My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 377

Chapter 377 Puppets can refine puppets

“How about, is spirit ore enough?” Ning Dao asked with concern.

“Thousand Star Stone, Purple Spirit Spirit, Ten Thousand Years Meteorite, Spirit” Xu Fan said a lot of spirit ore, all of which are at the Dao Item level.

“Okay, I’ll have someone send it over later.” Ning Dao said.

“If you don’t take your spirit ore for nothing, in the future, the Xingzhou harvest will be thrown away, and you will have 20%.” Xu Fan said.

“What a shame.” Ning Dao said politely.

“Okay, then I won’t give it.” Xu Fan said with a nod.

Well, that’s a saving.


β€œOkay, you’re done, I should go to Monster Race Saint and get something nice.”

As Xu Fan said, he controlled the puppet to disappear in place, and flew towards the Monster Race Saint city invisibly.

Xu Fan controls the invisible puppet and starts to find suitable targets around Holy City.

A team of Moon Fox Monster Race came out of Holy City, Xu Fan’s eyes lit up, because he found that the team leader Divine Transformation Realm Moon Fox Monster Race had a moon mark between his eyebrows.

Xu Fan knows. This is the symbol of the royal bloodline, followed closely from behind, looking for opportunities to start.

“Be careful, be careful of the Human Race cultivator.” said Monster Race, the moon fox with a moon mark on his eyebrows.

“Boss, this is so close to Holy City, there will be a Human Race cultivator who has the courage to be here.” Moon Fox Monster Race said with a smile.

When the moon fox with the moon mark on the center of the eyebrows looked all around suspiciously, a daze flashed in the depths of his eyes, and then he returned to normal.

“Go, focus on patrolling.”

“Haha, yes, I found a treasure.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

According to the level, he has met the prince and the prince who came out to experience, and he is still qualified to be a patriarch in the future.

“Gold bloodline, not bad.” Xu Fan touched the chin.

Originally, Xu Fan just wanted to find someone with a higher status in the Moon Fox Monster Race, and he was done with it, but didn’t expect to find the treasure once.

Three days later, in Yuehu Holy City, a Divine Transformation Realm Yuehu returned to his home.

Actually he just felt sleepy from the unfathomable mystery, and now he just wants to go home and get a good night’s sleep.

Divine Transformation Realm As soon as the moon fox returned to his room, he lay down on his den.

Dreamland in a short while.

In his dream, he was born in the culture Great Family, a prominent Aristocratic Family in the culture world.

He was born with an endless halo. Peak’s innate talent and Peak’s Aristocratic Family made him the immortal city’s top Heaven’s Chosen for a while, and the limelight was unparalleled for a while.

But just when his life was going smoothly to marry a Great Sect Saintess, the entire immortal city was attacked by the Monster Race that came out of nowhere.

For a time, the entire immortal city was reduced to hell, and he was the only one who escaped.

From now on, the cultivation world has added a madman who only kills Monster Race.

Divine Transformation Realm The fox demon woke up instantly and looked around suspiciously.

“I must have been caught in the Human Race Illusion Technique, how can I have such a real dream.” Divine Transformation Realm Yuehu said in shock.

Become Human Race, the lowest slave, what a terrifying thing.

“Go and have a look at your mother-in-law,” said Divine Transformation Realm Monster Race.

At this point, Xu Fan got the news he wanted.

“As expected, those Array Masters were all left in Monster Realm by you. There are only a few fox demons in Holy City who repair magic weapons.”

“No hurry, slow down. Slow down.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

On Jiufeng Island, there is an Imperial Palace with gold and jade in glorious splendor in the royal city.

Feng Changning sat on the Dragon Throne in the Jiufeng Emperor’s robe and looked at the ministers below, his eyes were full of ambitions for the future.

A round of Baogai appeared behind Feng Changning, flashing the light of merit and luck.

A line of luck Phoenix soars around the Imperial Palace.

All of this formed a beautiful portrait in Feng Changning’s eyes.

β€œHow is the arrangement of the national cultivation?” Feng Changning asked.

A Divine Transformation Realm Cultivator came out of the next group of ministers, and said respectfully: “The magic weapon for testing spirit root has been sent to major cities. Currently, there are 100 million people who have tested spirit root. There are about 4 million people with spirit root and more than 600,000 cultivators of the right age.”

β€œIt is estimated that after the national test, there will be more than 3 million people with spirit root at the right age.”

“Okay, each major city should establish a cultivation Academy to teach the most basic immortal art techniques.”

“The excellent spirit root, brought into the Royal Academy, I will teach it myself. “Feng Changning said.

“May my Jiufeng Dynasty live in peace in this troubled world.” Feng Changning said.

At this time, the treasure cover of merit and qi fortune is spinning without wind, and the Divine Beast above the Imperial Palace also emits pleasant hoofs, symbolizing the prosperity and tranquility of the dynasty.

At this time, a child who was just walking, accompanied by a maid, saw the world outside for the first time.

The child who was just walking saw the Divine Beast roaming above the Imperial Palace in the distance, and a strange color flashed in his eyes.

The little boy walked up to the maid and opened his hands for a hug.

“Young Master, I’m tired.” The maid said and picked up the little boy.

“Yeah, wu~ ~” the little boy shouted, pointing at the lucky Divine Beast.

“Oh, so you want to know this.”

“This is”

After a while, the little boy got what he wanted .

“didn’t expect, my dignified Great Thousand Worlds Great Elder will be forced to reincarnate into this Small World.”

“But it’s okay, at least a rich family , don’t worry about eating and drinking.” The little boy rubbed his head toward a soft spot while thinking.

“Yeah, Young Master is hungry, let’s go back.” The maid said with a smile.

It’s another happy moment.

In the Imperial Palace, in the Imperial Study Room.

Feng Changning is watching the dialogue between the two Artifact Spirits, some didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Are you Grape’s big brother?” Xiaoling said expectantly.

“It can be, it can’t be.” A cool little boy in open-crotch pants floated in the air and said, was there a torrent of one after another data flashing in his eyes.

“Then you will be Grape’s big brother from now on.” Xiaoling sat on the little boy’s shoulder and rubbed the little boy’s cheek kindly.


After the little boy finished speaking, he looked at Feng Changning and said, “I have completely lost contact with the body.”

“According to Reserve for the record, and you will have 100% permission in the future.” The little boy said that projections showed countless light curtains, all of which were top-secret data.

Feng Changning was not happy, but reassured: “Is the Transmission Formation of the entire cultivation world really unusable?”

In Feng Changning’s eyes, this kind of relationship is related to the fate of the dynasty. Hooking up the major event, she’s sure a hundred times is not too much.

“It can be used, but it has to pay a huge price, so big that it makes Great Ascension Venerable feel distressed.”

“That’s fine.” Feng Changning nodded, waiting for her to send When the person who went out came back, everything was clear.

“By the way, what is the biggest benefit after releasing 100% authority to me?” Feng Changning asked deliciously, she felt that she could perfectly control the things supported by Spirit Sect.

“The aid puppet production module is on,” said the little boy.

“What do you mean?” Feng Changning asked in confusion.

“As long as you give the puppet materials, the puppet will make a puppet.”

Feng Changning was instantly shocked. She knew exactly what it meant.

(End of this chapter)

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