My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 354

Chapter 354 Polite little white rabbit

As soon as the ring was over, the teenager next to the woman who was scolded by Xu Gang gritted his teeth and jumped into the ring.

It seems that I can’t beat it.

The teenager struggled a little inside, but the eyes looking towards Xu Gang seemed ancient well without ripples, like a sniper staring calmly at his prey.

“Interesting, you dare to come up when you see my last move, which proves that you have some skills.” Xu Gang said, looking at the calm teenager in front of him.

At this time, Ji Muhua looked at the boy with a strange expression from the stage.

He knows the level of this stuff too well, and it is estimated that in front of Xu Gang, it is the stuff that was taken away by three moves.

The only compliment is that the boy’s calm look is a bit expert.

“If I’m afraid to move forward even if I’m sparring, then my Dao Heart will be unbearable.” The boy indifferently said, and a Spirit Sword appeared in the boy’s hands.

A sword qi Xiao Xiao’s imposing manner rose from the boy.

“Interesting.” Xu Gang’s eyes lit up, feeling that this boy should be stronger than his good friends.

Three silhouettes of teenagers instantly appeared in the entire arena, charging towards Xu Gang with Spirit Sword in hand.

“Good swordsmanship!” Xu Gang praised.

The five-color Spiritual Qi instantly filled the ring, and a giant burning with the fire of chaos appeared.

Out of respect for the calm temperament of the young man, Xu Gang came up and opened up directly.

The giant instantly transformed into Three Heads Six Arms and shot at the teenager.


Everyone only heard the sound of an iron plate slapping meat, and saw a silhouette flying out of the Bailing ring.


Xu Gang withdrew from the natural phenomenon and looked at his good friend in the distance with some uncertainty.

It means whether the one who flew out just now is the real body of the boy.

Ji Muhua looked at the half-dead silhouette in the distance, helplessly nodded.

“The battle is over, Xu Gang wins.”

The referee’s voice sounded from the lark ring.

At this time, the expressions of everyone in the audience were very strange, and an indescribable emotion spread among the people.

Heaven’s Chosen in his sect was slapped in the air.

Xu Gang watched everyone in the audience react, nodded to Ji Muhua, and then took his daughter-in-law back to the Cave Mansion where they were entertained.

Volcano Fairy Town, the No. 1 Avatar with Xu Fan’s consciousness returned to No. 1 Refiner Palace.

“Awesome, No. 1, he actually absorbed Phoenix’s fire.” Xu Fan waved his hand, and a little god, Fire Phoenix, flew around Xu Fan.

“Is this the incentive for you to get out of my control? It’s a coincidence, right?” Xu Fan took control of the No. 1 Avatar and wandered around the Refiner Palace.

“I never thought about betraying you, you and I are still one.” Avatar No. 1’s voice came from within.

“I know, I’m also very at ease with you, don’t be nervous, this matter is easy to resolve.”

“Don’t kill your consciousness.” Xu Fan said with a smile .

“I know that even if I go to the ends of the earth, even if I escape from this realm, life and death are still in your mind.” The voice of Avatar No. 1 came.

“You just understand, now the sect side doesn’t need you to refine Dao Items, you’ll refine the Dao Items of our silly disciplines recently, and take over other tasks by the way, It depends on your mood.” Xu Fan said.


“Okay, then I’ll go back.” Xu Fan said, directly withdrawing the consciousness of Avatar No. 1.

Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan eyes slowly opened.

“As expected of the Avatar that was distributed from me, you have no ambition at all, but you are doing some little tricks, some escape plan or something.”

“Lazy than me, you can’t do anything. I don’t want to.” Xu Fan said with some disappointment.

According to his idea, Avatar No. 1 should have a complete plan to escape from his control, but the reality is that there is nothing.

β€œIt’s boring.” Xu Fan said and started the daily salted fish mode.

Before the main peak, in the garden of spiritual liquid lake, two deer were eating a peach on a tree with a snow-white rabbit.

“Hey, when did this little bunny come.” Xu Fan said while looking at the snow-white rabbit.

“This is the auspicious beast that Cloud Flower Deer often brings back as a guest, which is beneficial to the growth of the spiritual medicine Spirit Tree in the sector,” said Grape.

“Oh, that’s what it is, come back next time and treat yourself well.” Xu Fan said.


At this time, the little white rabbit, who was holding a peach, just turned his head and glanced at Xu Fan, who was drinking tea in the distance, and slightly paid his respects. .

“It’s quite polite, and at a glance, I know it’s the auspicious beast from the Great Sect Holy Land.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“This spiritual medicine rabbit should be the headquarters of the Elder Council, the auspicious beast in the spiritual medicine world, but the specific area is unknown.” Grape said.

“It’s a big one.”

After Xu Fan finished speaking, he began to use his consciousness to control a Divine Transformation Realm magic puppet in the shape of a mixed iron monkey with the help of grapes, and began his daily training. spider.

Outside the Fire Essence Mine, countless Dao Lingsi control the little spiders to death.

“Although you are a spider, you can’t play with me if you play silk.” Xu Fan looked at the little spider said with a smile.

“Damn, I lost to you again.” The crystal spider said and handed a demonic bone to the mixed iron monkey controlled by Xu Fan.

“I learned a lesson from you again, this is my loss.”

The demonic bones are filled with fire ant feces, which are purified from the fire ants’ bodies The purest Fire Spirit concentrate, which can be used to make main gun-level shells without any refining.

Xu Fan’s demon skeleton said with a smile to the crystal spider: “Do you want to learn, I have a lot of Divine Ability here.”

“No need. , our clan of crystal spiders has our own inheritance, which is very difficult to deal with, and we don’t need it now.” The spider web said with his fangs bare, and the spider web behind him was also retracted into her body.

“Oh, that’s fine.” Xu Fan controlled the mixed-iron monkey puppet to display a magic Divine Ability.

A dragon-devouring spider illusory shadow burning with magic fire appeared behind the mixed iron monkey, and Heaven and Earth were all shrouded in a spider web magic circle for a while.

The Earth Crystal Spider was so frightened that it fell directly to the ground, which was from the suppression on the bloodline.

“Dragon Devouring Spider!!”

“How can you have this Divine Ability.” said the crystal spider.

“Hehe, do you want to learn?” Xu Fan chuckled, his expression very proud.

This dragon-devouring spider was last time fishing with Wang Yulun. He caught a sea devil spider, and Xu Fan found the spider’s extraordinary.

Finally, half a drop of the blood essence of the dragon-devouring spider was extracted from its body.

This Divine Ability was derived by Xu Fan through the half-drop of blood essence.

“Learn, you must learn!” said the crystal spider joyfully.

“It’s still the old rule, exchange the feces of fire ants.” Xu Fan said with a smile.


The crystal spider returned to the huge nest of the fire ants.

Xu Fan looked at the back of the crystal spider, squinted and said, “Sometimes the person who poops on you doesn’t have to hurt you.”

“It doesn’t matter to you. The benefits may also be harming you.”

“The pits are everywhere.”

(End of this chapter)

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