My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 347

Chapter 347 Heaven and Human Help

It didn’t take long for the entire Hidden Spirit Sect to know that the cultivation technique that he cultivated was also known as the origin of Taoism.

For such an arrogant name, the low-key hidden Spirit Sect Disciple immediately silently changed the name of the cultivation technique he cultivated to the origin of Taoism.

In the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, Jian Wuji is checking with a jade slip.

“I suddenly don’t want to practice the cultivation technique of inheritance.” Jian Wuji said after reading the latest revision of Five Elements Secret Art.

“The Five Elements Secret Art created by the Great Elder is sure to be wide-ranging and profound, covering thousands of things. No matter what kind of Divine Ability, it can be matched with the Five Elements Secret Art.” Jian Wujichang Said with a breath.

The cultivation technique he inherited in the Cang Sword Sect is a cultivation technique that can be directly converted to True Immortal, called “Cang Lan sword art”.

According to his latest learning in the hidden Spirit Sect, the output is high, the speed is OK, and nothing else.

“Let’s switch to the cultivation technique. I told you before that you still dislike it, but now you know the benefits of the pentagon cultivation technique.” Han Feiyu said with a smile.

The cultivation technique developed by Jian Wuji is indeed very fierce and very difficult to deal with, but since the Hidden Spirit Sect, the drawbacks of the cultivation technique have gradually emerged.

I once had an appointment to fight Shadowthorn in a duel in the escape Great World, and was directly played by Shadowthorn as a monkey for a long time, and his mentality exploded.

From that time onwards, Jian Wuji understood the truth that fierce battles and strong attack power are not directly related to victory.

It was also a duel with Shadow Thorn, and Han Feiyu drew with Shadow Thorn.

Looking at the jade slip in his hand, Jian Wuji fell into contemplation.

In front of the hidden Spirit Sect treasure house, thousands of soldiers came to collect materials for outbound missions.

β€œTen Nascent Soul Realm puppets, 100 Golden Core Realm underwater Battle Puppets, Water Repelling Beads, Zhenhaizhu, reserve spiritual power bracelets.”

Millions of Soldiers Collect things while looking at the list.

“With this reserve spiritual power bracelet, you can change the color so much.” Ten thousand soldiers said, looking at the azure bracelet in his hand.

β€œThis is a recent invention of sect. The spiritual power in this reserve spiritual power bracelet perfectly matches the Spiritual Qi after your refining. It can be absorbed directly without refining again.” Grape explained.

“Is it so amazing?” Wanbing said looking at the reserve spiritual power bracelet in his hand, he originally thought that the original reserve spiritual power bracelet was powerful enough, and he could transform into himself with a little refining. the spiritual power.

Thousands of soldiers picked up the reserve spiritual power bracelet in their hands and absorbed it lightly, and burrowed directly into the Golden Core.

“Damn it, amazing.” Ten thousand soldiers exclaimed.

“What should I do after the bracelet’s spiritual power is exhausted.” Ten thousand soldiers asked again.

“As long as the sect is within the coverage of the space-based weapon satellite, it can be replenished at any time. If it is out of the sect’s range, it can be replenished with the Spirit Stone.”

“Haha, it’s good to have no worries in the future. The spiritual power is exhausted.” Ten thousand soldiers said joyfully.

At this time, in the battle royale game, Jian Wuji looked rather strange.

“What’s the matter.” Han Feiyu asked.

“It feels like this battle royale game has become real again.” Jian Wuji said, he actually felt the Nine Great Dao Artifact Spirit sword sealed in his body in the battle royale game.

The illusory shadow of nine Spirit Swords appeared behind Jian Wuji.

“Nine Dao Item Peak Spirit Swords, Wuji, you will not lack Spirit Swords in the future.” Han Feiyu said enviously.

“Would you like to send you three Spirit Swords?” Jian Wuji said with a smile.

“Forget it, the things you take out of your body will be put into mine.”

“It’s a bit unaccustomed to.” Han Feiyu said to the head.

At this moment, the two looked at each other with a tacit understanding, and attacked in one direction in an instant.

The Shadowthorn silhouette appeared, looked at the big hole in his chest, and disappeared into the battle royale world as an aura.

Before leaving, Shadowthorn’s eyes only revealed one message, that he would have to add money in the future.

“Haha, I finally got rid of this guy.” Jian Wuji said with a smile, just when the two of them talked just now, they wanted to draw the shadow thorns closer.

One hour later, the two walked out of the illusion room with dark faces.

“We are still too weak.” Jian Wuji said with a bit of frustration.

“didn’t expect the spell together to be so powerful.” Han Feiyu sighed.

When the two were approaching the finals, they encountered a Disciple who ranked in the top 100 in battle strength, and the Divine Ability of Five Elements directly blinded them.

“Let’s go find Senior Brother Lingtai.” Jian Wuji said.


At this time, Xu Fan was watching the six dragon eggs in front of him by the spiritual liquid lake, and the six dragon eggs had a friendly exchange, and the giant tortoise was training at the bottom of the lake.

“I don’t know when you will be able to break the shell.” Xu Fan said, looking at the six dragon eggs with more and more spiritual power.

After Xu Fan finished speaking, the six dragon eggs put out a word.

β€œOne more year?” Xu Fan said joyfully.

The six dragon eggs shook their heads.

β€œTen years?” Xu Fan complexion slightly changed.

Shakes his head again.

“One hundred years?” Xu Fan decided that if these six were shaking their heads, they would cut off their Spiritual Qi.

This time the six dragon islands are all nodded.

“Okay.” Xu Fan was a little disappointed for a moment, and a hundred years was neither long nor short.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly felt that the merit and luck condensed in him had suddenly increased by a large margin.

Xu Fan closed his eyes and calculated.

“Heaven and man help each other, Interesting, this is the atmosphere of great talents helping each other.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, on Jiufeng Island, a Divine Transformation cultivator who looks like a young scholar is walking in the mortal city.

The young scholar looked at the big city in front of him with wise eyes.

“The mortal people of the upper realm live so happily.”

“Heaven, Earth and Human, this side Heaven and Earth has begun to develop towards the Immortal Court of the upper realm.”

“The ruler of this area must be a great talent,” said the young scholar.

In the Small World, he was originally a jinshi, determined to serve the country and realize the rise of the kingdom, but he discovered an immortal cultivation technique halfway through, and after obtaining inheritance, he switched to immortal dao.

But he always had a dream in his heart to help the king govern the world.

At this time, the young scholar walked into a puppet station.

“There is still a quarter of an hour before the puppet car in Wangcheng will start briefly. Those who have a ticket hurry up and get on the bus.” The driver of the puppet car shouted.

“How much money will I need to go to the royal city?” the young scholar asked curiously, a light flashed in his eyes, can the common people use the methods of the Xianjia.

“10 yuan, which is a silver tael.” The driver said.

“Get in the car.”

“Go.” The young scholar took out a silver tael and handed it to the driver.

At this time, Feng Changning was watching the actions of the young scholar in the light curtain.

“Elder sister, there is hope for this one to stay.” Xiaoling said while sitting on Feng Changning’s shoulder.

“Yes, let’s go see him.” Feng Changning said.

Wangcheng is the largest mortal city on Jiufeng Island, with a resident population of three million.

In the station outside the city, the young scholar walked out of the station and looked at the surrounding buildings curiously.

“Sir, how do you feel about my Jiufeng Island?”

(end of this chapter)

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