My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 368

Chapter 368 is generally how general

The establishment of Yinling Academy, in addition to one more loss of freedom Xu Yuexian, and a little more daily computing power of grapes, probably one hair from So much for nine oxen.

With the massive outflow of Monster Race in the new natural passage between the two realms, the Great Steel Wall is just finished.

A hundred-meter-long light curtain, above which is the instant projection of the entire hundred thousand li lake and the hundred thousand li along the coast.

“The pre-arrangement is generally completed, and the rest is to strengthen the defense and prepare the mortals who will receive the shelter of the rest of the sects within the immortal city of Linsen.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

Three-fifths of the entire light curtain is marked with pale red, and there are densely packed red dots above, each of which represents the Monster Race detected by the grapes.

There are at least tens of millions of red dots lingering outside the Great Steel Wall, and there are occasional attacks on the Great Steel Wall.

Xu Fan looked at the attack received by the Iron Great Wall, touched the chin and said: “It seems that Battle Puppet is a little bit not enough,”

“Although the opponent’s average Nascent Soul Realm battle strength Level,”

“Grapes, speed up the Divine Transformation Realm puppet manufacturing speed, and build ten more production lines.”

“Don’t be stingy with computing power, when the time comes I’ll add a server for you. .” Xu Fan said.

“As you bid.”

“Count the time, Big Brother Ning should be coming.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, Ning Dao was looking at the Great Steel Wall in shock, and muttered: “How long does it take to seal off the entire coast of the huge lake!”


That is, when Xu Fan told him about the plan to protect mortals a few months ago, the steel Great Wall had already begun to be built.

Ning Dao didn’t expect that in just a few months, such a magnificent and sturdy defense line was built up

Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan received Ning Dao.

“Big Brother Ning, let’s be honest, there is no need to be polite in our relationship.” Xu Fan said, like I expected you to come.

“Great Elder, the Heavenly Demon Race wiped out three small sects in the atmosphere of Linsen immortal city yesterday, slaughtering more than 300 million mortals.” Ning Dao said through gritted teeth.

“Even if I transferred those puppets and sky surveyors to those sects, it would be futile. Now the only ones who can defend against Monster Race are your hidden Spirit Sects.”

“Big Brother Ning Meaning I understand, let’s move those people from the sect to the Great Steel Wall, and the Grape Club will arrange it.” Xu Fan said, these factors were taken into account when the Great Steel Wall was built.

“Also, I want to transfer the Immortal City of Linsen to the front of the Great Steel Wall. My Elder Council will fund it, and then go to the inland circle for 10,000 miles of the Great Steel Wall.” Ning Dao said.

β€œIs the immortal city still movable?” Xu Fan said, he did not find this function in the Formation on the wall of Linsen immortal city.

β€œI will ask the Elder Council Venerable to use Celestial Grotto to move the immortal city of Linsen over.”

β€œIn the future, the outermost line of defense, the hidden Spirit Sect and the Elder Council will Immortal city to defend together.” Ning Dao said.

Xu Fan’s eyes lit up, it seems that this proposal is okay.

A giant light curtain appeared in front of the two of them, and Xu Fan then circled another red line outside the Great Steel Wall, just enclosing the inner Great Steel Wall.

“In this way, my sect’s reserve of spirit iron will be limited.” Xu Fan said.

“Is it spiritual iron? I’ll take care of how much you need.” Ning Dao said, he thought it was some precious material.

“Big Brother Ning, this is not a matter of tens of thousands of pounds.” Xu Fan said.

“The Elder Council has an unlimited number of basic spirit ore quotas for spirit iron, as long as it is used reasonably.” Ning Dao said, which is why he dared to take it upon himself when he heard spirit iron.

β€œIs there any limit to Fire Spirit copper, perennial steel, meteorite iron, and Wood Spirit carbon?” Xu Fan thought of a lot of things in an instant.

As expected of the Elder Council that charges the entire central continent, it’s a fucking big deal.

“Meteorite can only be of the lowest quality, nothing else.” Ning Dao thought for a while and said, he never even looked at this basic level of spirit ore before.

“But it needs a reasonable reason for use. After mass use, the headquarters will come to check.”

“Haha, this is not simple.”

“Grape, come up with a complete usage plan for Big Brother Ning, and our enhanced steel Great Wall can be released.” Xu Fan said with a smile in a slightly excited tone.

Not long after, a jade slip sent by a puppet was handed to Ning Dao.

“My God, your plan is too meticulous. You even put the construction method of the Great Wall of Steel on it. It’s amazing!”

Ning Dao said and took out a small Small array plate, put out a small Transmission Formation, put jade slip on it.

“When Big Brother Ning’s spirit ore comes, my tens of millions of tool puppets will be able to work at full force again.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this moment, Ning Dao’s communicator rang.

“The headquarters has agreed, and spirit ore will provide all-out supplies, but Linsen immortal city can at least protect the normal life of 40 billion mortals.” Ning Dao frowned said, the original standard given by the Elder Council is each immortal city Three billion mortals.

“It’s a little urgent, but it’s just enough to use the Small World on the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

“There is also a Small World in Linsen immortal city, where Spirit Trees were planted in the past, so let’s use them now,” Ning Dao said.

“Then there is no problem.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Half a month later, an invincible Venerable of the Elder Council used a Celestial Grotto to move the entire immortal city of Linsen to a place 3,000 kilometers away from the Great Steel Wall

Countless immortal cultivators burst out of the immortal city and began to clear the surrounding Monster Race.

At the same time, tens of millions of infrastructure puppets began to work at both ends, building from both sides toward the predetermined location in the middle.

Thousands of magic puppets joined together to cast spells, and a 100-meter deep pit was formed, and then a giant puppet took the melting furnace and poured the molten steel that had already contained it. .

After the deep pit was filled with molten steel, a giant puppet fell onto the deep pit with a steel Great Wall module that had already been refined and engraved with an array, and then became one with it under the action of Formation .

In the periphery of the infrastructure puppet, there is also the guardian of the Battle Puppet, and from time to time there is a battle with the Monster Race that comes to harass.

In just one day, the steel Great Wall on both sides is 5,000 kilometers long.

Ning Dao’s jaw dropped in shock as he watched the speed at which the puppets were building the Great Steel Wall.

“Awesome!” didn’t expect this puppet has such an amazing role in addition to fighting.

“Are these puppets controlled by grapes?” Ning Dao asked.

“Yes, it’s Grape Avatar who controls this group of puppets.” Xu Fan said while controlling the puppets, the real body came out of the impossible, either Avatar or the puppet.

“It is expected that the Great Steel Wall will be built within a month. When the time comes, the normal Monster Race will not be able to destroy the Great Steel Wall at all.” Xu Fan said confidently.

“How general is it?” Ning Dao curiously asked.

“Void Refinement Realm Monster Race, after all, there are not many Integration Realm Monster Races, Transcending Tribulation Realm dare not come out, Great Ascension Realm Monster Venerable is not necessary, just find someone to target.” Xu Fan said with a smile .

(End of this chapter)

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