My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 365

Chapter 365 Monster Race Begins

The superior is staring at the Golden-Winged Great Peng, but at the same time the Golden-Winged Great Peng is also staring at the Protoss.

In the palace on the tortoise, the Golden-Winged Great Peng looked at the direction in which the Protoss disappeared and said helplessly: “The enemy of a lifetime.”

In the eyes of the Golden-Winged Great Peng, if Human Race has no Protoss, Monster Race only needs several decades to destroy this world Human Race.

At the same time, he also knew that if Monster Race hadn’t appeared, it is estimated that Human Race has been reproduced in the two worlds for dozens of generations now.

“Your Majesty, can’t you really suppress that Human Race Protoss?” The beauty whispered in the ear of the Golden-Winged Great Peng who had transformed into a human.

β€œNot in this realm.” Golden-Winged Great Peng shook his head.

“But I have left behind for Monster Race. As long as I ascend, our children will grow up and will lead Monster Race to dominate this world.” Golden-Winged Great Peng stroked the beauty stomach said.

The Golden-Winged Great Peng laughed, feeling the blood phoenix harboring offspring that echoed his bloodline.

As long as his child is given a thousand years to grow, then this realm will have no one to be his opponent except him and the Protoss.

At this moment, with the Spirit Sect hidden, Xu Fan had a headache when he saw Ning Dao who came to rush the goods.

“Big Brother Ning, Zhen Yaoxing is a Dao Item, it’s not Chinese cabbage, it can’t grow in a few days.” Xu Fan said helplessly.

“Great Elder, now the entire Linsen immortal city area has begun to be in chaos, and Monster Race has begun to appear outside immortal city.”

Ning Dao said, and turned to in the The sky casts a light curtain. Above is the map of the entire temporary immortal city area, with a long red line on it.

“The red line above is the natural passage between the two worlds that just appeared the day before yesterday. On the other side of the passage is the territory of the Moon Fox clan, and there is a Great Ascension Monster Venerable.” Ning Dao pointed to the red line and said.

“There’s only one butcher senior.” Xu Fan thought there were seven or eight when he heard sighed.

“The butcher Venerable has left, and a new Venerable has come, and he can only barely control the natural passage between the two realms over there.” Ning Dao sighed said.

“Okay, if necessary, I will let the Slayer senior take action.”

“The Great Elder is enough. Sky Surveyor and Demon Suppression will deliver the goods.” Ning Dao urges the goods on a daily basis.

β€œGot it.” Xu Fan said impatiently.

You have urged me 800 times a day, and all the Disciples of Refiner Dao in my sect have been controlled by grapes to refine Dao Items, what else do you want?

“Grape, look for the crafting genius in the game.” Xu Fan said.

“Understood.” Grape responded.

At this time, along the defensive line of the huge lake, a huge steel wall stretches across several tens of thousands of li, and millions of tool puppets are still being built, which means that all mortals are huge. City are included.

At this time, a black line appeared outside the Great Steel Wall. A continuous army of several dozen li Monster Races was about to attack the Great Steel Wall. The sky was like a dark cloud. The Great Wall of Steel.

At this time, Xiong Li stood on the steel Great Wall, looked at Monster Race in the distance, and said with a sneer, “Come here and put your teeth in.”

“Brother Xiong, this is Let me command this time, the last time you commanded is no different from not commanding, you might as well let the grapes come.” Wan Bing said.

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you this time.” Xiong Li said, he was really not suitable for command.

“Grape, grant thousands of soldiers the authority to command this Battle Puppet.” Xiong Li said.

“Instruction received, authorized.” Grape said.

“Haha, this time it’s finally my turn.” Wan Bing said excitedly, at this time he only felt that he had an extra projection map of this place, with countless red on it. Points, each representing a Battle Puppet.

“The first wave of coverage strikes.” Ten thousand soldiers said excitedly, controlling the space-based weapon satellites in the sky in their heads to attack.

“All Battle Puppets are divided into squares because of Monster Race attack.”

“The Divine Transformation Realm is the battalion pioneer with the shield and heavy armor, and the thorn puppet guards the Next to the heavily armored puppets to guard.”

“Melee puppets follow, spell puppets last.”

“All bow golems and cannons are empty.”

With the command of tens of thousands of soldiers, all the puppets run perfectly, which is hundreds of times stronger than that of the bear force commanding a meet force with force.

“That’s right, if there is such a task in the future, you will come to command and wake up.” Xiong Li nodded said.

“Thanks Eldest Senior Brother, I will follow you in the future.” Ten thousand soldiers said with a smile.


At this time, two giant hammers appeared in Xiong Li’s hand, and he jumped directly from the steel Great Wall.

“Eldest Senior Brother, don’t go directly, the space-based satellite has not yet hit.” Ten thousand soldiers quickly sounded transmission.

At this moment, hundreds of beams of light fell in the sky, directly hitting the Monster Race army.


The earth shook, Heaven and Earth changed color, and then a powerful shock wave spread all around.

Thousands of soldiers blocked the strong light with their hands, and said proudly: “This kind of shell should be used when space-based satellites attack such a large-scale Monster Race army.”

After the smoke was over, the Monster Race army was directly reduced by half and the rest were all injured by shocks.

At this time, all the puppet squads controlled by thousands of soldiers rushed towards the Monster Race.

Thousands of soldiers looked at the big pit that was blasted by the shells, shook them and said, “The Great Elder is right, in the future this stuff will be used less, or if a war ends, there will be no benefit at all. You can’t get it.”

The corpse of Monster Race is also a resource, the complete body can be refined into puppets, and the broken ones can be used as fertilizer and feed.

Now the defense line of the huge lake, hundreds of thousands li, has been transformed into farmland for the food needs of tens of billions of mortals.

What the sect needs most now is this fertilizer with Spiritual Qi.

In a short while, under the siege of more than 100,000 puppetsquads, the entire Monster Race army of hundreds of thousands was wiped out.

Xiong Li returned to the side of the thousands of soldiers with the blood dripping hammer.

“Yes, this time the puppet losses have been reduced a lot.” Xiong Li said.

“But we still lost more than 100,000 puppets.” Ten thousand soldiers sighed.

“If Grape is in command, the number of puppets lost can be reduced to less than 10,000.”

Xiong Li patted the thousands of soldiers on the shoulder and said: “This is sect is deliberately training us.”

“Two Sectors’ Great War, the troubled times have begun, so we must step up and grow under the protection of sect, so as to repay the grace of sect’s nurturing and teaching.”

Xiong Li looked at the direction of the hidden Spirit Sect and said that he hoped that he could grow up quickly to the point where he could really contribute to the sect.

“Eldest Senior Brother is right, we are too weak and can’t really contribute to the sect.”

“I want to grow up quickly, and strive to be able to command the puppet’s level later than the grapes. .” Ten thousand soldiers said firmly.

“Forget it. Recently, I feel that the grapes have become stronger again. If you want to surpass him, it is estimated that this generation will be out of play.” Xiong Li said with a smile.

“Eldest Senior Brother, don’t look down on people, when I comprehend that “Sanshen Huali”, you will know how good I am.”

“I’m waiting ~”

I failed to evolve three more beasts yesterday, mainly because the little bastard at home was angry with the pork. When I thought that this smelly brat would still be angry with me in the future, I instantly became unintentional. (Hydrology is Impossible Hydrology)

I just came back to adjust the state today, let’s see if I can make up for yesterday’s.

(End of this chapter)

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