My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Hundred-fold rebates are so terrifying.

Xu Fan then walked into the Dao Item palace with two Avatars.

“There is one thing about Sword Spirit that is true. This is indeed the palace of the Great Grandmaster.” Xu Fan said while looking at the great hall in front of him.

“The whole great hall is made of Dao Item spirit ore.” Xu Fan said and stomped the steps under his feet.

“The steps of Ten Thousand Year Profound Jade are really luxurious.”

The three entered the great hall and saw a mass of spiritual fire suspended above a Magical Artifact stove .

“This group of spirit fire seems to be about to tempering to the point of divine fire, but unfortunately it follows a Great Grandmaster, who is destined to fail in his hands.” Xu Fan looked at the group of spirit fire and said, Only the Refiner Sect master can carefully cultivate the spiritual fire.

“The top-level spirit fire, let its core and grapes fuse, the production line in the underground space can improve a lot of efficiency.”

“And this kind of spirit fire is more than one.” One No. Avatar looked all around and said that there are five such stove magic weapons in the great hall.

“These are all side dishes, the big ones are in the back.” Xu Fan said, looking at the door marked the treasure house of spirit ore.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, the two Avatars also came to their senses.

The three came to the door of the spirit ore treasury, like three thieves standing in front of the treasury door, just waiting to open the door to appreciate the fruits of their labor.

The two Avatars slowly pushed open the left and right doors.

A Dao Accumulation beam of light with various top spirit ore days and Spiritual Qi shine hit Xu Fan’s face.

At this time, a pair of sunglasses made of spell had already appeared between Xu Fan’s eye sockets.

The entire spiritual ore treasure house has been sealed for tens of thousands of years, and the spiritual power and breath exploded in an instant. If Xu Fan had not been prepared, he might have been dizzy.

Although Xu Fan was prepared, he was still sucked in a breath of cold air after seeing the scene in the treasure house of spirit ore.

“Hundred-fold rebates are so terrifying!” Xu Fan exclaimed, just glanced at him, he found several raw materials for refining top-level Dao Items, and even a fairy level. The spirit ore appears.

At this time, the spirit ore in this treasure house alone is more than a hundred times a thousand times higher than the Dao Item Spirit Sword that Xu Fan gave Wang Yuluon.

After Xu Fan explored all the treasure troves of spirit ore, there was a clear comprehension in his heart, and he found a new method of rebate for his brother.

“It turns out that the value in my eyes is not the same as the value in the eyes of a good brother.” Xu Fan said, looking at the space ring filled with extremely thunderstones.

In the treasure house of spirit ore, large quantities of spirit ore are packed in space rings, and only a small number of samples are placed outside.

At this time, Avatar No. 1, who had counted all the spirit ore, came over and said: “I have calculated, the spirit ore of the entire spirit ore treasury is enough for you to complete the plan of the second stage, and by the way, you can also refine one. The fairy sword, although it is only the most basic.”

Avatar No. 1 took out several spirit ore of the fairy level.

“Haha, the immortal sword of the brother Great Ascension Realm is here.” Xu Fan said it without thinking.

“Yes, by the way, let’s test where the limit is.” Avatar No. 1 said, he thought there should be a limit for such a living hanging.

β€œHope is at the conceptual level,” Xu Fan said.

“Okay, the time is tight and the task is heavy. Let’s go back and refine the railgun.” Xu Fan said, there is still a troublesome thing to solve later.


As soon as Xu Fan came out of the Dao Item palace, the three Refiner Sect masters and two Avatars who had already prepared them started refining the ultimate weapon at full speed. .

“You guys come on, I’m going to do another thing.” Xu Fan said and came to another secret room. After sitting down, his consciousness was connected to the Five Spirit Monkeys of Integration Realm.

Guarding Star Island, the five spirit monkeys who were in cultivation opened their eyes, and then flew out of guarding Star Island.

A short while later, a ray of light flew out of Yinling Island and flew side by side with the five spirit monkeys controlled by Xu Fan.

“Avatar has been condensing well recently.” Xu Fan said, taking a look at Li Xingci’s Reincarnation Avatar.

“It’s just a small way, not as powerful as Master’s means.” Li Xingci looked at Wuling Ming Monkey and said.

He was already used to the way Master used to control puppets when he went out, but now he just had a little doubt.

That is, is it because Master is reluctant to use his real body to go out because he is afraid of death?

β€œThis is also a small way. After your cultivation base is good in the future, I will teach you the serious Avatar Dao as a teacher.” Xu Fan said.

“Is it the legendary One Qi Becomes Three Purities!” Li Xingci said happily.

“Almost~” Xu Fan said casually.

After the two got on the Dao Item spirit boat, which was made by Avatar No. 1, the two began to discuss the plan for the operation.

“For the Monster Races you control, have you found out the location of the immediate family members of the Monster Venerable?” Xu Fan asked.

“It has been made clear that, except for the son of the earth bear Monster Venerable who guards his own clan in the Monster Realm, other Monster Venerable sons and daughters are all in the human world.”

“In addition, wood Rat Monster Venerable has a lot of sons.” Li Xingci said.

“If you have many sons, then grab the ones with the highest innate talent.” Xu Fan said, taking a curious look away from his eyes.

I don’t know how important my child is in the eyes of Monster Venerable.

“These are not enough, all the monster races like Heaven’s Chosen in their clan have to be hijacked, it’s better to let them Four Great Clans form a fault.” Xu Fan said with a gloomy smile.

Isn’t it just exchanging people quality, you know this trick and I will too.

At this time, the two quietly came to the Moon Fox Race Holy City, and the two Moon Fox Monster Race, who had a heart for Human Race, were already waiting here.

“Read the memory, transform, we blend into Holy City.” Li Xingci said.

“It’s very thoughtful.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

After the master and disciple read their memories, they turned into the corresponding Moon Fox Monster Race, and then swaggered into the Moon Fox Race Holy City.

After one hour, the two plain-looking Moon Fox Monster Race walked out of Moon Fox Monster Race Saint City and flew towards the Frostwolf Clan’s territory by Dao Item spirit boat.

Three days later, the two returned to the hidden Spirit Sect with full results.

“Master, can your stand-in, Divine Ability, teach me?” Li Xingci looked at Xu Fan and said flatteringly.

Each time they hijacked a Monster Race Heaven’s Chosen, Xu Fan would copy each other’s memories to form a perfect stand-in.

“It’s just a simple Five Elements Summoning Technique. Pre-Divine Ability requires more. You may not have the patience.” Xu Fan said.

“Okay.” Li Xingci said regretfully.

Back in the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan directly released nearly a thousand Monster Races in the Dao Item palace and handed them over to Pangolin.

“Just torture me, don’t die, don’t hurt the source.” Xu Fan said.

“Understood master.” Pangolin said excitedly, gripping the small leather whip in his hand even tighter.

β€œWork hard, when the time comes you will be rewarded with a place in the virtual game,” Xu Fan said.

“Virtual game?” Pangolin asked suspiciously, thinking about what it was.

“A thing that can bring you great joy.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

β€œThank You Master for the reward,” Pangolin said.

(End of this chapter)

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