My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 388

Chapter 388 Saving the disciples and grandchildren

After an extravagant banquet, everyone was full.

“Shanchen senior, now I am a Refiner Sect teacher. What I promised you back then should now be fulfilled.” Xu Fan said.

“Refiner Sect Master!” Shan Chen exclaimed in surprise. Now the most popular in the entire cultivation world are Artifact Refinement Master and Alchemist Grandmaster.

“Yes, the one certified by the Elder Council, I am still close friends with the Refiner Palace Palace Lord.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Then I’ll have to call you Grandmaster in the future.” Shan Chen said, a little excited in his words. The original Xu Fan promised him to become a Refiner Sect master and help him refine a piece suitable for him. Dao Item.

“Senior should call me Xu Fan. The grace of protection that accompanied me back then was unforgettable.” Xu Fan said.

That section of the road, in Xu Fan’s opinion, is one of the few trips in life that cannot be guaranteed to be 100% safe. .

So this kindness is very important in Xu Fan’s heart.

“It’s just no effort at all, what’s the point of it.” Shan Chen said, the idea of making this agreement was to take advantage of it, after all, a Dao Item is still very tempting.

“Will senior live here in the future?” Xu Fan asked. He was very curious about the planet on this waterway and had many questions.

“Yes, it hasn’t been a long time since the new store opened here. Now is the time when there is a shortage of manpower. I should be here in a hundred years.” Shan Chen said.

At this time, Shan Chen took out a storage bag and handed it to Xu Fan.

“This is the spirit ore I’m going to refine the Dao Item. I’m a body cultivator. The Grandmaster can help me build a pair of hard Dao Item armor.” Shan Chen said.

“What weapon does the senior need?” Xu Fan asked.

“Gloves, but not as important as armor,” Shan Chen said.

Xu Fan took the time to glance at the spirit ore in the storage bag, which are some basic spirit ore for refining Dao Item, and the refined Dao Item is used when Void Refinement is combined.

“Understood.” Xu Fan said, just when he saw Shanchen’s fight with Monster Race, the Dao Item refined for him was also a Dao Item glove.

“Then I will trouble the Grandmaster.” Shan Chen said politely.

“By the way, you are that sect.” Shan Chen asked, and now all who can get here are some top sect Holy Land in the central continent.

He thought Xu Fan and the others were the Refiner Sect divisions on board.

“Hidden Spirit Sect, an unknown small sect.” Xu Fan said.

“The one who owns the star boat is still a small sect.” Shan Chen said with a smile.

At this time, Shan Chen’s communicator suddenly rang.

“The leader is calling, I’ll go first, and we’ll be chatting later.” Shan Chen left the restaurant after exchanging the magic signal of communication with Xu Fan and the others.

β€œThis Shanchen senior is still the same as before.” Xu Gang exclaimed.

“Why, can a man become a woman?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Xiang Chi, what’s the matter.” Xu Fan asked. When he was eating just now, he felt that the third child was very preoccupied.

“Master, I saw Wuji on the second floor. Although he used Divine Ability to make a facelift, the strong aura of vitality in his body has not changed.”

“He was accompanied by a The white haired old man is probably the Nine Swords Venerable that took him away.” Wang Xiangchi said, he was debating whether to bring the discipline back to the hidden Spirit Sect.

“What do you think.” Xu Fan said.

“It is estimated that Wuji’s Nine Swords Venerable following that person is better than following me.” Wang Xiangchi said in a low tone.

“You want to bring Wuji back,” Xu Fan said, breaking Wang Xiangchi’s thoughts.

He also understands Wang Xiangchi, the discipline he cultivated hard, if you say a word that suits inheritance, your nine swords lineage will take away the discipline, and no master can bear it.

“Well, compared to the future, I think it is the most promising to have an Ancestor Master like you around.” Wang Xiangchi said.

Hearing this sentence, Xu Fan showed a honeyed smile, such a fresh and refined flattery, he had not experienced it for a long time, and with this sentence, he had to go out in person.

“Yes, I will personally go out and rescue Wuji.” Xu Fan said, deceiving the Great Ascension Venerable with some wicked tricks, he was still confident for a moment.

When the time comes, bring Jian Wuji back to the star boat, and leave immediately, even if you run to death, the Great Ascension Venerable will not be able to catch up with the star boat.

“Save Wuji this time, and go to the star next time to take a look.”

“Grape, inform all the staff of Xingzhou, just go back to Xingzhou in a day, When I bring Wuji back, we will start the starship and go home.” Xu Fan said.

On the third floor of Heaven’s Mystery Building, a white-haired old man and a teenager were in front of a street stall, bargaining with the stall owner.

β€œThis Star Stone is worth up to 500 high grade Spirit Stones, no more.” said the white haired old man.

“Senior, how many years ago did you get this price, and now Two Sectors’ Great War, spirit ore has gone up.”

“Minimum 3,000 high grade Spirit Stone , if it doesn’t work, then senior please look elsewhere.” The stall owner said with a smile, there was no sarcasm in his polite eyes.

It is not easy to come here, and none of them can be offended.

Jian Wuji, who was watching the play on the side, was a little helpless. I have been following the famous Venerable for more than two years. Apart from learning a little Jiujian lineage fur cultivation technique, there are other benefits. did not receive.

I have nothing to do all day wandering around, but my strength is really strong.

Jian Wuji saw the Nine Swords Venerable kill a Monster Race Monster Venerable with one sword.

Now they come here on a Holy Land starship, saying that they are going to another immortal city by another starship.

But now, although he has a strong master as his teacher, he still misses the life of the hidden Spirit Sect, which is the sect life he yearns for the most.

At this moment, Jian Wuji suddenly saw a familiar silhouette.

Xu Fan smiled and walked towards Jian Wuji.

At this moment, Jian Wuji felt that Xu Fan turned into a ray of light, shining on his boring world.

At this time, the white haired old man was still haggling with the stall owner, completely ignoring Xu Fan’s arrival.

Xu Fan passed Jian Wuji without any waves.

The white haired old man has been talking with the stall owner about the one hour price, and finally sold it at 1,600 high grade Spirit Stone.

“Disciple, let’s go, we’re going to set off for the star boat.” said white haired old man laughed.

“Got it.”

At this time, Xu Fan was sitting on the star boat with Jian Wuji and had already left the star for one hour.

Jian Wuji is excitedly telling Wang Xiangchi about his experience in the past two years, complaining about how boring it is to be around Jiujian Venerable, saying that he can’t learn anything at all.

Listening to Jian Wuji’s words, Xu Fan felt a little uneasy at this time.

Looking at the speed of the star boat, Xu Fan said: “This speed should not be surpassed by the Great Ascension Venerable.”

Xu Fan’s tone of speech is a bit uncertain, at least he I feel that the superior should be able to.

At this moment, a sword light galloped.

(End of this chapter)

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