My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 381

Chapter 381 Two Irons

Xu Fan watched this group of Fox Race Artifact Refinement Master satisfied with the injected with chicken blood in the underground space.

“Value, it’s really too straight.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Now the Disciple that hides the Spirit Sect refiner lineage has finally been liberated. Although the refiner was controlled by Grape for a period of time, the refiner level has increased rapidly, but it will eventually affect these Disciples over time. The future road of refining will have an impact.

Now there are Artifact Refinement Masters of the Moon Fox clan, just like driving someone else’s car, or an enemy’s car, no matter how you drive it will not feel bad.

Now hundreds of Fox Race Artifact Refinement Masters are refining Treasure Items for daily Disciple.

“You said that this life will not make you perfect.”

“In the past, there was a spirit ore, but the Artifact Refinement Master was missing, and now the Artifact Refinement Master has it, spirit ore It’s starting to be missing again.”

“I don’t know how Pang Fu is doing now.” Xu Fan sighed. The failure of Transmission Formation interrupted many of Xu Fan’s plans.

Now the Yinling Chamber of Commerce can no longer send resources to Yinling Island, and all refining spirit ore must be mined by themselves.

“Grape, you can now control up to several Artifact Refinement Masters to refine Dao Items.” Xu Fan asked.

“Four is the limit, but you can refine six Dao Items at the same time without any loss,” Grape said.

โ€œNo loss?โ€

โ€œOne Dao Item costs one month of Fox Race Artifact Refinement Master.โ€

โ€œThatโ€™s good.โ€ Xu Fan said with a smile, an Artifact Refinement Master and a Dao Item, this looks very cost-effective.

At this time, Xu Fan entered a secret room. There is a Divine Transformation Realm’s Refiner Sect division of the Moon Fox Race. At this time, he was refining an important Dao Item with the second Avatar.

At this point, the shape of the Dao Item has taken shape, a Dao Item like an oh la la circle.

“Ontology, you’re here.” Avatar No. 2 greeted him lightly.

โ€œWell, how does this monthโ€™s Fox Race Refiner Sect feel.โ€ Xu Fan asked.

“Very well, there are more than 30 fairy texts under control, and the most precious Space Attribute world character fairy text can definitely complete the vacancy in our control of rune.” No. 2 ontology indifferently said.

“The Dao Item Najie Pagoda that is being refined now, with this immortal script, the quality will definitely rise to a new level.” No. 2 Avatar said while uniting with the Moon Fox Monster Race The Refiner Sect division characterizes the array.

“Wait, this Dao Item will take a year.” No. 2 Avatar directly said the answer to the next question Xu Fan wanted to ask.

“Okay, I know, take your time, I won’t disturb you.” Xu Fan said and walked out of the secret room.

In immortal city, Volcano Fairy Town, No. 1 Avatar is refining a Dao Item, and a teenager next to him is worshiping and watching No. 1 Avatar.

“didn’t expect my Ertie to be able to worship Master Refiner Sect as my master.” Ertie said to himself.

“I didn’t accept you as a Disciple, your current status is just my janitor boy.” Avatar No. 1 said while refining the device.

The two irons are also counted as Master’s people. Ertie solemnly vowed said.

“As you think, don’t use my name when you go out in the future.” Avatar No. 1 said.

At this time, Ertie said cautiously: “What about the things that others forcibly stuffed me. “

“Take it, this thing is okay.” “No. 1 Avatar said with a smile.

“many thanks Master.” Ertie said excitedly.

“Have you heard the news you asked about?” Avatar No. 1 asked.

“I made it clear, it is said that the superior fought against the Golden-Winged Great Peng of the Monster Realm. First, the Golden-Winged Great Peng blocked all Transmission Formation in the cultivation world, and then went to the Zun was furious and directly and permanently blocked all Transmission Formation and communication systems of the cultivation world and Monster Realm. Ertie said simply.

“When will it recover, do you know. Avatar No. 1 asked again.

“This was not inquired at that time, and it is estimated that it will not recover in a while. Ertie said.

For him, he has lived in the immortal city since he was a child, and it doesn’t matter if the Transmission Formation is sealed or not.

“I see, leave it to you.” a task. Avatar No. 1 said and took out a jade slip and handed it to Ertie.

“The spirit ore materials above, you can go outside to find them. Three spirit ores in sufficient quantity will allow me to make Dao once.”

Item . Avatar No. 1 said, the spirit ore in jade slip is extremely rare and cannot be bought through normal channels.

“Master, leave it to me.” Ertie said happily, every time he went out, many powerful cultivators begged him to ask his master to help them refine Dao Item.

โ€œsmelly brat. “No. 1 Avatar said with a smile.

Seeing the disappearance of the second iron, No. 1 Avatar’s expression became unfathomable.

“Ontology, did you think I would take advantage of it?” This opportunity has completely cut ties with you. “

“Sorry, you think too much, I’m going to find you now. “No. 1 Avatar said with a smile.

“Going out and risking being obliterated to wander, how can you be comfortable with salted fish by your side.” “

“I’ll find you when I refine the spaceship for travel.” “No. 1 Avatar said with a smile.

At this time, the second iron was directly surrounded by a group of people. As the Transmission Formation of the entire cultivation world failed, those who stayed in the volcano fairy town to refine Dao Item The cultivator is even more insane.

When Transmission Formation was here, those Refiner Sect teachers were so hard to find, and it is estimated that it will be even more difficult to find in the future.

โ€œLittle brother, last time let me Is the news you inquired about? “A Divine Transformation Realm Cultivator said and put another storage bag into Ertie’s arms in a clever way.

Ertie looked at the cultivators surrounding him and stuffed it into himself.

The cultivators with the most things sent sound transmission one by one, making them wait for them somewhere.

The cultivators that were sent by the sound transmission quietly continued to please the second iron, but their hearts had already begun to ecstasy, Thinking that I finally got the chance.

The original Refinement Shop of the Second Railway has gathered more than ten cultivators at this time, and there is even a Great Ascension Venerable.

โ€œlittle brother, Is Grandmaster about to take an order? The crowd asked impatiently.

Ertie handed a jade slip to the nearest cultivator and said, “Please project the contents of the senior. “


A light curtain appeared in the midair, and above it were all kinds of precious Dao Item level spirit ore.

“Master said , three kinds of spirit ore in exchange for a chance for master to make Dao Item. “

“Whoever collects the three spirit ores above will be able to exchange for the chance for Master to make his first shot.” “Ertie said, a pair of your usual things are not free.

Everyone looked at each other and then thanked Ertie.

“Divine Source iron, spiritual heart I have the spar and the Beixuan Earth Core. “Said a Great Ascension Realm Venerable.

“I have the Ascension Iron, Fire Spirit, Magic Disk Monster Corpse,” an Integration Realm cultivator asked excitedly.

” Bronzeโ€

The second iron took out a small notebook and wrote down the names according to the order.

In just three days, the second iron put together the spirit ore needed by the No. 1 Avatar. Qi.

It’s my child’s birthday, and I drank some wine with my friends. I’m a little confused. I’ll make up for the later chapters.

(End of this chapter)

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