My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 342

Chapter 342 Five Years

Hearing Xiong Li’s words, the Divine Transformation Realm old man’s eyes showed a begging look.

“Think too much, enjoy it slowly.” Xiong Li said with a sneer.

At this time, the marrow-eating bird, which had been spinning and flying in the sky, seemed to be guided and fell towards the head of the Divine Transformation Realm.

With the strength of the Foundation Establishment Realm’s marrow-eating bird, of course, it can’t peck through the Divine Transformation Realm’s skull, but a drop of water can penetrate it, and it only needs a little peck to eat its brain.

“Make sure this old bastard is conscious and let him taste the taste of being sucked into the brain.” Xiong Li said.

Yu Qianshan pointed to a Golden Core Realm azure bird and said: “The buff spell cast by the blue spirit bird can make this old bastard sensitively feel that every drop of his brain is being sucked. .”

“In this chaotic Sea Territory, there are still many such beasts, and this kind of bird needs to be raised a little more in the future.” Xiong Li said.

“Understood.” Yu Qianshan said nodded.

The two walked out of the sealed array at this time.

Two sledgehammers appeared in Xiong Li’s hands.

“I can’t deal with the Divine Transformation Realm, and the anger in my heart is going to spill on you Golden Core Nascent Soul Realm.” Xiong Li said, looking at the cultivator who was attacking the seal.

“Murdering and humiliating mortals is against Heavenly Dao, and you will all die.” Xiong Li rushed out with two hammers in hand.

At this time, in Yinling Island, Xu Fan and Wang Yulun were bored watching the picture of Golden Core Disciple performing a mission.

β€œWhy are there so many chaotic and sinful places in this Sea Territory,” said Wang Yulun frowned.

In his impression, immortal cultivator will not kill mortals even if they don’t treat them kindly, and even if it is a demon cultivator, the special cruel cultivation technique that doesn’t cultivate will not interfere with the operation of Mortal World.

“The world is divided into two poles, yin and yang, there is good and there is evil.”

“And the endless sea is the place where Heavenly Dao’s malicious condensed, even Spiritual Qi Zhongdu It smells of evil.”

Xu Fan said and ingested a group of Spiritual Qi from the endless sea outside through the sect array.

That group of Spiritual Qi was extremely violent in Xu Fan’s hands, and even had the feeling of attacking Xu Fan.

“The impurities in this Spiritual Qi have evil in it.” Xu Fan said and extracted the impurities in Spiritual Qi that day.

A little black air that was invisible to the naked eye hovered in Xu Fan’s hand and showed it to Wang Yulun.

“Is this the evil of Heavenly Dao?” Wang Yulun said, looking at the black air in Xu Fan’s hand.

“Yes, living here for a long time, or immortal cultivator that absorbs spiritual power, will gradually become evil and violent.”

“So in the endless sea, even those Great None of Ascension Realm’s monster beasts have spiritual wisdom,” said Xu Fan, who discovered while exploring the surrounding Human Race islands some time ago.

“It turns out that the Human Race here is really pitiful.” Wang Yulun sighed said.

“It was pitiful in the past, but it will slowly get better in the future.” Xu Fan said, looking towards the direction of Jiufeng Island.

“Oh, it seems that you are quite optimistic about the Phoenix Pavilion Lord.” Wang Yulun said with a smile.

“I’m very optimistic about her, some people are born unusual, just like you.” Xu Fan said.

“Could it be that she is also often” Wang Yulun’s face began to become solemn, which is not a good thing.

“Uh, it’s not what you think.” Xu Fan said while looking at Wang Yulun.

I’m talking about your 100% cashback in particular, where do you want to go.

“That’s good, or else there is a little girl, really” Wang Yulun sighed in relief.


Jiufeng Island, in a vast plain, a huge Transmission Formation is transporting mortal people in batches, almost all of them are dragging their families. Sent here by mouth.

Jiufeng Island dispatched more than 100,000 mortal soldiers and officials to share and receive this wave of people.

On a high ground in the distance, Feng Changning was watching this scene in surprise, didn’t expect himself to say to the Great Elder some time ago that he needed mortals to fill the prosperous Jiufeng Island, not too much It took a long time to get a response.

“Why doesn’t the Great Elder use a spirit boat to pick up and drop off? Is it too much energy to start the Transmission Formation?” Feng Changning said to a Disciple who was hiding behind the Spirit Sect Formation Dao.

“The Great Elder said that it takes too long to use a spirit boat, and it is not as convenient as Transmission Formation.”

“As for the consumption, as long as it does not exceed the speed of the sect Spirit Gathering Array. ”

β€œTheoretically speaking, even if all the islands around Jiufeng Island with Human Races in a radius of 1 million li are arranged on the Transmission Formation and activated together, it will not consume the speed of the Sect Spirit Gathering Great Array. .” Formation Dao’s Disciple said proudly.

“So it is.” Feng Changning looked at the huge Transmission Formation and said enviously.

“You will also have this kind of Transmission Formation in the future. After the entire Jiufeng Island spiritual power filtering array is formed, and the Spirit Gathering Array is added, at least the transmission will not be possible in the 30,000-mile radius of Jiufeng Island. Consume Spirit Stone.” Formation Dao’s Disciple said.

The Disciple of their Formation Dao is now researching how to add Spiritual Qi filtering array to the entire Jiufeng Island. This is the task given to them by the Great Elder.

After hearing the words of Formation Dao’s Disciple, Feng Changning sighed softly, she didn’t know when she had such a technical talent on Jiufeng Island.

During this period of time, the assistance of the Hidden Spirit Sect made her feel like she was on the hook, and the entire Jiufeng Island was transformed with the assistance of the Hidden Spirit Sect technical talents.

A large city for mortals, under the construction of several experts who are good at Earth Attribute and Wood Attribute Disciple, has taken shape in only three days.

The water power, lighting, drainage, and streets in the mortal city are simply too perfect.

The chaotic rivers on Jiufeng Island were combed perfectly by the group of Disciples, and even a Feng Shui Spirit Gathering Array was placed with the river.

Now, Feng Changning hopes to hide the Spirit Sect and stay here for a while. When there are ten absolute people in his Jiufeng Island, he will gather his strength and make the Heavenly Dao vision to achieve Divine Transformation. ,That’s good.

At that time, I can be considered to have a foothold in this cultivation world, and then my immortal vision can be considered to be truly implemented.

“Come on, this speed will take a few more years.” Feng Changning murmured as he looked at the mortal people who had been sent over.

She must not only simply possess these ten absolutely people, but she must also make them recognize her existence.

“Xiao Ling, do you think there are ten absolutely mortal people in the million-kilometer radius of Jiufeng Island?” Feng Changning said in his heart to Xiao Ling’s sound transmission.

“I asked Grape’s big brother, and he said there are at least 1.5 billion people, that is, 15 or 5 mortals.”

“That’s enough, elder sister Changning, what do you want? What I worry about is whether the surrounding islands are enough, after all, it takes a lot of money to protect the safety of every mortal island.”

“Also, the big brother Grape quietly told me, Great Elder I’ll stay here for five years.”

Xiao Ling’s words instantly made Feng Changning happy.

“Five years is enough.”

Feng Changning’s eyes became more and more firm.

(End of this chapter)

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