My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 402

Chapter 402 The Black Smoke Giant

At this time, the bored earth crystal spider ran to the storage warehouse of the puppet underground base and started today’s dinner.

I saw that the crystal spider picked out a secondary gun-level cannonball from the huge warehouse full of cannonballs and stuffed it directly into its mouth.


The crystal spider made a comfortable cry, and with a tremor, the crystal clear and near-transparent body became red.

With a hiccup from the crystal spider, it changed back to the original small white spider.

“Boring days.” The crystal spider said and planned to find a place to sleep.

A little more than a year ago, the Earth Crystal Spider, who had been mixed with Grape No. 1, accidentally ate a cannonball in the warehouse where the ammunition was stored. Since then, the Earth Crystal Spider has the remaining portion of Fire Spirit concentrate. It all belongs to Grape One, provided it is fed.

At this time, a Void Refinement Realm puppet appeared next to the crystal spider.

“Anything?” asked the crystal spider, who had planned to sleep in this well-stocked warehouse of Fire Spiritual Qi.

“The area with a radius of 10 million kilometers has been verified.” The Void Refinement Realm puppet said and cast a giant light curtain into the air, above which is a map of the surrounding 10 million kilometers.

“Have you figured it out!” The crystal spider instantly regained its energy and began to look at the light curtain.

“Within a radius of ten million kilometers, there is only one big clan, and the rest are small clans without Venerable,” said the Void Refinement Realm puppet.

At this time, the introduction of various races and the distribution of spirit ore appeared in the light curtain.

The small eyes of the crystal spider turned around on the light curtain, not knowing what they were thinking.

“Are you trying to cooperate with me?” the crystal spider asked, it’s not stupid, knowing that each step of the grape has his reasons.

“On behalf of the master, I will sign an agency demon agreement with you. You come forward as our agency demon, and the interests of future expansion and trade can also be divided into 10%.”

” No need to fight.” Grape added at the end.

“I want 20%.” The crystal spider stretched out its two spider legs and said, with an expression of certainty in his eyes.

“The agreement failed, cancel the plan.”

The Void Refinement Realm puppet walked directly towards the core control room, as if everything just didn’t exist.

“Hey, don’t go, how could you do that.”

“You’d pay the price, maybe I’ll agree.” The crystal spider saw the puppet To go, hurriedly shouted.

The Void Refinement Realm puppet remains unmoved and continues to move forward, but the constant speed of walking before is a lot slower.

“Don’t go, you will be successful.”

The Void Refinement Realm puppet stopped, and then naturally began to talk to the crystal spider about the expansion plan.

After the one hour explanation, the crystal spider asked curiously, “Didn’t you just say you need to protect yourself and reserve, why is it expanding now?”

” Within a radius of tens of thousands of miles, there are several resources that are in short supply, so it is necessary to expand and control resources.” said the puppet of Void Refinement Realm.

“Okay.” The crystal spider waved his hand and said, just as it was tired of the Fire Spirit concentrate.

The Hidden Spirit Island, on the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

Xu Fan and Wang Yulun sat on a spirit boat for fishing, and checked his body by the way.

“Brother Xu, what exactly is that space in my body?” Wang Yulun asked curiously, his good big brother would check his body every once in a while, which made him very unaccustomed.

“It has something to do with your past life, so you need to be a little bit more careful now.” Xu Fan said with a serious expression.

“I know Brother Xu in this life, which is my blessing from Wang Yulun’s previous life.” Wang Yulun said with emotion.

“What blessings are not blessings, since they are brothers, they should help each other.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

I help you, you help me a hundredfold, Wang Yulun still underestimates his position in Xu Fan’s mind.

“Brother Xu makes me feel ashamed every time I say such a thing.” Wang Yulun said with emotion.

right now, the fishing rod in Wang Yulun’s hand was shaking, and something was hooked.

Xu Fan put down the fishing rod in his hand and looked at Wang Yulun’s fishing rod with an expression of opening a blind box, wondering what good things he could catch this time.

Every time Wang Yulun accompanies Xu Fan to fish, he will catch some strange things. Anyway, it is not related to the monster beast in the huge lake of hundreds of thousands of li.

As Wang Yulun lifted the rod, a pure black box was caught. The pure black box was about one meter long. When it was caught, it was still shaking violently, as if something was about to break open. generally.

“This looks a bit like an evil thing, do you want to throw it back?” Wang Yulun said, feeling the evil aura above.

“Evil things are not necessarily good things.” Xu Fan said with a smile, and then took the box and opened it.

As soon as the box was opened, a puff of black smoke came out, forming a black smoke giant.

“Haha, it’s been 3,000 years, exactly 3,000 years, someone has finally opened this damn box.” The giant of black smoke, jiΓ© jiΓ©, said with a big laugh, dancing wildly, releasing the loneliness and anguish for three thousand years .

“As a reward for saving me, I will make you my first demons.”

The black smoke giant looked at Xu Fan and Wang with bloodthirsty and brutal eyes Yulun.

“Now make a contract and submit to me, and I will lead you to dominate this cultivation world.” The black smoke giant pressed towards him.

For a time, the coercion of endless demonic energy pressed down on the two of them.

Xu Fan looked at the black smoke giant, then looked at the array in the box and the magic crystal in the array.

“Who did you learn this scary skill from?” Xu Fan smiled and flicked the magic crystal with his hand, re-stabilizing the Magical Artifact on the box.

“Two Nascent Soul Xiaoxiu dare to disobey me Demon Venerable, and they are not quick to acknowledge allegiance, so as to save themselves the suffering of being tortured by the devil in the future.” The black smoke giant shouted at the two of them.

At this time, Xu Fan laughed and said to the black smoke giant: “Your level of bluffing is too low, do you know who I am?”

“You Who is it?” The black smoke giant was taken aback.

At this time, Wang Yulun could see that the smoke was pretending.

At this moment, a red light flashed in Xu Fan’s eyes.

In an instant, the entire world began to collapse, a huge earthquake, in the sky Star River fell, and the sky showed a color of Primal Chaos, a scene of the end of the world.

At this time, Xu Fan’s silhouette had long since disappeared, and a huge face with color of Primal Chaos appeared in the sky, as if it was isolated from the world and was about to come to this world.

The entire world begins to shatter with the appearance of giant faces.

“Your name is Demon Venerable?” The huge face looked at the black smoke giant with the eyes of an ant.

Although there is no coercion, just the power of the one in the sky, and the look in his eyes, scare the black smoke giant enough.

“This deity is just living in seclusion in this world, didn’t expect a little devil to let me recognize him as the master.”

“I’m just joking.” The black smoke giant said in a panic , looking at the shattered world, it knows it’s in trouble.

(End of this chapter)

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