My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 370

Chapter 370 Monster Venerable

Xu Gang showed great divine might, which was reported to Xu Fan by Grapevine.

The reason is a serious departure from the sect fighting style.

“Haha, I’ll tell my silly discipline later, I have to give you a chance to make fertilizer.” Xu Fan said.

Xu Fan is not disgusted by Xu Gang’s brutal methods.

He knew that Xu Gang was the one who escaped from the ruined immortal city. He had seen the performance of Monster Race’s wanton slaughter and devouring Human Race after the city was broken, and his wife was forced to Use your life to save him.

Whoever it is, from then on, there will be no sympathy for Monster Race.

If it wasn’t for his brain hole, it’s estimated that his silly method would be even more brutal.

Having a Monster Race lava bath, that’s just a good way to die fast.

Xu Fan immediately sent Xu Gang a message and got an immediate response.

“I know Master.”

“The discipline that listens to Master’s words is still a good one.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Grape, is there anything that needs attention in the game during this period of time?” Xu Fan asked.

“The virtual game is running well on the whole, with the emergence of heavenly puppet masters. Some mortals have more innate talent than some sect Heaven’s Chosen.” Grape said.

There are more than 100 small light screens in front of Xu Fan, and each light screen shows a professional genius of the puppet master.

The two largest light curtains have information about young people, and the other is a middle-aged butcher.

Xu Fan watched the boy fighting scene, nodded, and fiddled with the boy’s light curtain to one side.

“The perfect control type of youth, focus on training.”

After speaking, he looked towards another light curtain.

“This middle-aged butcher is the father of the Saint Physique Disciple of Wan Lei.” Xu Fan took a closer look at his face, then closed his eyes and divination in his mind.

After a long time, Xu Fan exhaled a turbid breath, touched his head and said with a smile: “This cannot afford to offend, and we will focus on training in the future.”

“As you bid .”

Xu Fan wanted to take a look at the history of this middle-aged butcher, but didn’t expect his consciousness to be pulled directly into a sea of thunder.

“It’s not the reincarnation of the big shot, it’s the reincarnation of the primordial True Spirit.”

“I don’t know if I can live with such a big cause and effect.” Xu Fan smiled bitterly.

In a mortal city 150,000 miles away from Linsen immortal city.

“Go! Escape to the Northwest, where there are immortals to defend against these man-eating Monster Races.”

The voice echoed in this mortal city.

Above the great city of mortals, three cultivators of the Divine Transformation Realm are looking at the mortals who descended to the great city with heavy expressions and sadness.

“Senior Brother Jianyuan, all the children with spirit root in the city have been received into the Palace Magical Artifact.” said a Divine Transformation Realm Cultivator.

The cultivator headed by looked at the mortals below and asked solemnly, “Is there still room for the magic weapon in the palace?”

“It can accommodate more than a thousand mortals.”


“Save all the children under the age of six, it should be enough to squeeze.” The leader of the cultivator sighed said, this is the eighth Human Race city.


The Divine Transformation cultivator who spoke turned into a cloud of smoke and fled towards the big city.

The cultivator headed by looked towards the distance, muttered: “Can you withstand it?”

“Let’s take a look, there are several elders in the sect, and it is estimated that it can be stable for a while. Time.”

One hour later, above the great city of mortals, there were three escaping lights escaping into the distance.

Beyond the mortal city several hundred li, there are tens of thousands of Monster Race as pioneers, sweeping the surrounding mortal villages.

In a mountain range, an Integration Realm cultivator looked at the three returning cultivators with hopeful eyes.

“Great Elder, I have brought you the children with spirit root in that great city of mortals,” said the leading cultivator.

“I just received the news from the guardian of Linsen immortal city Ningdao, let’s move the entire sector to the new Linsen immortal city.” Integration Realm cultivator said.

“Really, what about the mortals out there.” Divine Transformation cultivator asked.

“Bring all the magic weapons of our little Cloud Sect in the space and starry sky, and go all out to collect mortals and teleport them to the immortal city of Linsen.”

“The guardian envoy said, just teleport to Linsen. immortal city, those mortals they will receive.”

“Only one condition is to fully protect the mortals to the immortal city of Linsen.” Integration Realm cultivator said.

“very good, our little Cloud Sect is saved!”

Scenes like this are staged in many small sects.

In the immortal city area of Linsen, the steel Great Wall has been built to half of the plan.

At this moment, Ning Dao had a headache staring at a message.

“Who killed the only Little Princess of the Moon Fox Monster Race, wouldn’t it be nice to keep it in exchange?” Ning Dao said with a headache.

Just now he received a message from the Elder Council that the daughter of the Moon Fox clan, Monster Venerable, was killed here. Monster Venerable was furious and wanted to take revenge in person.

Ning Dao read the message again, and sighed said: “It seems that the Elder Council can’t support this side.”

“It can only rely on the brother.”


At this time, Xu Fan, who was paying attention to not appearing on the battlefield, received a call from Ning Dao.

β€œBig Brother Ning, don’t rush~~” Xu Fan said impatiently.

“It’s not this, I want to ask if you have ever killed a Void Refinement Realm’s more special female fox demon, the kind with a more beautiful shape.” Ning Dao said.

“Uh, it seems Xu Gang killed one, what’s wrong.” Xu Fan asked.

Xu Fan said and sent the light and shadow of the female fox demon who killed Xu Gang to the moon fox clan.

“Yes, this is the one.”

“She is the only daughter of the Monster Venerable of the Moon Fox clan, and it is estimated that he will pass the natural passage despite the danger of being targeted by the Elder Council. Come and take revenge.” Ning Dao looked exactly like you.

“How about the Monster Race battle strength.” Xu Fan asked, that was before he would run immediately with a sect.

Now we need to see if Zhan Ling can beat it. The current Hidden Spirit Sect is also a Great Sect with Great Ascension Venerable.

Ning Dao started to have a headache when he saw Xu Fan’s expression that something was obviously wrong and would run away.

“Battle strength is average, that is, the unorthodox way is a little more weird, but it’s not as weird as you.” Ning Dao said carefully, trying not to be so scary.

“Oh, that’s alright, now I’ll let Zhanling senior go to the Steel Great Wall to guard for a while.”

Xu Xu Fan didn’t panic at all, isn’t he a Great Ascension Monster Venerable .

After the two ended the call, Xu Fan came to Li Xingci’s small courtyard.

As to why you are here. Because the Great Ascension Venerable is teasing the child.

Zhan Ling held Li Chufan and talked about his glorious achievements.

“Chufan, do you know that when grandfather was young, it was the existence of a bloody avenue that slashed the entire heavenly demon continent.”

“Like what Heavenly Dragon Demon Venerable, Sea Swallowing Demon Venerable, Poison Spirit Demon Race, as long as your grandfather is unhappy, saying that one strike will not use a second strike.” Zhan Ling held Li Chufan in one hand and waved the other.

Li Xingci looked helplessly as Zhan Ling was instilling bad thoughts into his child.

(End of this chapter)

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