My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 345

Chapter 345 Hammer Boy

Hidden Spirit Sect, Monster Race giant beast battleship remodeled the venue.

At this time, Grape is controlling a Refining Peak Golden Core Disciple, and the First Layer wants accessories in the refining giant beast battleship.

The level of accessories can be regarded as a quasi-Dao Item.

Xu Fan and Sand Sculpture, plus Zhan Ling, who has nothing to do, are chasing this one.

At this time, grapes controlled more than 1,000 runes into the body of Refining Peak Disciple.

“Grape, will this hurt him.” Xu Fan asked seriously.

“There is no harm. Instead, it expands the Disciple’s spiritual veins and spiritual sense, which will help him in his future as Artifact Refinement Master.” Grape said.

With the upgrade of grapes, the sound of grapes has become much more natural. Although it is still electronic, it makes people feel comfortable to hear.

“That’s good.”

At this time, the sand sculpture was eager to have a try, thinking that the grapes would also control him to refine a few Dao Items.

Although his current rank is a Refiner Sect division, none of the serious Dao Items have been refined.

“I’ll try the water later?” said the sand sculpture.

“Then please ask Sha Peak Master not to resist.” Grape said.


The sand sculpture’s eyes instantly turned into a very rational color, and then began to refine the next accessory.

“The Great Elder’s methods are truly divine.” Zhan Ling exclaimed.

“And the giant beast battleship in this Monster Race, Heavenly Devil Sect doesn’t have many star boats.”

“It’s amazing.”

Zhan Ling found He has seriously underestimated the Great Elder now, but the Artifact Spirit controller refining Dao Item is already amazing.

“Small meaning, it all depends on me, Artifact Spirit, to help.” Xu Fan modestly said.

The progress is now 1/10 after the giant beast battleship can be repaired with grapes.

After seeing that the things he cared about the most were going smoothly, Xu Fan took Zhanling to several other peaks to have a look.

Especially after seeing the main peak school and the Trial Tower, Zhan Ling began to slowly pay attention to this sector. Before, he only paid attention to the Great Elder.

“Great Elder, after the monster race’s giant beast battleship is done, can you let me drive it, I’ve driven the star boat, I haven’t driven the monster race’s giant beast battleship yet.” Ling rubbed his hands together and said.

“Okay. After a while, you can try it after the repairs are over there.”

“But then this giant beast battleship is no longer suitable for fighting here. .”

“Until the other serpent giant beast battleship is repaired, the Elder Zhan Ling can drive him to the realm of the extreme sky,” Xu Fan said.

“It’s okay, there is time.” Zhan Ling said.

He was calm on the outside but was very shocked inside.

There are two giant beast battleships of Monster Race.

Volcano Fairy Town, Avatar No. 1 finished refining two Dao Item accessories, and then walked alone in Volcano Fairy Town.

“Grape made the cut. It seems that my work can be a little easier in the future.” Avatar No. 1 said with a smile.

He got the news just now that the grapes have been promoted, and they can already refine Dao Items with the sect refiner Disciple, so that he doesn’t have to rush work so quickly.

In Volcano Fairy Town, there is a unique avenue for refining.

The Refinement Street is tens of thousands of meters long, and there are various Refinement Shops on both sides, undertaking various refining tasks.

At this time, all the Refinement Shops on both sides of Refinement Street were in full swing, and even the Artifact Refinement Master, a new apprentice, was full of orders.

Avatar No. 1 was strolling down the Street of Refiners, when suddenly a shop in a very remote location caught his attention.

A teenager in his teens with a sixth layer, is trying to forge a spirit iron sword with a big hammer.

“This piece of spirit iron has reached its peak. Even if you forge it into a Spirit Sword, it will still be a Mortal Item without the rune bonus.” Avatar No. 1 commented at the door of the shop.

Suddenly I can relax, and for a while, Avatar No. 1 feels like I want to be in touch with people.

“If I guess right, you want to sell this semifinished product to another Artifact Refinement Master.” Avatar No. 1 said with a smile.

“Is senior an Artifact Refinement Master?” the boy said as he put down the Magical Artifact hammer.

“That’s right,” said Avatar No. 1, nodding.

“The senior can accept me as a disciple, and I want to become an Artifact Refinement Master.” The young man said he was about to kneel down and worship No. 1 Avatar as his teacher.

A soft force held back the boy’s kneeling force.

“You told every Artifact Refinement Master you met.” Avatar No. 1 said with interest.

“Yes, I used to be ignorant and incompetent, but I didn’t realize I was a waste until my parents left.” The teenager said with a bitter face.

Avatar No. 1 heard the boy’s beginning, walked into the dilapidated Refinement Shop, and found a clean place to sit.

“Just in time, tell your story, maybe I’ll teach you a hand when I’m happy.” Avatar No. 1 said.

“It’s not really a novelty. My father mother is the Artifact Refinement Master on this street.”

“Three years ago, I was carrying a batch of goods to send to other places. immortal city, but that immortal city just happened to be breached by Monster Race, and my parents died in that catastrophe.” The boy said with a bitter face, thinking of himself who was unwilling to learn crafting from his father at that time, he felt regret.

“So before your parents left, you didn’t learn a little about your parents’ ability to refine weapons.”

“Yes.” The boy said bitterly, if he was alone, As long as you can eat enough, but I have a younger sister, the spirit root is ordinary, and as a big brother, I can’t let the younger sister be a mortal.

At this time, a pink and tender little girl came out of the backyard, looking like she was six or seven years old, holding an empty bowl in her hand and said, “big brother, I’m hungry~”

“Wait a second, after this spirit iron sword is formed, we will have a Spirit Stone, which can be bought for Dudu to eat pork knuckles.”

“Go back to sleep and wake up. There is a fragrant pork knuckle to eat.” The boy said with a smile, looking like the mainstay of the family.

“Well, I’m waiting for the big brother to come back.” The little girl drooled and returned to the backyard with an empty bowl.

The boy took out the hammer again and began to forge the spirit iron sword in front of him.

“Junior’s story has no twists and turns. Now Junior just wants to save more Spirit Stones to support himself and his sister.” The boy said and beat the spirit iron sword again.

“I’m a responsible young man. I don’t listen to your story for nothing, the refiner rune will do that.” No. 1 Avatar asked.

“Senior, I learned the rune that my parents left for me, and I have learned all the basic rune, but now there is no spiritual fire.”

“In addition, there is no more. The serious Artifact Refinement Master will teach the discipline again.”

“So it can only be like this.” The boy said, shaking the hammer in his hand.

“It’s very creative.”

Avatar No. 1 took over the hammer and spirit iron sword from the boy’s hands.

“Yes, Artifact Refinement Master aside, you are quite qualified as a blacksmith.”


Avatar No. 1 raised his hammer and hit the Spirit Sword twelve times.

A basic Magical Artifact Spirit Sword takes shape.

(End of this chapter)

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