My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Returns

After daily training the little spider, Xu Fan took Wang Yulun to go fishing at sea.

“Brother Xu, don’t come to me, I want cultivation.” Wang Yulun said resolutely, now only cultivation can make him feel happy.

Well, the momentum of the Divine Ability hasn’t passed yet.

“Come fishing with me, and I’ll show you what your grandson looks like.” Xu Fan said.

“Go~” Wang Yulun let go of his restless desire for cultivation this time.

On the sea more than 10,000 kilometers away from Yinling Island, Xu Fan and Wang Yulun were fishing in spirit boats.

But only Xu Fan was concentrating on fishing, while Wang Yulun smirked at the light curtain while holding a fishing rod.

“Okay, if you really like it, let Xiang Chi find a Dao Companion to have one.” Xu Fan said, looking at Wang Yulun, who was smirking.

At this time, Wang Yulun suddenly thought of something and said to Xu Fan, “Brother Xu, you didn’t give Xiang Chi a marriage plan.”

Looking at Wang Yulun expecting With his eyes, Xu Fan said, “Your eldest’s marriage is not in this world, and it is estimated that you will not be able to wait for a while.”

“It’s a white happy day.” Wang Yulun said again. looked towards the light curtain that Xu Fan projected for him.

β€œNever mind, I am a grandfather,” said Wang Yulun sighed.

“Don’t worry, your little grandson will return to the sect in the future, when the time comes you, the nameless grandfather, can take good care of his grandson.” Xu Fan said.


Wang Yulun broke the light curtain he was staring at just now, and looked at the sea in the distance with melancholy.

“Don’t worry, this world is like this, no matter how high the cultivation base is, there will be its own sorrows.”

“In contrast, you grandfather without a title It’s already much better.” Xu Fan quickly persuaded his brother when he saw that his brother was worried.

β€œYes, in comparison, my situation is already very good thanks to Brother Xu.” Wang Yulun sighed slightly.

“I always feel that your words don’t seem like you are complimenting me.” Xu Fan said a little bit.

At this moment, Wang Yulun’s fishing rod was pulled with great force, and it was pulled towards the endless seabed.

“I’m on the hook, Yulun resists.” Xu Fan said hurriedly, a powerful Divine Ability blessing on Wang Yulun.

β€œIt must be a big thing this time,” Wang Yulun said forcefully through gritted teeth.

After some tossing, with the combined efforts of the two, a giant eating octopus was dragged onto the spirit boat.

Xu Fan couldn’t wait to explore the octopus inside and out.

Well, another day without harvest.

Thinking of this, Xu Fan turned to Wang Yulun again.

I haven’t seen it for a while, and I have cultivated to Nascent Soul Realm. It is estimated that it will not take too long to advance to Divine Transformation. When the time comes, I will send a set of quasi-Dao Items, and I can reap another wave.

After half a day, Xu Fan set off for sect.

As soon as he returned to the sect, Xu Fan received a message that the Venerable had soared ahead of schedule in Yantian, because he couldn’t suppress the power in his body. After a rough preparation, the Thunder Tribulation soared.

Xu Fan got this news, looked towards the sky and said, “The two worlds have merged.”

At this time, just as Xu Fan sighed, a familiar silhouette entered into the endless sea.

Not long after, Ning Dao saw Yinling Island according to the position left by Xu Fan.

β€œBig Brother Ning, what made you come here in person.” Xu Fan asked.

Ning Dao saw Xu Fan go straight to the point and said: “Go back with the hidden Spirit Sect,”

“The whole sky blue state is going to be in chaos.”

At this time, the two came to the Hall of Welcome.

“Big Brother Ning, don’t worry, speak slowly.” Xu Fan personally brought a cup of spirit tea for Ning Dao.

“Sky Blue State, there is a natural passage with several thousands li in the Immortal City area, and there is a tendency to merge.”

“If we can’t keep it, we can only With the help of the Elder Council, the Great Ascension Monster Venerable was stopped, but generally Monster Race can’t stop it.”

“Our Linsen immortal city is not far from the Flying Scale immortal city. , all you need to sect back and protect the mortal country along the huge lake of hundreds.” Ning Dao said, with worry in his eyes.

“Understood.” Xu Fan said with a nod.

“Grape, inform the Disciple outside to return to the sect.”

“By the way, tell Xiaoling about the situation.” Xu Fan instructed.

“As you bid.”

“Big Brother Ning, after half a day, I will return to the hundreds of thousands li with the whole sect.” Xu Fan said, he thought that there would be One day, but didn’t expect to come so soon.

“Trouble the Great Elder.” Ning Dao said sighed in relief. Before he came, he was afraid that Xu Fan would not be willing to come back.

“When you signed the contract, you should abide by it.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

After Feng Changning got the news, he hurried to Yinling Island to ask Xu Fan.

“Great Elder, are you leaving?” Feng Changning said with a very reluctant expression.

“That’s right, something happened over there, and we have to go back.” Xu Fan said.

“But don’t be sad, I will leave another Artifact Spirit like Xiaoling to help you manage Jiufeng Island, and I will also leave a million Nascent Soul Realm-level puppets, one. Thousands of Divine Transformation Realm-level puppets, and one Void Refinement puppet.”

“Under the control of Artifact Spirit, at least you can guarantee the safety of Jiufeng Island.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Thank you Great Elder.” Feng Changning said in a salute.

“It’s all right.” Xu Fan waved.

After half a day, all the Disciples outside the hidden Spirit Sect all returned.

“Grapes, activate the sect site array, and teleport back to the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.” Xu Fan said.

β€œAs you bid.”

sect All Disciples appear above the main peak, looking outside waiting to be teleported.

“Great Elder, how many Spirit Stones are needed to teleport with sect.” Ning Dao asked curiously beside Xu Fan.

“Thirty million~”

“Thirty million Spirit Stone, I paid the Great Elder for this transmission fee.” Ning Dao heard the 30 million Spirit Stone himself. Still have the strength to come out.

β€œHigh grade Spirit Stone.”

β€œSince Big Brother Ning has spoken out, I will trouble Big Brother Ning to go to the treasure house to settle the bill.” Xu Fan said with a smile .

“Can I use my Dao Item Spirit Sword as a mortgage?” Ning Dao said with a bitter face.

“Haha, I’m just joking with Big Brother Ning.” Xu Fan said with a smile, making an Integration Realm suddenly come up with 30 million high grade Spirit Stones, it’s really hard for a strong man.

At this moment, a demon dao shadow appeared around Xu Fan, and then turned into a big beard man.

β€œSenior is here too,” Xu Fan said.

“Haha, how can such a big scene be without me.” Zhan Ling said with a big smile, and began to curiously look at rune wrapping the outer wall of Yinling Island.

“This time, I can see the whole sect moving with my own eyes. It’s not bad. I’ve seen it for a long time.”

At this time, a white shield covered the entire Yinling Island. , wrap the outer sect and guard Star Island all wrapped up.

A star-like light spot appeared on the white outer wall, and eight stars were the most dazzling.

At this moment, eight stars emitted dazzling rays of light, instantly turning the entire Yinling Island into a world of light.

An engine-like sound resounded in the sect, more and more striking.

(End of this chapter)

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