My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 403

Chapter 403 Han Feiyu: The Spirit Stone thing, is it still a thing.

“Okay, Brother Xu, stop teasing him.”

At this time Wang Yulun said with a smile.


With Xu Fan snapping his fingers, the black smoke giant returned to its original shape, and at this time it was trapped in the magic crystal.

“A piece of magic crystal is hidden obediently and honestly when it becomes refined, and I have learned some scary skills. The cultivation is not deep, but the courage is not small.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master, can you let the grapes devour this magic crystal?” Grape’s voice suddenly sounded, and there was a little impatient in his tone.

“Swallow it, it will help you advance to the Immortal Artifact in the future.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said, he thought about it carefully and felt that it was useless to keep this magic crystal.

At this time, the black smoke trapped in the magic crystal by the array began to panic.

“Sir, don’t, I have great use. I know the address of the treasure left by the Ancient Devil in the endless sea. After swallowing me, there is nothing.”

“There are celestial tools and Supreme cultivation techniques in the Treasure Secret Realm, and the resources in the Secret Realm are enough to make adults become the Great Ascension Venerable to ascend to the fairyland.” Black Smoke hurriedly shouted, he looked at Xu Fan’s indifferent tone, it didn’t seem like he was cheating .

“Oh, by the way, remember to extract the memory of this thing after swallowing it.” Xu Fan said smoothly.


Xu Fan then handed the black box to the puppet beside him.

After the puppet left, Wang Yulun sighed: “How can you just fish out such a weird thing.”

“Like lottery, isn’t this fun.” Xu Fan said with a smile.


“I want 150 fructose this time.” Then Wang Yulun made a very excessive request.

“No, at most 120 fructose.” Xu Fan said, this is the fructose made by himself, which is rare in the world, how can it be sold so cheaply.

“140” Wang Yulun said.


“How about taking a step back, 135.”


In this way, Li Chufan has one more Pile of candies.


The region of the extreme north, the warm jade immortal city.

Han Feiyu was looking at this Transmission Formation with a look of frustration.

“No, I arranged the Formation exactly according to the method in the manual, how could it not work.” Han Feiyu said.

This is his tenth failed teleportation.

Han Feiyu was sighed by the snow-covered sky outside the Transmission Formation.

“Do you really have to be trapped here for the rest of your life?”

Han Feiyu, who had no thoughts, looked at the jade slip of the sect manual again, and there was a lot of content on it that he hadn’t had time to read.

At this moment, Han Feiyu suddenly felt a change in the sky outside, and he hurried out of the Transmission Formation.

At this time, a broken star boat descended into the warm jade immortal city.

“Xingzhou!” Han Feiyu said joyfully, he had seen this thing in the sect records.

Han Feiyu flew towards the warm jade immortal city.

At this time, in the warm jade immortal city, the injured Qianling Venerable is asking a question about a local cultivator.

“Boss, I should have followed your advice in the first place and shouldn’t pursue those giant beast battleships.” Qian Ling Venerable said with a bitter face when he knew where this was.

“Now the core of the spiritual power of the star boat is damaged, and it seems that there is no going back for a while.”

“What should I do now.” Qianling Venerable said to the puppet next to him. .

“Look for the Refiner Sect division, repair the core and return to the Human Race channel in the extreme sky.” The puppet said.

“This place is looking for Refiner Sect easier said than done.” Qianling Venerable watched the huge Xingzhou get the scar that almost ran through the Xingzhou.

Han Feiyu, who was going to Nuanyu immortal city at this time, discovered a very magical thing. The communication magic weapon issued by sect had a signal and received a message.

“Please sect disciple to go here, you have triggered the hidden Spirit Sect Disciple rescue condition.”

Han Feiyu looked at the location information of the communication magic weapon, the official direction of the star boat.

“Is this the sect’s star boat?” Han Feiyu thought.

At this time, Qianling Venerable, who was worried, saw Han Feiyu, who was wearing a hidden Spirit Sect exclusive daoist robe.

“Is this the Disciple of your sect, how can it go so far.” Qianling Venerable said.

“Yes, I hide the Spirit Sect Disciple, please Venerable take him back to the sect.” The puppet said.

“This is easy to say.” Qian Ling Venerable said nodding.

“Meet senior.” Han Feiyu knew that he had found the organization when he saw the puppet beside Qianling Venerable.

“I know, you can just follow me in a while, when the time comes I will find a way to send you back to the hidden Spirit Sect.” Qianling Venerable said kindly.

“Thank you senior.” Han Feiyu saluted and thanked.

At this time, the puppet swept over Han Feiyu and crashed slightly.

“I’m going to check the damage of the star boat and repair it by the way.” The puppet said to Qianling Venerable, and at the same time motioned Han Feiyu to go with him.

“You go, I’ll investigate what’s going on around you.” Qianling Venerable said.

At this time, Han Feiyu took out a jade slip and handed it to Qianling Venerable.

“Junior has been here by accident for more than three years. He has a good understanding of the situation here, and what he knows is in the jade slip.” After Han Feiyu gave the jade slip, he followed the puppet to repair the spirit boat. .

“Han Feiyu, sect second-generation Disciple.” The puppet on the road said to Han Feiyu.

“Yes, the information is correct.” Han Feiyu took out a Sect Command card and said.

The puppet starts talking about the cultivation world and how to get back to the sect.

“It turns out that the method in the manual is not right. It turns out that the entire cultivation world has failed.” Han Feiyu spat out one mouthful of impure air after hearing about the recent situation in the cultivation world.

“Is there really no way to teleport?” Han Feiyu asked with hope.

“Although this world Transmission Formation is sealed, it is only relative. If you use hundreds of millions of high grade Spirit Stone or Spirit Crystal immortal jade and other spirit ore, you can use a strong big shot to penetrate the seal. Teleport.”

“Spirit Crystal immortal jade is precious, it is not recommended to waste it,” said the puppet.

Han Feiyu was instantly overjoyed when she heard the puppet’s words, and hurriedly asked: “If there is an immortal jade Spirit Crystal, how should the Transmission Formation be arranged.”

“There is a section in the manual. , find it yourself, and replace the Spirit Stone with Spirit Crystal immortal jade.” The puppet said and started to repair the damaged starship with a few Spirit Sect and several ship refining rooms.

“It’s really a day without me.” Han Feiyu said excitedly.

He then said goodbye to Qianling Venerable, claiming that he had to go out to pick up something without waiting for him.

“Everyone has their own little secret.” Qianling Venerable said with a smile, and then said to Han Feiyu sound transmission: “Xingzhou is expected to stay here for half a year, you can Come over anytime.”

“thanks Senior.”

In the Transmission Formation he established, Feiyu Han couldn’t help but sighed that his Ancestor Master was unfathomable, didn’t expect that he would use Rescue this way.

After returning to the Transmission Formation, Han Feiyu received another message with the puppet’s advice to Han Feiyu.

“Until the Transmission Formation is restored, it is better not to go to the central continent if the strength is not enough.”

(End of this chapter)

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