period.

“ε•Ύε•Ύ~” (Xiaobai treats you today, we can eat one Ten Thousand Year Spirit Medicine.) Cloud Flower Deer said proudly.

“Spit~” (Eat whatever you want, I’m the boss here.) The snow-white little bunny raised his head and said proudly.

At this moment, a terrifying Divine Sense swept past.

The three auspicious beasts are used to it, but Small Fox’s complexion greatly changed in an instant.

A giant hand covering the heavens, shielding the sun appeared, picked up the miscellaneous fur Small Fox and disappeared in midair.

“Hey, why is there a little bastard from Monster Race here~~”

His tone was full of doubts, as if a Monster Race suddenly jumped out of his bed.

The three auspicious beasts looked up towards the sky, their eyes filled with puzzlement, why this companion was caught as soon as they came.

β€œSpit spit,” (leave it alone, put it back in a while.) Spiritual Medicine Rabbit said.

In the spiritual medicine world, the Elder Council cultivator will not harm the auspicious beasts in it.

At this time, Jian Wuji was admiring the seascape of the Endless Sea by himself at the seaside of Yinling Island, but he felt that he had been disappeared in secret.

Xu Fan is also watching Jian Wuji through a light curtain to prevent accidents.

“If the director did not get the wrong script, Jian Wuji should have been invaded by the injured Small Fox’s consciousness, intending to forcibly recognize the Master.”

“As a result, Jian Wuji was invaded by the injured Small Fox’s consciousness.” Nine Peak Dao Item Spirit Sword suppressed, recognizing Master reversed, and finally the Great Ascension Realm Monster Venerable recognized Sword Wuji in turn.”

β€œSuch a drama is silky and smooth, and it is still water-resistant. Less words, if I were the author, I would definitely write like this.” Xu Fan sat in his room and said with a smile.

But as time goes by, Jian Wuji has not shown any abnormality, Xu Fan feels that something is wrong.

“Hey, is the script wrong?” Xu Fan wondered.

Six copper coins appeared in Xu Fan’s hands, scatters gently toward the sky, and fell to the ground to form a wonderful Formation.

“Lending luck to stop disasters.” Xu Fan suddenly thought of something.

“Grape, what’s wrong with the sect.”

“Cloud Flower Deer disappeared with a fawn and a motley fox, and should go somewhere to play again. ‘ Grape responded.

“Mixed Fox.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said that Cloud Flower Deer wouldn’t take Small Fox to the Elder Council headquarters.

“MMP, just take my hand, why are you consuming my sect’s luck.” Xu Fan said with a dark face, he obviously felt that his sect’s luck was reduced by 10%.

“Forget it, that Jian Wuji can be regarded as my disciple and grandson. It’s my own person, so just consume it.” Xu Fan sighed said.

At this moment, Jian Wuji, who was far away on the seaside of Yinling Island, suddenly felt a sense of relief in his mind, but his heart was empty, as if something was missing.

“How is it, has the disaster been lifted?” Han Feiyu asked with concern.

“The disaster is gone, but I feel like I’ve lost something.” Jian Wuji murmured as he looked at the seaside, and the feeling of melting his soul came back to his heart.

Jian Wuji licked his lips and suddenly missed that time.

“That’s good, let’s go back and continue the class. That demon fox was probably killed by Master Ancestor with special means.” Han Feiyu said.

At this moment, a black spot appeared in the distance, and then two silhouettes of Han Feiyu Sword Wuji, which fell heavily, were not far away.

“Damn it, why is it so unlucky to meet the Divine Transformation Realm’s giant food dragon.” Xiong Li stood up foul-mouthed, and helped the thousands of soldiers who fell not far away from him. stand up.

“You too, you just said that there are 800 killer whale puppets underwater. What happened.” Xiong Li carried the half-conscious thousands of soldiers to a puppet.

“Hello Eldest Senior Brother~”

After seeing Xiong Li, the two hurried over to salute.

“Haha, no gift, I have already heard the names of your two Junior Brothers.”

“In less than two years after coming to sect, you have progressed to 300. Inside, amazing.” Xiong Li looked at the two and said kindly.

The terrifying bear power of the second-generation Disciple has been experienced. If he is arranged in the same period, he can only guarantee the top five points in various points.

“We still need to work hard.” The two hurriedly said, the two have long been fascinated by the legendary Eldest Senior Brother in front of them, Xiong Li in the center continent Heaven’s Chosen battle strength tyrannized the majors The photo stone of Heaven’s Chosen is still in the sect Hall of Honor.

“Cultivate well, and contribute to the sect in the future.” Xiong Li said with a smile.

Just as he was about to go back to recuperate, a cultivator riding a Nascent Soul Realm deep-sea Flood Dragon, along with the Flood Dragon, also fell on the beach.

At this time, the originally mighty and ferocious Flood Dragon had already been eaten by half of its body, dying and dying soon.

The Disciple on the Flood Dragon was also bruised.

“Dragon Sparrow Demon Bird, I’m not finished with you!!” Yu Qianshan said, looking at the dying deep-sea Flood Dragon beside him.

(End of this chapter)

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