My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 400

Chapter 400 Bombing outside the Great Wall of Steel

Just as Xu Fan was thinking about follow-up plans, dozens of light curtains appeared beside Xu Fan.

Outside the Great Wall of Steel, a huge army of Monster Race gathers.

This time silhouettes of the four Great Demons appeared in the monster beast army.

In the sky there are four illusory shadows of Monster Venerable, and there is an amazing murderous aura in the air.

“Yo hoo, I don’t have a long memory, Monster Race dares to gather on a large scale.” Xu Fan said, looking at the large gathering of Monster Race in the light curtain.

“Grape, the four Monster Venerables will come with one main gun.”

“The secondary gun covers the strike.” Xu Fan waved his hand and said.

If the Transmission Formation hadn’t been sealed and the supply of raw materials for making the main cannonballs was cut off, Xu Fan would have dared to use the main cannons to kill the four Monster Venerables.

β€œAs you bid.”

At this time, above the steel Great Wall, Xu Gang looked at the illusory shadow of the four Monster Venerables in the distance and the still gathering Monster Race army Showing a fascinated smile.

“These Monster Races always think that the number of them is great.” Zhan Ling disdainfully said, he knew that there was something in the sky that could directly fire the shells on the star boat.

β€œIt’s also a case of a large number,” Xu Gang said.

At this time, a giant aura soundproof shield was raised on the Great Steel Wall, which firmly protected the Great Steel Wall with several tens of thousands of li.

“It’s started.” Xu Gang said, looking deep into the sky.

At this time, the clouds in the sky seemed to be rendered by red ink, and the positive sky was dyed pale red.

The four four Monster Venerables all looked up towards the sky, looked at each other, and all rushed to the sky, trying to stop the things in the sky from falling down.

“It doesn’t look stupid, it’s just that you overestimate your own strength.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Just after the four Venerables rushed to the sky, a huge rumbling sound resounded between Heaven and Earth, and the four huge sound waves directly shook the weak little demon to death.

The sky has completely turned into red, and then tens of thousands of beams of light fell, as if the world was leveled, directly shrouding the area outside the Great Steel Wall.

In an instant, heaven falls and earth rends, mountains and rivers pour back, and endless torrents of rocks and rocks impact the shield of the Great Steel Wall.

The explosion lasted a full quarter of an hour.

When the smoke cleared, a scene of hell appeared in front of everyone on the steel Great Wall.

“It’s really too terrifying.” Zhan Ling said, this bombing did not know how many Monster Races were killed.

At this time, Xu Gang had a strange look in his eyes.

“When will my Divine Ability have such formidable power?” Xu Gang said silently in his heart.

“Human Race Venerable, you guys are so cruel!” Moon Fox Venerable appeared outside the Great Steel Wall with a horrific illusory shadow.

“…” Hu Xiao and spirit cultivator Venerable, what does it have to do with us.

“ruthless? Are you ruthless in Monster Race?” Zhan Ling said.

“If you want to fight, you will fight, why is there such a nonsense.” There seems to be a sea of blood churning behind Zhan Ling.

“Hand over the four Refiner Sect divisions of Monster Race, the four tribes will not harass the Great Wall of Steel for 50 years.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable said.

“Don’t really think you’re safe behind the Great Wall of Steel.”

“It won’t take you a few times to launch an attack of the scale just now.”


Moon Fox Monster Venerable said while looking at Zhan Ling within the Steel Great Wall.

As long as the four Refiner Sect masters need to be returned, he can make Xianqi recognize him as the master, and fifty years later, he will be able to completely control Xianqi.

That’s when the Great Steel Wall was broken down and the Human Race slaughtered and enslaved.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was far away on Yinling Island, thought about it, and it seemed that this proposal was very good.

Of course, the Refiner Sect division to the mouth is of course impossible to put back.

Fifty years from now, people on the Great Wall of Steel will still be afraid of Monster Race.

Xu Fan thought about it and sent a message to Zhan Ling.

Above the Great Steel Wall, Zhan Ling glanced at the message from Xu Fan.

“For a hundred years, Monster Race Refiner Sect divisions will be exchanged every twenty-five years.”

Hearing Venerable’s words, Moon Fox Monster Venerable exploded instantly, Feeling insulted.

“Human Race, you wait.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable said and disappeared in the sky with three other Monster Venerables.

“Is he angry?” Zhan Ling turned to Xu Gang beside him.

“It should be, I feel like you’re taking Monster Race for a fool.” Xu Gang said, looking in the direction Monster Venerable disappeared.

“…” Zhan Ling felt that he had messed up.

At this point, Xu Fan, who has been paying attention here, began to deduce what means the four Monster Venerables would use to retaliate in the future.

“There are still 30 main guns. Do you want to buy some from the Star Condensation at the Fairway.”

Next time those Monster Race Monster Venerables will definitely use their underhand tricks , or call more Monster Race Monster Venerable to attack the Iron Wall.

On the Great Steel Wall, Grape controlled hundreds of thousands of magic puppets and began to clean up and repair the ruins caused by the explosion just now.

A Nascent Soul Realm’s sorcery puppet moved one by one, restoring a ruin of hundreds of acres to the ground.

The middle-aged butcher released his hand from the sword, and said regressively, “I thought I could have a fight.”

“Haha, you think too much, such a big It’s not your turn to make a large-scale attack.” Xiang Yun said on the side.

“What was that just now, why is the formidable power so great.” The middle-aged butcher asked, the explosion just now made him feel as if Heaven and Earth had collapsed.

“I’m not very clear, it seems to be a missile or something.” Xiang Yun said.

With the magic puppets cleaned up and repaired, it didn’t take long for the steel wall to become a flat land.

Then the spell golem once again used spell to turn the plains into a grassland.

“Well, that’s almost it.” Xu Fan said, it’s easy to be depressed if you face the ruins all day.

At this time, Li Xingci came to Xu Fan’s small courtyard.

“Master, the Divine Transformation Realm Moon Fox Monster Race has sent more than 100 Artifact Refinement Masters.” Li Xingci said.

“There are only so many Artifact Refinement Masters in the entire Moon Fox Monster Race. Did you get them all?” Xu Fan exclaimed in surprise.

“It’s almost there, there are not many Artifact Refinement Masters left in the Moon Fox Monster Race.”

“I don’t know how that Moon Fox did it, but he was able to get it. Come here so much.” Li Xingci was also surprised.

β€œThis is probably the power of hatred,” Xu Fan said.

Li Xing resigned and disappeared in the Xu Fan small courtyard.

At this time, Avatar No. 1 came over.

Xu Fan looked at Avatar No. 1 and said with a smile: “Are you here to plead for the younger sister of your Disciple?”

Avatar No. 1 has a Disciple Called Ertie, he had a younger sister who wanted to join the sect. Xu Fan made an exception and arranged an entry test for her.

It was this introductory test that allowed Xu Fan to see another expression of extreme love for something.

In the introductory test fantasy, this snacker actually fought the enemy to the death to guard the sect gate’s food, until the last moment of his life, with the firmness of guarding the sect gate’s food in his eyes.

Although the result is considered to have passed the Sect Examination, but the significance of this guard the sect gate makes Xu Fan a bit ironic, I don’t know whether to let this ultimate foodie get started.

(End of this chapter)

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